I THINK I MAY HAVE MS, anybody else???

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  1. kmelodyg

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    Here's an excerpt that I just took from another site:

    "People with MS can experience any of the following problems either fully or partially - numbness, tingling, pins and needles, muscle weakness, muscle spasms, spasticity, cramps, pain, blindness, blurred or double vision, incontinence, urinary urgency or hesitancy, constipation, slurred speech, loss of sexual function, loss of balance, nausea, disabling fatigue, depression, short term memory problems, other forms of cognitive dysfunction, inability to swallow, inability to control breathing ... you name it. "

    Yet another site talked about hyper-reflexes, and blurred, cannot see colors, temporary blindness, headaches behind the optic nerve (eyeball).

    Well, I have every single one of those symptoms, give or take a couple.

    And my mother has MS.

    When I went to my new doc on Friday, she said that it sounds alot like MS, and that she wanted to do an MRI on my brain, to look for lesions (just in case). That freaked me out.

    I'm a little worried. I have been worried in the back of my mind since I first started reseaching all of this. I watch my mother everyday, and I see myself turning into her.

    I know that I definatly am not subconsciously taking in her symptoms, as some can do. Because, I REFUSE to be sick! I don't want to be disabled at 25 years old!! I fight it everyday! I do whatever is humanly possible to feel better. It's just getting worse, despite whatever I do.

    I hope that I will find out soon. It's like when I was waiting for the diagnosis for FMS. I just want a name to put onto what I have! I want to know what it is so that I can treat it! There are all sorts of new treatments out there for MS!

    Sorry to be a downer. I hate being negative and going to that "bad place" of being the worry wart that I can be. I just am so curious and its been on my mind, ALOT. I wonder if others think about it too. It's 3:30 in the morning, and my mind is all over the place. I'm frustrated. It happens.

    I know that I definatly do not have Lupus, RA, or Lyme. My symptoms definatly do not match up. But this seems to be TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. I'm a little scared.

    I wish it was like Star Trek, where they have those computers that they put on you. They figure out what's wrong, put some laser over you, and you're all better! Wouldn't that be great!! Sorry, getting a little wierd now!

    Oh well, back to reality. One day at a time. Whatever happens, I'll get through it. I just needed to talk about my feelings. Get it out. Thanks for listening!

    Lots of love,
  2. PatPalmer

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    This is just a quickie as I have to get ready for work.

    Have a read of my Cytolog post, and also look up the Cytolog site:- they claim it helps MS, well, in fact, all degenerative diseases.

    Could well be worth a try, you should feel a response from 7 - 28 days.

    Look at my Cellfood post too, sounds amazing stuff...

    Love Pat.
  3. fibrorebel

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    Don't apologize as I am up thinking the same thoughts as you. I also had a doc (an Endocrin.) advise my primary doc to send me to a neuro as I too have too many symptoms of MS.
    However, my primary rather dismissed it as -We don't want to do that right now and have too many things going on at once ! I pointed out that I ALREADY have all these things going on and if I do have MS would like to know as there are so many treatments out there to slow it down. Am going to ask my Endoc. if he will refer me to a neuro. It is all very irritating the not-knowing, like my Endoc. said I was displaying common symptoms of early MS when I was Dx w/ Fibro 8yrs ago. How long ago did you get your Dx of Fibro?
    When will you be getting your MRI done? I know that it is hard to even consent to the test but for your own peace of mind I am hoping you will go for it. I will pray for you and just remember we can deal with most things,just as long as we know what it is we are dealing with. Right? Keep your chin up and keep me posted on how you come out, ok?
    Love and peace, Rebel
  4. Myth

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    I know I have FMS. Still I worry that I may also have something more serious that is not being treated. I may think this because I feel like I am dying, I feel like my body is just giving out on me bit by bit. MS runs on my dad's side of the family along with FMS and Lupus. I have had a few doctors that thought I had Lupus or RA- tests showd that I do have an abnomal white cell count but no other symptoms of each. The symptoms you listed for MS are similar to some FMS symptoms. It is good to get it checked out but it may just be the FMS- a lot of these conditions share the same symptoms. I hope this is the case with you as well.
  5. marcus1243

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    I too have had many MS symptoms, most particularly the muscle weakness and tingling, burning, dizziness, nausea & fatigue. However, after consultation with two top neuros, including an eminent MS specialist, and a clear MRI, they tell me 'no chance whatsoever'. Except the symptoms go on!

