I think I messed up at the doc..

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    I went to the new Rhem, that my md referred me to, after waiting an hour in the office, an another 1/2 hour in the room, she starts asking all the questions. I prepared alittle bit, like which drugs I've been on, when I first had this.
    This doc when into even more detail...like what makes me think I have Fibro, and why can't I work? What about my last job couldn't I do, what did it entail? Then she wanted to know the date of my first symtom! Ummm??? Then wanted to know how I got disablity at such a young age? ( I replied Fibro?)
    Then she wanted to know, which doctor prescribed what and when? Right down to the monthes! I barely remember yesterday for crying out loud! I did as best I could, but got so confused, that she had to repeat herself many times, even then I got it wrong. Then she wants me to get a lupus test, get all my Xrays from the start as well as the MRI reports, and to find out what muscle relaxant my insurance will cover. I'm exhausted just typing it all down.
    She told me that she didn't think I was a good candiate for nartioc drugs...I looked at her...????? What? I'm on them now...Lortab 10/500 for breakthrough. I also told her I had been on the Patch/ and Ms cotin..etc...she said...good thing you told me that, or I would of thought you were just looking for drugs. By this time I'm so stressed that I don't know what I'm saying! I left with Elavil, for sleep. and a bunch of errands. so now I have to wait 6 weeks to get an answer on if I can have alittle more Lortab, other than the 30 tab per 3 monthes!( I basically take 1 per week). I just want alittle more, so if I do something and I get into pain, I can get out. She explained to me that Lortab was not for long term use, only cancer patients can have that as if they get addicted, they pass on. As where Fibro patients, it's a life long thing, and addiction is worse than pain. What I can't understand...if there is NO cure for Fibro...I will always be in this pain? I've had no remission in 4 yrs, if anything getting worse, what's the difference? I'm taking pain meds for pain, not for a high.
    I take ultram everyday, for the pain, I just wanted alittle more than one Lortab a week, if I needed. She said she will be checking all my doctors, they have some kind of network that they can plug into, to find out who is taking what.
    I'm not worried about that, not a problem. I understand all about the liver problem Lortab can cause. Always such a battle with these doctors. I know I should of taken someone along to help me, but I really don't have anyone. I wrote down everything I could. But she was rattling off this and that, and take this, and take that so many times a day...and did not write it down for me. I left so confused.
    Now I'm worried, cause she said to get these things before the next appt, but to get the Lupus check right away...I simply don't have the energy to do all of these things. Would this be a sign I'm a drug addict to her? I'm lucky to get out of the house 1 day per week, little own, do all this stuff. I guess, I will just do what I can, and explain better???? Sorry this is so long, It's been playing on my mind since that visit. Nobody understands like you guys here. Thanks all for listening.
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    I am so sorry that you had to deal with a doc like that. You would think, being a woman, she would be more understanding. My experience with female doctors has been similar unfortunately.

    I am sure that you did your best in her office. I have done the same thing. You are already so tired that it is hard to think and then the stress of seeing how she felt about your DD would just make it worse.

    Is there any way that you could see another rheumy? I would ditch this one if I could.

  3. lin-z

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    she sounds like she just came out of some kind of insurance lawsuit b.s. Theres no way you should have to give so much detailed info about your job. I just went back to my gp and she did say that the drug abuse is so rampant but its usually people who go from pharmacy to pharmacy.

    You are in pain and need to function...not a quick"fix" Boy it bugs me how some ruined it for those of us who do need the relief. I am on time released oxycontin and I asked my dr what the big deal was cuz it didnt get me high. She said people get high from large quantities and snorting it...ew no thanks

    Good luck Linz
  4. Lindy2

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    I am so sorry that you are going through this because I have been there and it just adds more stress.

    I went through so many doctors trying to first find out what was wrong with me and something for pain. I was called a drug addict or a drug seeker which was never true.

