I think I really need a *vacation* ....

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  1. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi my friends,

    It's been a difficult weekend! :(

    Strike One -- As some of you may know, I'm also on Facebook these days. I connected with an old friend of mine from the 1980's. So cool. So I was writing to her yesterday, on a private message. I clicked the wrong button and deleted our entire two-week conversation! Poof. No, I can't get the messages back, per Facebook. Sigh.

    Strike Two -- I'm getting Kevin's virus. My throat hurts like ******. Boo hoo.

    Strike Three -- I BROKE MY TOOTH YESTERDAY. How, I don't know. It had to have been a piece of leftover gluten-free pizza (Kevin baked it too long, and the crust was very CRUNCHY)! The filling is holding in place in the tooth, but the tooth seems to be disintegrating. Kevin has a call in to his dentist for an appt for me.

    Anybody got any Kleenex for me?? This is not what I need to deal with right now.

    Just feeling down, right now. Anybody want to post a joke or two on this thread?????? :) Or on the other "joke" threads??? :)

    I know the FB thing is not a "tragedy", it's disappointing to me that I CANNOT navigate that site, the way I want to.

    Coconut oil capsules and oil of oregano may help my tooth. Fingers crossed.

    As far as NUMBER 3, I just want to get that darned tooth pulled. It's bottom right, next to the last molar. I don't want anesthesia, crowns, more appts. I want an easy fix. I don't know what the dentist will say. Kevin's going to get me some anbesol (anesthetic) today, just in case the filling comes out and I get pain. If I have pain, I guess it will be an "emergency appt."

    Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

    Luv y'all, Diane
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane

    Sorry you're having a difficult weekend. Remember that old Victor
    Herbert tune: Everyday is Ladies' day With Me? I kinda think for
    most of us it's Everyday is Difficult For me.

    A shame when all these things pile up and hit us at the same time.
    I don't know much about Face Book. Could your friend send you
    what got deleted? Or would it be so much it would be ornerous?

    The virus and the broken tooth at the same time is too much.
    Maybe you can file a complaint with the Starkeeper. Remember
    him? From Carousel. The "official" in the afterlife; played by
    Gene Lockhart in the movie.

    Here's an old riddle one of my bridge playing friends frequently
    recited. What time is it when the Chinaman goes to the dentist?
    Answer: Tooth hurty.

    After a checkup the dentist told the patient he was going to have
    to pull a tooth.
    "Oh no!", she said. " I'd rather have a baby."
    "Well make up your mind", he said. "I'll have to adjust the chair."

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  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So sorry to hear about you starting to get a sort throat plus your broken tooth. Hope both problems are short lived. I saw your post and figured that would venture onto the Home and Bedbound Board for a bit before checking out the Porch. Hope you start feeling better soon and Kevin too. Gee that is no fun for sure ):!! Yes, many times it dos tend to pile up with more than one item on your crap list or whatever you want to call it.

    Hang in there kiddo.

    Nice to see you ROCK too and love your little jokes or riddles. Hope you are doing OK or at least as well as you can be.

    Need to go check the Porch and then off to do some other stuff on the computer.

    Love you, et al,
    Granni :)
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  4. Willow77

    Willow77 Active Member

    Hi Diane,
    Hope you are feeling better. I broke a tooth about 10 years ago. The filling and a little bit of the tooth is still there. I am a white knuckle patient at dentists so I will probably put it off until it starts hurting. My husband uses oil of clove for tooth aches so I know it works.

    I know you have kitties so I have some kitty jokes for you:

    Why don’t cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs.

    What is a cat’s way of keeping law & order? Claw Enforcement.

    Did you hear about the cat who swallowed a ball of wool? She had mittens.

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  5. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Good morning, my friends!

    And THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! You all here on PH are "THE BEST."

    I have an appt on Wednesday, 11:30 a.m. The dentist office I had Kevin call this morning (it has a great reputation) wants to see me Wednesday -- I guess before my tooth disintegrates more and the filling pops out. I have ANBESOL now, whew, for just in case. GB, the tooth cracked and broke off, almost to the gum line. I don't think it can be repaired. And BTW, the dental office is less than a mile from our house!!!!!!

    I'll see what the dentist has to say -- pulling the tooth, versus fixing the tooth (I don't think that's possible), versus getting another crown.

    And THIS DENTIST does administer sedation, so the office is aware of patients with "white knuckles"/PTSD. I'll take my klonopin with me, if the doc wants me to take one or two. I think I'll probably get nitrous oxide. Or maybe a liquid valium mix. Not sure. But it will be a "conscious" sedation, so I won't need an anesthesiologist called in.

    Facebook is OK, not what I expected it to be. Just so-so for me. My friend can still send me messages, so that's good, and I have her phone number stored on my cell phone.

    I feel a bit better since taking the oil of oregano, etc. Plus aspirin, a couple times a day. Not perfect, but better.

    WILLOW, I loved the kitty cat jokes! :)

    Really, sincerely, y'all brightened my day!

    Love ya, Diane
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - Ho[e you are feeling OK with not to much pain or discomfort but good to have it removed if needed. I am sure all will go well in the office for you. Take a Special K before going :)!!

    Love that kitty pic Willow. Is that your kitty or just a picture, guessing just a picture but very funny and cute.?

    DIANE -Speaking of FB how can I find you on there? Send me a private message so I can find the real YOU :)!!! I like FB cause then I can see friends I haven't seen in years and family too that I don't get to see very often. Love the pictures.

    TTYAL !

    Granni :)
  7. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hey Granni --- I sent you a PM. DIANE