I think I may live after this nasty stuff.

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    I am still coughing like crazy and it hurts like heck but as least I don't have the fever any more and I am not coughing up stuff anymore either, I called the doctor when I started to cough up stuff and he is the one who had seen me at the start of what ever this is. He prescribed some doxyclyline and I took 1 and prompty started to cough and cough till I threw the whole pill up I did this tiwce so I gave on taking the meds.

    I am thinking that I should start taking them now as I am not coughing so hard what do you think? I lied I still am coughing hard and it hurts too. so I have not a clue as what to do?

    I know that I feel much better but this cough is so bad and I don't think it will go away anytime soon. My husband has been down with this too,
    Sorry I would write more but I am just out of breath from the coughing it comes and goes . But when it comes I cough so hard that it hurts and it last for about 10-15 minutes spells at a time, this is a bad cough. Thanks for your concern.
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    if there is something easier for you to swallow...sounds like you need some medication to get over this. I hope you get better soon! Terri
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    NEed some help with what to do with this nasty junk that I have so please read this post . Rosemarie