    Some have luck with Pain clinics but mine was a nightmare, once I signed that contract I found out that I was not allowed to go anywhere to anyone asking for any meds for a whole year.

    They too gave me Elavil which alot of doctors will say is used to treat Elavil. It never helped me and I found out I was allergic to alot of the anti-inflammatories.

    Finally where I was working this lady mentioned she had fibro and her doctor was very supportive. He was a Psych doctor. I made an appointment and was very impressed with him because he had studied and believed in Fibro for many years and knew that his patients had to be treated with narcotics.

    I was his patient for almost 3 years and I would have never thought a Psychiatrist could treat and diagnose for Fibro but he did and many other Psychiatrist do as well because Fibro does affect us mentally. It makes sense to me but alot of others get offensive saying I'm not crazy!
    You don't have to be.

    I have since moved and was afraid of running into the same problem so I called several doctors telling them ahead of time what I had and what I needed and to please let me know before I spend my money if they will not treat me and luckily I have found a nurse practioner that also believes me.

    Please don't give up and search until you find a great doctor because you deserve it.

    Good Luck
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    Dear Kathy,.
    what a horrible experience! Some doctors don't have any confidence in any diagnosis but their own. I went to a neurologist like that once, and I DROPPED HIM LIKE A HOT POTATO.

    To me, any doctor who is so insecure, or so arrogant, that he/she cannot accept the diagnosis of another doctor, is not the one for me.

    I agree with some of the others. Why don't you try to find another one?

    Good luck,
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    Im having trouble typing today, been where you are at and it was horrible. It took 3 rheumotoligists to find one I like pretty well. My advice to someone who is newly diagnosed or moving. Get all of your meds from the same pharmacy. Ive been driving about 8 miles for about 15 yrs and we get everything from the same cvs. Ive never had any one(but myself) thinking I might be a drug addict but I can always say, check with my pharmacy. or my drs. The 1st one I went with was supposed to be the best fibro dr in all of middle TN but I didnt like him at all! He wanted me to start with a sleep study and attend meetings at the Easter Seals soc. The next one moved out of state after 3 mths. She was very quiet and I never knew what she was thinking but she was ok. Now, I go to one in the same bldg as my primary care phy. and they are set up on lap top computors where they can pull up anything from each other at any time. He is very sweet and came from Vanderbilt where he was practicing for 16 yrs. I dont know your circumstances but if possible, try to find another rheum. that you can click with. It makes this terrible disease just allittle easier.

  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member



    lOVE aNNE
  8. elsa

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    I am very sorry about your experience. It is clear you are not comfortable with her. I would write a letter ...

    I know you are exhausted, but I would copy that letter to the state licensing board and one or more CFS/FMS associations. Be sure she knows that you copied it to others.

    As for your pain meds, don't you worry about it. I am surprised at some reactions .... I am reprinting part of message I posted a while ago. It might help you to feel better and it never hurts for the rest of us to read it ... might calm some fears:

    Am. Academy of Pain Medicine, American Society of Addiction Medicine, American Pain Society ..... Conference on non-cancer chronic pain and it's appropriate treatment, Joint concensus paper presented to conference:

    1. Clearly defined frequently misunderstood terms -Addiction, Tolerance and Physical Dependency in the context of opiod use in the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain ...

    2. Addiction - is a Primary Chronic Neurobiologic Disease. Identified by three "C's" ... craving or compulsive use, ... loss of control .... use despite adverse consequences.

    (**** "Physical Dependence and Tolerance are often confused with Addiction" ****)

    Unlike physical dependence and tolerance, ADDICTION is not a predictable effect of taking a drug, but an ADVERSE REACTION in biologically and psycholsocially vulnerable individuals.

    3. Physical Dependence - Physiological response of the body to long term use of a drug. People with opiods can and do become dependent and will experience withdrawal symptoms if they STOP TAKING THE DRUG ABRUPTLY.