    Please remember that FM is the great imitator -- it is *notorious* for mimicking MS. It really isn't a good idea to diagnose yourself, and reading too much about it will only exacerbate the symptoms you most fear.

    If you must investigate further, a simple (though far from definitive!) home test is the hot bath test. If you take a hot bath, does it make your symptoms worse or produce more symptoms? If not, it's rather unlikely you have MS, as heat slows down nerve conduction, which is catastrophic if you have nerve demyelination.

    A further point: I have a friend with MS and he is on interferon. He has not had a serious attack in 10 years and is still in full time work, running his own business. MS is a tough challenge, not a sentence of disability.

    Best wishes,
    PS. MS is *not* an hereditary illness.
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  6. Mikie

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    Prayers going up for you. Please let us know how the MRI comes out.

    Love, Mikie
  7. tansy

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    and so MS was suspected. 16 years ago I had to endure a traumatic lumbar puncture only to be told it was not MS.

    Having had these symtpoms for over 2 decades their label no longer concerns me, trying to improve them does.

    There are many people with MS who have it for years and suffer little deterioration or permanent damage. One MS patient I know was in a wheelchair, had a heart attack, was put on meds, changed her diet, used natural remedies and supps and went into a remission in which she has stayed. As the mother of 4 children you can imagine her joy. So even a diagnosis of MS does not mean a poor prognosis.

    Many of us have all the symtpoms above and even some paralysis. If an MRI will put your mind at ease, or confirm what you believe, then get one done. In the meantime don't assume the future is bleak whatever the diagnostic label, patients do improve and some get better. Educate yourself, treat what you can, there are few of us who experience no improvement but it takes time and perserverance to find what's right for each of us and for our bodies to start healing.



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  8. JP

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    This is a great place to share.

    I have a lot of MS in my family. I fear it too. My symptoms are that of MS, and a lot of other autoimmune diseases. My specialist calls my condition FM because I have all the points, and then some. I stopped testing about 4 months ago. I don't want to know right now...maybe later.

    wishing you good health and a peaceful mind...Jan
  9. Sunshyne1027

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    I know, its hard waiting on results of tests. Been there too.

    My husband has MS. Same symptoms, well most of them as listed. He is constantly changing eye glass prescriptions.He was disagnosed with a MRI, thats when it was first seen.. the lesions. Then a spinal tap to totally diagnose it.. Clinch it.

    He first started having symptoms of the tingling and numbing. Fatigue. Its hard to remember now..been more than a few years.

    He is on Avonex injections, once a week. Its helped relieve the symptoms of it all.. Almost like a remission. The injections are really expensive, thank god he gets help on the costs of that. He takes effexor for depression, provigial..spelling.. For fatigue.

    Its almost like FM with what to do to alleviate symptoms. Exercise, diet changes, lifestyle changes.

    I hope its not MS either. If so, then I think you can deal with it well.

    Keep us informed!


    EZBRUZR New Member

    Hello Kathryn, I to am afflicted w/MS symptons 4 5-6 years. I pray 4 u it isn't.I have not,and will not,had spinal tap.MRIs some type of light impule test.I was being treated w/MS meds on and off depending on symptoms. I will keep U in my prayers. Genetic link given your mom and now poss. U would B interesting. Peace{{HUG)))))),L
  11. kmelodyg

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    Do you ever have those nights when you just think about the worst possible scenarios? Well, last night it happened to me. I know either way, everything will be OK. I have gotten to a place where I am accepting of my condition, but have occasional -waah waah feel sorry for me- stuff that happens. I think we all do.

    I had a somewhat good nights sleep so I feel a little better.

