i think i might have swine flu?!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bigmama2, Jul 25, 2009.

  1. bigmama2

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    something is wrong with me. i have a sinus infection on top of my reg cfs. but i have had cfs for years and also i have had sinus infections many times before. this feels worse and also different. it is either my worst sinus infection ever- or a ebv reinfection or hhv6 reinfection - or maybe swine flu???

    i have been exhausted (more than my ususal), feversish, irritable, achey, neck glands ache, etc for a few days. i thought it was just sinus infection- so i saw dr yesterday and started antibiotics. my nose/sinuses are doing WAY better.- but the strong, sick, flu-like feelings are not going away at all. it is worse.

    i am in florida and there has been swine flu in my area. if i am not doing better - i will see dr again on monday.

  2. jasminetee

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    Hi bigmama2,

    It could very well be the Swine Flu. Many people are getting less severe strains of it. I catch flu after flu all the time and I've had some doozies this summer myself. I suspect I've probably already had it.

    They've all gone away on their own but you may need ABX for a sinus infection. Then again, most viruses just go away after awhile. I never take ABX and I recover.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  3. Beadlady

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    too. Some insurance companies or hospitals have a 24 hr ask a nurse program that would be a good idea too.
  4. bigmama2

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    i am still sick- no improvement. actually last nite i had an odd experience- breathing was really shallow, bottom of lungs area of torso felt tender, and i had huge irritability. very very odd thing. something is wrong w me. if i am not any better tomorrow- i will see dr (there is a good walk in cinic nearby). this cant be just a sinus infection.

    the weirdest thing is- i am one of those cfs patients who NEVER gets the flu. ever. not since ive had cfs. (over a decade). so this is really really weird for me. a huge change. i'm kinda freaked out.

  5. skeptik2

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    Do you have a fever? My written instructions for alert to swine flu say one must have a fever usuall higher then 101* and chills

    Sore throat, headache, body and muscle aches, dry cough, runny nose, tiredness and weakness and diarrhea and vomiting.

    If you really think you have it, call ahead to dr...they may want to take precautions with you, like asking you to wear a mask and make sure you're washing your hands often. They don't want swine flu in the clinics near me...

    If symptoms get worse call the hospital ER near you and ask for advice.

    Remember, swine flu really affects the lungs, so if you're having problems there, you need to mention it first to the doctors. Antivirals at the very start have been effective in many; I hope you can figure out what is your CFS and/or FM, and what is flu-related.

    If you haven't yet, start of Vit D., 5000 IUs daily...it may help.

    Best to ;you

  6. SpecialK82

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    Saying a prayer for you bigmama, hope you are feeling better tomorrow.

    Let us know what the doctor says.

  7. shari1677

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    Have you overdone it in the past few days? I took a trip with my sister not too long ago when the swine flu was supposedly at its worst. I came back very ill and had to take 4 days off work, swollen glands, fever, fatigue, etc. My doc attributed to overdoing and a flareup. Just wondering.
  8. bigmama2

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    (yes i have a fever.) (and yes i have "overdone it" recently.)

    i saw the dr today. his opinion is that i have a BAD sinus infection AND on top of that a secondary viral infection of some type. he's not sure what. but he does not suspect swine flu! (he said i would be sicker if i had that). he said to continue the antibiotics for the sinus infection and to rest, drink fluids, etc for the virus.

    I am feeling a lil better today! yay! So I prob will keep feeling a lil better each day- I hope.

    if not i am supposed to start a steroid pack and see dr again. (dont worry- i know the risks of steroid packs- and i will not use it unless very necessary)

    thanks for your comments- it was scary for me to be that sick on top of my "regular" sick (cfs). i am glad to be healing!

    take care
  9. SpecialK82

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    glad to hear that you are doing better :)

  10. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    thanks for asking!
    yes i am improving. i was sick w sinus and flu (on top of my regular CFS) for 2 weeks. now i am back to my regular more or less. which is a good thing. now if only there was a cure or treatment for cfs - i'd be doing great!

    take care all