    While uncomfortable, the symptoms are usually non-life threatening and are completed avoidable when properly managed with a scheduled titration down of medication.

    **** Side note given in speech - Individuals become dependent to many types of medications. Anti-depressents are non-narcotic, yet if one has been taking them for any length of time, they need to titrate/taper off slowly as to avoid suffering these same type of withdrawal effects.****

    4. Tolerance - the need for increasingly larger doses to achieve the same level of relief. It is a PHYSIOLOGICAL PHENOMENON. Tolerance has not been proven to be a prevelent limitation to long term opiod use.

    5. Chronic Pain - The goal of clinician is to provide an opportunity for patient to REGAIN some SENSE OF CONTROL over their lives by providing the most effective pain treatment possible.

    6. The "Drug War" Propaganda of the 80's - has misinformed many and has made many hesitant to take/prescribe the appropriate pain medication for the non-cancer chronic pain patient.

    More then 45%-55% of these patients (ie arthritis, back pain suffers, headache patients and FIBROMYALGIA PATIENTS) are not receiving the proper pain relief treatment.

    7. The "TRUTH" - The addict takes his drug to get HIGH, mellow out and to AVOID LIFE. The pain patient takes his drug to GET ON WITH HIS LIFE.

    It allows them to interact with their family amd friends where the addict will go to GREAT LENGTHS TO ISOLATE THEMSELVES FROM FAMLY AND FRIENDS.

    8. From leading pain specialists working to promote the use of opiods for chronic, non-cancer pain .... "Very few patients become addicted to their opiod pain relievers.

    There is less then 0.03% chance you will become addicted on narcotic medication if you are a pain patient. That is less then three one hundredths of 1 percent."

    *** Contributing Pain Specialists *** James Campbell MD Director Blaustein Pain Treatment Center Johns Hopkins ,
    Russell Portenoy MD Chairman Pain Medicain and Palliative Care Beth Isreal Medical Center NY, Edward Covington MD Director of Chronic Pain Rehab Program The Cleveland Clinic

    Kathy, I just feel so badly for you all the way around. The more I think on your experience, the more angry I become.

    After some thought, I am certain this "doctor" has a prejudice against CFS/FMS patients. She spent too much time asking questions that did not relate to your immediate care, but to ancillary social issues surrounding fibromyalgia patients.

    The statement about how you got "disability at such a young age" is absolutely out of line and outrageous. That interview was spent detailing all the SOCIAL things, not you. She doesn't want to treat fibro patients any more then I want my hair pulled out ... one strand at a time.

    Tell the doctor who referred you to this ... thing. He needs to know all about it as she is going to look him up with that "network" of hers. She is actually casting aspersions upon his professionalism. Oooo, won't he appreciate that!

    She acted resentful that yet another fibro patient got "dumped" on her. She probably hates that the rheumatology specialty is weighted down with all we fibro individuals.

    You don't need to have a rheumatologist treating you. The only reason that specialty is associated with us is because it was a rhematologist RESEARCH specialist that came up with the trigger point chart ... and that was supposed to be only for research purposes.

    One of my doctors is an OB/GYN! He had so many CFS/FMS patients in his practice and he started realizing that many symptoms eased up with hormone treatment. He has since added antiaging medicine to his credentials in order to treat fibro patients even more effectively.

    I apologize for the length of this. I really felt most of my ramblings were timely to you. Please find another doctor ... or go back to the doc that seemed to have you stablized.

    Do write that letter .... Say what I said about her prejudice ... list all of her unnecessary and insulting questions/comments. Send it to associations, state board licensing, other doctors who have treated you and are now on her "check them out list" and maybe an editorial to paper .... That is always embarrassing!

    Take care Kathy ... You're in my thoughts ....


  9. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    If Kathy is just taking one Lortab a week there is no way she could be addicted to it. That isn't enough to do any damage or even help for that matter. Just my humble opinion.

