I think i messed up concerning SSD

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    when i first became ineligable to work my rumy suggested counsling to help me deal with the stress and anxiety and they set me up to see a psychologist and instead of doing that i sought counsling from my pastor which worked wonders...God is great.....but... did i ruin my chances of getting social security diablility? i am going to ask them to set me up with a psychologist becuse there are still some issues to iron out but i prefer my pastor... his doctorate is in counsoling...
    please can ya'll give ime your humble opinions and tell me what a psychologist does?


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    If the time with your pastor did the trick can you go back to work. If you cannot work you need medical proof. You can still go to your pastor but I would imagine the fact you did not follow up with advised medical protocol would not bode well. Perhaps you can start now.
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    Disability is a tough nut to crack period. What I think I would do if i were in your shoes is this. I would return to your Rheumo and tell him exactly what you have been doing. I would also ask him to please... note in his dictation that you have been going to your pastor for counselling. I would also ask him if he would refer you to one of his choice also. More then likely your rheumo would like to see if you possibly need an anti depressant, which are not all bad. But you need to be sure and communicate with your Doc and i wish you the best of luck to you.
    Take care,
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    I think you need to be working with at least a psycholgist.
    You need to have him or her administer that written test name I can't recall now.But anyway it determines the extent of you depression or whatever.
    I did not get my ssd because of Fm I got it due to my depression that I have suffered with since 1977 and I had had it document since March of1977 and for SS purposes I did take this written test.
    I don't want to offend anyone but a licensed psycholgist I think is better equipt to do this for one thing they wouldn't want to risk their license. Where as your Pastor whom I am very sure is a wonderful counseler in his own right has many other task of a full time job and does not in most liklyhood deal with these same issues on a day to day base.
    If not of this makes sense, blame it on a little fog,I am a little stress out today.
    By the way I just got approved june/2002. It took me exactly 2 years, after the first 2 deniles I got the attorney who got me on the right path as far as getting things in order and done. Good Luck