I think mine are SEVERE reactions.............

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    When I eat white or wheat bread, potatoes, all sugars that end in an "ose", and sugar, peas and carrots, fruit, and chocolate I swear I want to die and I think I might be dying. I get the worst pain in my rib muscles and sides by my waist and back. Also it aches all over my body with this weird acid like headache. Sometimes it takes me 5-7 days to kick....and its worse at my period time.... Im going to a doctor but dont know which one to go to. Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch....Pammy
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    Sounds like you need professional medical advice and maybe some tests. I can only offer some suggestions. It is possible to be allergic to sugar or the source of sugar, like sugar beets, but since it seems all kinds of sugar and not just one specific one bothers you then I doubt it's an allergy to sugar.
    You could see if a doctor would check for candida/yeast overgrowth. Few doctors test for and treat candida and finding a doctor is the most difficult aspect about getting this condition looked at. Sugar, yeast and starch can effect and increase candida growth and make you feel crappy.
    You could try staying away from the foods that have starch or sugar to see if you feel better.
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    You really do have a problem. I can't eat any kind of white flour without a stomach problem. But do not have any trouble with whole wheat products.

    What threw me into a horrible flare once was coconut! I also stay away from Chocolate.

    You might need a nutritionist to help with diet.

    Untill you find a doctor, make a list of foods that cause your trouble, and those that don't. That should help you a lot.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I would find an allergist who does complete food testing---also candida yeast (since you react so to sugar). I had this done & the information I found out totally changed how I am dealing with FM! All allergists definitely do not do this, so you need to make calls & ask questions. Mine is an allergist/immunologist who specializes in treating people with FM/CFS & autism. The testing he does is extremely thorough. He combines traditional ways of dealing with allergies with naturopathic stuff. To me, you sound like you have both food allergies (things that you eat & affect you within 1-2 hours) and food sensitivities (things that take 2-3 days before you show a reaction)---I have both, depending on the food.

    Good luck, & I hope you are able to find a good allergist & get some answers! At least you sort of know what foods cause your problems-----I was clueless when I started!!

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    Sounds like you need the diet that has helped so many of us, including me, which is high protein/low carbohydrate. It will increase your energy, stop overproduction of free radicals that cause premature aging, and for me at least, it ended my IBS.
    It also sounds like you could benefit from taking digestive enzymes and Probiotics with your meals, to get the balance of bugs in your digestive tract to be more favorable. We are prone to yeast overgrowth, which can interfere with digestion. Enzymes can also increase your energy and help relieve inflammation.
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    You just Listed every thing I can't eat and haven't eaten in 7 years. I ended up in the ER one time from eating some fastfood, that I ate all the time. I loved to eat most of the foods listed, but I found that avoiding foods that made me sick was the best answer. Of course this leaves me with little to eat, but I avoid Pain at all cost.

    I eat baked chicken, skinned, carrots cooked in a steamer, makes them softer so they are easier to digest. I had to give up Corn this past year.
    I do eat other things, like Carrot soup, my daughter in law, has the Best Recepie, and she makes it for me now and then. HMMMMM good, can pass that on if you like.

    I went through a series of GI testing, and no real reason was ever found, other than IBS and GERD with Inflammation of the bowel which is different from IBS, but I think they sure trigger each other.

    I gave up most dairy products, except for 1percent milk, I had to cut back on IceCream during the summer, maybe a small bowl once in a while, eat to much and I got sick.

    Any way, Hope you find some answer's, with me it's, just another one of thoes Symptoms, no one can figure out, except tp chalk it up to FMS/CMP

    With FMS/CMP there seems to be a problem with allergies because of our sensitized nervous system's, according to Dr. Starlanyl, it's because of the Histamine and it being a neurotransmitter, that's miss firing;

    All I know is if I avoid certain food's I don't have that cramping, gassy.nauseated feeling.

    I also have CMP and there's a trigger point in the iliopsoas, and one at what is called "McBurney's Point", that one is a real Pain. Anyway, Myofascial Pain is often overlooked when it comes to People having trouble eating.
    Like I have a hard time swallowing, I choke on coffee, even soft foods can gag me. There's also something called the "Belch Button". cute names for Pain.

    I found the best information on Myofasical Pain and FMS, is in a book by Dr. Devin Starlanyl, and also at her website. Use your Search engine, i use google, and type in her name, that'll lead you to her site.
    There's also an article by her in the Library here.

    I take Vistril for the Itiching, and also it helps with Anxiety, and makes my life a lot easier to go outside most day's.


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