  10. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Bump for Kathy ...
  11. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    This is only my opinion.....but I would really give her another chance.

    She really was covering all basis......if she is that way, she might go a little further in your treatment and you might be glad you have her.

    It might of been a stressful day for her. Yes, I know it was for you also. Go in the next time trying to be more relaxed and with written questions and facts to go over with her.

    She might surprise you. I hope she does. If not then move on to another.

    Just my feelings....Good Luck Dear........
  12. bettydroop

    bettydroop New Member

    THAT DR IS AN IDIOT< IDIOT! IDIOT! Yes I am angry. I am so tired of hearing about thses DRS FOR CRYIN OUT LOUD!!

    Thank you Elsa for your list- it was what I wanted to say and you got all that great info for her. Please copy and have that list on hand, Kathy.

    Please go find another DR.there is NOTHING wrong with you! All you want is some sort of relief and there is nothing wrong with that. I n fact she could get sued for NOT treating you rpain. There are laws about that too. You CAN find somone else to see that WILL help you- dont think you have to stay with this stupid B just because you went to her for an appoitment, Shes working for YOU -not the other way around. YOu are paying her- even if its under your insurance. Absolutely!

    Shes NOT looking out for your heath at all. If she was, she would have talked to you and treated you, in a whole different way that she did that day. If your pain isnt treated correctly... it can actually change your brain & your body and those pain pathways would be more sensitized and you could be in even more trouble. There are finding this out more and more - what untreated pain does to a person , even mentally... having to live like that... in such pain. As Elsa mentioned in her post, lets say you would in the future have to titrate down on the med, it can be such safely with a schedule. No big deal. Its alot bigger deal to not have pain relief when you need it.

    They dont use Lortab for cancer as she said. Its a short acting med and they use the long acting meds instead. Then they have a longer duration of pain management. She said Lortab is saved for cancer pain? Hmm ok. whatever. Right there shows you need to go to someone that knows what they are talking about.

    Is she going to offer you any other ideas other than what you have had with any of your other Drs? YOu deserve the best care and she surely is not that person for you. She couldnt help you write anything down or have any sympathy for what you are going through?

    Ok Im done - I just feel so bad for you - I am fumed, there are alot of Drs out there who WILL BE looking out for your health.

    Ps. You probably know this but even though your Dr referred you to see this Rheumy - YOU CAN CHANGE AT ANY TIME> With NO problem.

    I wish you all the BEST KATHY! Post and tell us how much better you are doing when you find someone competent!! LOL
    Karen / Bette
  13. ckzim

    ckzim New Member

    Call me emotional right now, but all of you are so supportive, and that touches my heart. I don't feel so alone, and off my rocker! Big Hug to all of you! It's like your my strength when I am weak.
    Thank you Elsa for taking the time with me, and sharing all that info, what a sweety! Good stuff, and I will copy that and take it with me. I am going to give her another try, believe it or not out of fear! This Md has referred me before to my vert first Rhem, he's the one that made me sign a contract, which at the time, I had no idea such a thing exsisted,he too called me everything but a liar,I left his office in litteral tears! So I went back to the MD who referred me, and told him, how I had been treated, he kind of rolled his eyes, and said, "that's unusal for him" and gave me another one to go see, who happen to believe in NO DRUGS. Just excerise, and rehab. That was a no go. So back to the MD, who told me to try again with the "contract" doctor. Anyways....(sorry it's so long winded) I am afraid if I go back to my MD, being the second time that I am not comfortable with who he is referring, that he will drop me again.
    Elliespad...Wow...never thought of that.A recorder, I am going to DO that too. I think that would put them on their toes alittle bit more wouldn't it?
    I just can't get over how great you guys are, and always have so much great info, things I don't think of. I am truely greatful! I know I didn't mention all who replied, but know for sure I am reading, and jotting down!
    What is really discouraging me is that I had a plan...this past summer to start digging into all the other things I knew what was wrong with me, like neck surgery, and shoulder surgery, to find out how much was actually the Fibro. And with hope and prayers I could maybe find a part time job, and get some of my life back.
    Yes I feel alittle better after all those operations, but it's still the same in the muscles,and fatigue, etc.. whenever I do anything like house cleaning, or dinner, etc.etc. I wanted something to take to get me out of the pain, if I do find some little job, so I can keep working.
    Some kind of regement to battle the fatigue, help the pain, when it comes, etc..etc. I don't know, maybe it's a loosing battle, but I had to try. Doc's like this make me want to just scream! I will pull myself together for that next visit, Equipped for the battle. With all the info I've gotten here, I'll be better prepared. Why can't these doc's see? I'm trying to get better, not stay sick! To me, giving me a antidepressant, is treating a symtom, of depression, that wouldn't be as bad if I didn't have the pain. Take me out of the pain, I won't be so depressed!
    Again thank you all, your all angels!
  14. noenergy

