I think I revitalized the writers board

Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by mom, Dec 29, 2001.

  1. mom

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    There are four stories about Katie on it now and I just put the challenge on the main board yesterday.
    What do you think would work here. I know everyone seems to follow Brutus around so maybe I will get him back over here.
    I know Chris is busy but surely he could spare a couple of minutes once a week to revitalize a board that he was instrumental in getting for us.

    Mom Lynda
  2. karenanne

    karenanne New Member

    Disillusionment reigns supreme.....KA

  3. mom

    mom New Member

    First, all the caregivers have gone over to the Chit Chat boards.

    Second, we love you Karen Anne, so please tell us what the problem is that has you so down.

    We are all worried about you. Send us an S.O.S.

    Worried Hugs

  4. homeskillet19

    homeskillet19 New Member

    Hi, I hope I dont step on any toes! I have been reading everybodies post, and it saddens me, I have been trying to find some folks for my husband to talk to, and tonight I did, then I find out everybody is leaving!!! My husband since last yr. has had to care for me(sorry)I have had fibro & MPS for yrs.but, the last one has been hard! I caught a virus that just would not go away, it collapsed all my muscles, poor Dan(husband) had to do everything for me, he would rub me out for atleast 7 hrs. a night(not exaggerating!) just to take my tears away from the pain, He would mush up my food,feed me & massage my throat so it could go down
    he would go to work,come home for lunch, change my diaper, feed me, massage me, then go back to work, you get the drift. I am better now, I am walking some, I have regained most use of my muscles, the massage is cut down to 1hr. a night,
    But my dear sweet husband still does most of the stuff + works! Dan has been great!!! We have been dealing with this mess for yrs. and he very seldom gets upset, He just cant stand to upset me, but I understand he gets frustrated(even if he doesnt admit it)it has to be hard on yall putting up with us folks that are sick!!
    So this is my plea, please stay here, work it out,we need you wonderful people!! Without Dan I would not have made it, and I am pretty sure your loved ones would say the same thing!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. if not where can my husband go? e-mial me homeskillet19@aol.com THANK YOU @---}------