I think my 11 year old son has fibro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JRsCowgirl, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. JRsCowgirl

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    Have any of you heard of kids getting fibro after finishing chemo for leukemia? My son has been off chemo for 2 years and has been having chronic pain (everyday) for the last 4 months. He has missed a whole quarter of school, luckily we have year round and understanding principle and teachers. Befoe this he has had pain that lasted for a week to 10 days and then he would feel better for a month. The doctors havent taken us very seriously and tell us he is having growing pains maybe bone damage from chemo. He is tired all the time and doesnt sleep at night. He is smart and misses his friends at school. Our pediatrician mentioned fibromyalgia at his last appointment after running test for other things, Making sure that he isn't relapsing. I started looking up info on the internet and buying books and He fits the symptoms very well. I have been trying to focus on his diet and exercise. We are seeing a physical therapist now and by luck she is a speacialist in fibro and believes that this is what is going on with him too. This is my first time posting and I hope I havent made this too long. I guess Im just looking for advice on how to cope with his pain for him and me. His next doctor appointment is next week and I feel like Im a lot more informed and close to an answere. Thanks for reading JR
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    Dear JR:

    Have you tried talking to other people who have recieved similar treatment as your son's treatment for leukemia at such a young age? Maybe this is related to effects of chemo as his young age...
    About fibromyalgia... pain is one of the symptoms but it is certainly accompanied by other stuff... I guess the best advice I can give you is that you should take your son to a rheumatologist for an evaluation. They are the specialty doctors who treat fibromyalgia.
    God bless you and your son.
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    Hugs to both you & your son for all you've been through.

    Did you know that children can be put on the Guaifenesin protocol? From what I've read, they can make very good progress in a short time.
  4. JRsCowgirl

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    Hi everybody, thank you for your replies. He has an appointment with his pediatrician on Tuesday and I have been doing everything he suggest. He is the one who brought up fybromyalgia so I think he is pretty up to looking into it. I feel a lot more prepared now for our next visit. I know and he should know by now these aren't growing pains. As for the physical therapy, I just don't know how else to motivate him to stretch at home and she is pretty careful with him, but I cant tell if he hurts more after from it or not because he is always in so much pain and he lets me know it too. He seems to feel a little better in the afternoon but to late to send him to school. I am worried that he is getting too far behind and missing out on what is going on with his friends. My husband and I try hard to keep him caught up with school but it is hard when his mind isnt in it. If things do not go well with the Dr. on Tues. I will definetly go see a Rheumatologist. His Dr. is pretty good about sending us where he thinks he needs to go too. He is the one who found out he had Leukemia in the first place after spending months trying to find out what was going on(Our first pediatrician died and we didnt have a Dr. and were recommended to him, luckily) Im sorry if I ramble on too much. Nobody wants to listen for too long so it is nice to tell someone how things are going. Thanks, JR

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