    noenergy New Member

    Hi KathyZ,
    sounds like your doctor and mine are one and the same. Mine just flat out told me that it was her experience that fibro patients lied about their pain and never said if there was any improvement just so they could get pain meds. I'm not a mean person but I wish they could walk in our shoes and pain for just a few days.

    Mine just kept harping on how high the street value of these meds are. I finally got fed up and told her it was doctors like herself that turned patients who truely need these meds to the streets since their own doctors refuse to prescribe them.

  15. bp59

    bp59 New Member

    The only way you would have messed up, is if you go back to her... She obviously believes you need some form of Rehabilitation, whether it be to go back to work or the drugs.. The hell with her.. I recently got a new Rheumy and the first question I asked him is if he had any trouble continuing my disability as I am on medicare.. IF he says anything other than the affirmative, Im out of there.. I dont need that extra stress as well.. I am 46 so I get the same type of questions...
  16. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    Hi Kathy,

    I think you went to a Drill Sergeant and not a Doctor.

    It's stressful enough when you sick, but it sounded like she was doubting you.

    Why do you think you have Fibro? Well, maybe because I was diagnosed with it??? DUH?

  17. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I think you should do whatever it is that makes you comfortable. If going back 1 more time works for you then that's what you should do.

    If it where me, I would start digging, looking for a doc that matches what I want in the way of treatment. Look at the good doctor list above. Search some fibro sites, or even put "fibro doctor" in google and see what comes up.

    If you find someone you think might work, go to your pcp and tell him (don't ask, but tell) you want a referal to this doctor. Better yet, call that docs office that you'd like to see and ask them how to get on board. Take charge of this .....You can do it!

  18. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    experience with a well known FM doctor.
    He was impatient, rude and even started talking about another doctor calling him a b**tard!
    I had never seen anything like it.
    Needless to sat I changed doctor's and fast!:)I see a doctor in the same clinic, but he is much calmer and he listens.
    I think going to the doctor is stressful enough, you want to feel comfortable with who you see.
    If you go again and still don't feel comfortable, find someone else.
    She's not the only doctor ( even if she think's she is:).
    Take care of yourself, you don't need more stress.
    Stress is our enemy!:)
    You are not a drug addict either, you take what you need to make yourself able to function to have some quilty of life.:)
    Take care, Claudia
  19. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member

    Wow Kathy, no wonder you're exhausted.

    My first thought is, I hate rheumatologists in general. Their specialty is really arthitis, not fibromyalgia.

    In my experience, they generally don't understand FM very well and they prefer to treat the symptoms, not look for solutions to the cause.

    You might do better going to a hormone and thyroid specialist or an endocrinologist who specializes in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

    I don't know where you live, but my doctor has centers specializing in FM in ten locations across the country. Look through the site to find their various locations.

    Here's a link to their website: http://www.hormoneandlongevitycenter.com/cfidsfibromyalgia/#10

    Good luck and sorry you had such a demoralizing doctor's visit!


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