I think I'm loosing it!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Hasbeen, Jan 31, 2003.

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    i've been staying with my Granny during the day this week.She came home from a rehab hospital Monday. She had a stroke right before Christmas. my husband came home from work and as soon as he came in the door the phone rang. One of his buddies wanting him to go hunting tonight. Don't get me wrong he's a wonderful understanding husband. He ask me about it. I said i don't care. The whole time i'm setting on the couch crying really for no reason. just that I always worry about things and I feel like heck. Well he told this guy he wasn't going. he loved on me and pampered me for a little bit. I went to take me a shower. got out feeling a little better. Came through the house and heard him talking to his friend again. I went in my room and pouted. he came in there and said I love you. I said no you don't, you siad you wasn't going. He said oh no i didn't say that. He went down to the dog pen. i thought he would come back to the house before he left. But he didn't. I was so upset. i called his friend and said I hope you're happy! and I hung up. He kept calling back but i didn't answer. My husband called from his house after he got there. He hollered over the answering machine for our son to answer him. He wanted to talk to me but I didn't talk to him. i just feel so unimportant and so unloved. i know i'm just feeling sorry for myself. But he's going to be really mad about me calling his buddy. I know I shouldn't have called him but i just couldn't help myself. No one really knows what goes on through my mind. I guess it's better kept that way. What should I say when he gets home?
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    I go through this alot too. Your not losing it it is wonderful hormones we feel I think. It is hard to be home all day and in your case dealing with other things too and you just want to be near your Hubby is all. I do it too at times. These days i would rather have him gone though, hee hee. But I can be pretty crude to his Buddies too. They all know me too well now so they always ask me first if he can go off with them. Pretty bad when they say Jeff we know who wears the pants in your family. Don't want to pi** her off you know..
    Oh well, I guess I am entitled to be the way I am and that is that.
    I don't think your losing it i just think you need him to be around more and sometimes that need is so strong that we can't help ourselves is all.
    Take care okay, Big hugs to you.