Discussion in 'Forum Feedback, Questions & Suggestions' started by lgp, May 12, 2013.

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  1. stick2013

    stick2013 Member

    For those of you that are having difficult times reading the forum because you need to scroll to read. Try deleting your Cache and Cookies, and deleting all history.
  2. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Holly added a feature to the preferences for "narrow posts"
  3. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I really dislike this new forum.....and if I'm not mistaken very few people are left on this board. I've come back a few times but feel very frustrated. Just my opinion BUT I suggest this new system is DUMPED, go back to the old one that worked, and send an email to all old posters.
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  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Sunflower, I've seen this happen before on other CFS boards when the format changes. People will complain for a while, and maybe even stop posting, but eventually they adjust to the new format and start posting again. After a while, you forget what the old format even looked like. :)
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  5. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    This really is one of the most confusing boards I've ever used. I still can't get my screen straightened out. I don't like to have so much extra to read through either. All of the repeated posts are not necessary in my opinion and having so many different fonts to choose from makes the reading more difficult. The type size keeps changing with every post.

    It runs very slowly on my computer and I have to wait every time I go back or look at another thread. I like the old one 100% more than this. I don't think time will change this for me.
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  6. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    Here is my last word on this new board/forum. I have examined it carefully. I am technically savvy. There are a few nice options, but the overall presentation is rambling and , in my opinion, sloppy. It does not make for a concise, flowing read, and sometimes it is even a bit confusing as to whether someone is actually responding to the initial post or someone else's comment. In my opinion, this forum may no longer function well as a great source of information for people due to this. People looking for information and help like and often seek clarity, and I do not believe clarity is a word you could use to describe this forum in its current state. Really, it's such a shame.

    Take care--Laura
  7. stick2013

    stick2013 Member

    The whole point in having the quote option IS so that you CAN reply to a certain person WITHIN the thread, and not to the entire thread. You can remove what you don't want in the quote, and reply to just the point that you want to address.

    I like the quote option. I like the new looks of everything, EXCEPT the colored fonts.
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  8. Pandia

    Pandia Member

    I'm really struggling with the washed-out color of the default font. It's very light gray instead of black and I can hardly read it. I would really appreciate it if someone would please change this as soon as possible.
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  9. CortJ

    CortJ Member

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  10. PHXenMaster

    PHXenMaster Administrator Staff Member

    Have you tried the various styles available under preferences? Maybe that will help you.
    To use this style, place your mouse over your username in the green bar at the top of the page, and then select "Preferences". At the top of that page, you'll see a drop-down called Styles.
  11. IanH

    IanH Active Member

    I think the subject divisions are great, not only do they classify the posts but they prompt me to think about the different ways people ask for, and give help. Previously it was all jumbled together. I like it.
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  12. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    Just checking in to see how everybody is doing....have not been here in awhile. Still finding the new format horrible :( so I spend the alloted time I have to be on-line elsewhere.
  13. PHXenMaster

    PHXenMaster Administrator Staff Member

    Nice to see you again lgp. I hope you come back and visit more often.
    We miss you.
    Hope all is well.
  14. tooks

    tooks Member

    I actually really like this this format :). In fact the old format drove me away!

    I got used to ZenForo on Phoenix Rising and, once you get used to it, it works really well. For sure there are bugs to work out in the beginning (both for the Admin and adjusting your personal settings), but, for me, it is second nature to navigate it now. I am glad to see the change.
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  15. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I am just kind of bummed out visiting here....feel I have much to say and much to contribute, but this format is so jumbled, I cannot possibly do so. I really do miss the old format; it seems like so many members have jumped ship :(
  16. tooks

    tooks Member

    If you try clicking on "What's New" each time you visit, you will only see the threads that have been updated since your last visit. A lot of zenforo users do it this way to simplify things.
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  17. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I find everything much easier to find now. As long as people post to the appropriate forum, it is much quicker to find topics. I definitely visit here much more often than I used to. :)
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  18. tamsyn

    tamsyn Member

    I should also have added my biggest question: why is everything divided into categories now? I often don't know what I'm specifically looking for when I browse the board; I'm just checking in to see what other posters are dealing with, and this way I learn the answers to questions I didn't even know how to ask. But with everything all divided into categories, I am going to miss out on a nicely satisfying mixture of a wide range of topics that always enabled me to learn about the many issues we all face.
  19. Holly-Admin

    Holly-Admin Administrator

    Tamsyn - If you want to see a list of all new posts, regardless of which section they've been posted in, you can click on the "What's New?" link near the top of the page in the blue bar.
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  20. tooks

    tooks Member

    As I understand it "What's New" gives you a format more or less like the previous software here. If you visit every day you will catch all the threads that are active.
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