I Think I'm Getting Sicker

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Newswoman, Jan 15, 2003.

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    I've been in the midst of a mild flare-up for several months now. I'm only occasionally in pain (Thank God!!!), but the lack of quality sleep is really starting to get to me. My immune system, which has always been weak, is being compromised. I think I have either a UTI or a bladder infection, but I can't go to the doctor because my insurance hasn't come through yet.

    As of yesterday, the pain and stiffness returned. Last night, my arm was aching because cold had set in it. It's not severe pain like I experienced during the summer, but if I keep at the pace I'm at now -- it will be. The pain was so bad the even Vioxx didn't help.

    To top it all off, I'm still dealing with the work crap. I'm building my case so I can ask to telecommute two days out of the week...but that takes time. Time I don't really feel I have anymore. I somewhat feel I'm on the verge of collaspe. I can't concentrate at work, and this is hindering my productivity. I don't know. Maybe I can use my lack of productivity as a way to prove that my supervisor not rejecting my reasonable accommodation is affecting my health.

    Just needed to vent. Thanks for reading.
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    I have irritable bladder and if I sit too long, or don't drink enough, or have too much caffiene I start to get an infection. I got infections like crazy as a kid, and cranberry juice became a constant companion. Also head to the cereal aisle and grab some cranberry almond crunch cereal by post. It's sweet and healthy! And nice snack to eat dry or with milk.

    The stress from your job will really take a toll on your body, grab some Aspercream for your pain, and rub it where it's especially acute. It helps where Vioxx doesn't. Do some stretching exercises and don't sit in one place to long! You need to try and keep those joints unstiff. Make sure your showers are really warm or hot, avoid cold, if it's cold near you, just dress warm, use blankets even when not in bed and keep the temp. nice and comfortable. Grab a heating pad and apply it to really stiff/painful areas. When washing hands, don't even touch that cold water, go for the hot one right away.

    Grab some Vitamin E for your immune system, and avoid caffiene, for your bladder, and because caffiene makes Vitamin E practically useless. If you're a real caffience chugger, take some before bed instead.

    We all have bad days, don't panic, it may just be from stress or your body being finicky. Getting nervous/afraid that you're worsening will only worsen the problem itself.
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    I don't see where you're taking any pain meds - Vioxx is mostly for inflammation - are you at least on hydrocodone - I went thru years of pain until I was finally sent to a pain management dr. I now use Oxycontin; and hydrocodone for break-through pain, as well as assorted anti-depressants and sleep-aids; but to get these I have to have monthly appts. with my pain management dr. and psychiatrist - if I ever get to a more stable state (instead of having flare-ups about once a month) maybe I could change some things, but PAIN management and SLEEP management are the most important things - families rarely support us.
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    I would definitely see what you can do to improve your sleep. There are several options that don't need prescriptions. There are supplements as well as OTC meds like Simply Sleep, Benadryl (same ingredient in both). Improving your sleep will also help your pain go down, at least it works that way for me.

    While you may not need something as strong as Hydrocodone Vioxx is not known to help with FM pain, so it's not surprising it's not helping. I take Ultram during the day and Neurontin and Flexeril with it at night.

    I hope your insurance comes through soon and you are able to work out something about working from home.

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    If you are, they aren't working? Maybe you need an introduction of different meds. Ask the docs. There are always alternatives and other solutions to our problems. See what works best for you. Sometimes our bodies go through stages and meds need to be altered and changed.
    Good luck. Soft hugs. Mere suggestions.
    Wishful good nights rest (naps too whenever you can to help the body rejuvenate)
  6. Newswoman

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    I'm taking herbs like Uva Ursi and garlic for the UTI and bladder infection. I have CranActin (cranberry extract in capsule form), but I don't know if it's compatible with the Uva Ursi (does any know???). To make matters worse, I now think I have a sinus infection. Even if I do go to the doctor, I refuse to take antibiotics because I have a problem with candida...so drinking sweetened fruit juices and cereals is also out for me.

    As far as the Vioxx, I only take that when I'm in really bad pain (I'll mention to my rheumy that it doesn't work from FM patients). Right now, the pain is mild so I take ibuprofen when it flares up. To sleep, I'm taking an OTC sleeping aid, but my body is starting to build up a tolerance to it. I'm waking up nearly every hour on the hour. I'm afraid to up the dosage (I only take one as opposed to the recommended two tablets) because I'm so sensitive to drugs. I'm not being allowed to telecommute, so I have to drive into work everyday. It isn't safe to drive when I'm groggy. I have a prescription for Trazadone (sp), but I can't fill it when I don't have proof of insurance (thanks to my boss who sent the paperwork in late). I can't afford to pay for it, so for now I have to stick with the OTC drugs.

    At work, I wish I could wash my hands in hot water, but there's no hot water in the building. That certainly doesn't help things. I try to drink decaffinated, unsweetened teas when my hands get really cold. It's also freezing in the building where I work. I dress as warmly as I can, but I can't seem to get warm. I live in Southwest Florida and I had on a sweater and a fleece pull-over yesterday at work. I was still cold.

    I'm not trying to shoot down all the suggestions. I really do appreciate them. But right now, I'm limited physcially, emotionally, and financially (I just spent more than $100 at the health food store). I believe all the herbs, vitamins, and mineral supplements I've been taking have helped a lot. Without those, I would be in a lot worse shape than I am right now. Most of this just boils down to stress and bad working conditons. It's a vicious cycle, I'm angry and stressed so that prevents me from sleeping which causes pain...yada....yada...yada.

    When I get this work thing straightened out and I have insurance, I think things will improve a bit.
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