    My doctor wanted to rush me to testing and to specialists, but I am STILL waiting for my Medicaid to go through. It should be any day now!! It was supposed to be ready in June!! As soon as I get it, she will send me off for those things. An MRi w/o insurance can cost $1000 easy. And I've already had one on my back a few months ago. Yikes!

    Thanks for the comforting words everyone. I definatly was not looking for sympathy, I just needed to get it off my chest, you know? Thanks again all of you wonderful friends!!

    All my love,
  12. Shelly P

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    Hi Kathryn-

    I know exactly what you're going through. I've been experiencing MS-like symptoms for about 6 weeks now. I've had Fibro for almost 2 years and have never experienced the symptoms that I am experiencing now--numbness, tingling, tremor, balance problems. My doctor was a little concerned so he referred me to a Neuro. The Neuro thinks that it could be MS so he ordered an MRI that is scheduled for this Friday.

    I went through the same worrying that you did. I cried and worried and lost many nights of sleep over the past few weeks. Like you, I'm pretty young (30) and I'd like to have kids in the next year.

    But then I realized that whatever happens is out of my control and I'll just have to learn to fight this condition just like I learned to fight Fibro. I'm not going to let it get in the way of me living my life.

    If you ever want to talk, my e-mail is mlpawson@yahoo.com. Hope you get to the bottom of your symptoms really soon and just know that you are not alone!

    Take Care!

  13. iconracr

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    But I don't. It is one of the 4 immune problems. First is CFS and then FMS. And FMS can lead to Lupus which I have 3 or the 11 symptoms. My ANA is negitive but I have a positive c-reactive protein. And the last and worst is MS. I DON'T have that.

  14. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    Sometimes, new symptoms of FM come on. When first being diagnosed, the inbalance, ear ringing, migraines, and even pain.. It didn't come on until later. Then I am still getting new symptoms, some of the old symptoms go away, yet to return again a few months later.

    Numbing, tingling, swelling of my legs were the first symptoms that something was wrong. Irritable Bowel, insomnia, depression too.

    Now its pain in my lower back, right side, hips, pain in the knees, all over body ache and fatigue. Neck pain. Still having sleep problems. Migraines. Still got irritable bowel. Leg cramping and swelling is worse too.

    I went through them nights thinking it was this and that. Thinking it was Lupus, MS, Cancer,Lyme, RA too. ..all sorts of things. It gets better over time.. Coming to grips with it in ways.. So don't feel bad about it. We all go through these times.

    I still do. Not as often, but still do.

    I try and find ways to just enjoy life. With what I have. Get on with it, along with trying to alleviate the symptoms some.

  15. beckster

    beckster New Member

    say more about it, what is it, how long do you use it?
    Also, how long had your concentration been bad before you used this product (months, years, decades)? Do you know anyone else it has helped. Thanks
  16. lassiecass

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    Hi Kathryn,
    Just me again with what I hope are some comforting words of wisdom. Wait until the medicaid becomes effective. The tests for MS as you know are expensive. A brain MRI is not enough to be certain of the MS diagnosis. My sister-in-law has MS and the brain MRI was perfect. It took a spinal MRI to show the lesions and a spinal fluid test to make a concrete diagnosis. Please don't panic. Yes, many of us have so many of the same symptoms as MS, I have numbness, balance and pain but my sister-in=law is doing better than me in that she has no pain involved. These symptoms aren't going to disappear so try to be patient and wait for the med insurance to kick in. I hope you are feeling some better tonight also. Sleep well.
    Soft Hugs,
    Sandy (Cass)
  17. DeMcKen

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    Hopefully it's not MS but for you, or anyone else, with that possibility you should be checked immediately as starting treatment as quickly as possible can make a huge difference. Don't get yourself too worked up thought because some forms of MS are very mild. Since your mom has MS you are probably very educated but just wanted to make sure you know about the importance of early treatment and the newer medications. I just lost somebody to MS, so it's a subject close to my heart. If you have any questions that I might be able to help you with, my email addy is in my profile. I'll cross my fingers for you and send my best wishes,