I think thoracic outlet syndrome causes my arm fatigue

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    I had posted about having shortness of breath when I did anything with my arms above my head, putting my hair in a ponytail, pulling covers up in bed, etc. the other day.

    Last night I had a weird symptom of numbness going down my arm, and my hand with a weird pain/numbness/tingling. It scared me and I mentioned it to my husband, who is a physical therapist.

    He had me turn my neck different ways, while he felt I think my scaline muscles, etc., and asked me if the pain got better or worse. It didn't change. He did some other stuff like that and asked me questions, I am not sure what all he was checking for. Then he felt around my pectoralis muscle and it HURT and made the pain in my arm and hand 10x worse. He said he thought I might have thoracic outlet syndrome.

    Of course, another thing there is no real treatment for! He told me to do my stretching exercises he showed me everyday, and he massaged that muscle, and it stopped that arm and hand pain/numbness/tingling feeling.

    I was reading some past posts where people were saying it was hard to do things above their head, it made them tired, and wondered if there was a connection?


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    I have a compressed disc in the thoracic area.Could it be connected?Linda
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    I wonder if I do too...

    My sx are this.. I have numb fingers. Nerve conduction was fine. Arms are just as yours very fatigued when trying to do anything. Thoracic and cervical area are very tight and painful at all times. Even flexeril cannot relax them. Arms and hands are usually cold so must stay in sweatshirts. My neck strains to hold up my head. I have rudintary 12th ribs(nubs for 12th ribs) seems Adam was not very generous with me..
    I see my primary on Monday..
    Sad thing is most of the sx sound like alittle bit of everything lol.
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    My left arm and hand has been aching all day and last night numb and tingly. My heart doc is running tests, but she thinks it is probably the same thing TOS or trapped nerve in neck, as I have had it so long now IF it was the heart I would be dead no doubt(LOL).

    Gee it seems all I have to do is raise it for a few seconds, but if I take my arm and pull my head to the opposite shoulder whilst grasping the chair seat with the left hand, the numbness and tingling go away.

    I also get this feeling extending up into my left side of the face, it is so annoying,feels like novocaine wearing off, have had this a year now, and I notice when I do that stretch the face thing goes away too. Would you ask your husband if this is also TOS?

    It always feels as if I have been lugging round a heavy bag all day, that is the feeling, but my tender point by the elbow is really sore too.

    Love Anne C
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    i have had the same problem, the doc said it was throsic outlet syndrom and said that surgery would help. He did the surgery in which they removed my top rib (no i didnt have the extra rib that sometimes cause TOS) and did something to the muscles. That was 1 1/2 years ago. It did not give me any relief and now the scar tissue from the surgery is making the pain even worse.
    They now say I have Myofascial pain syndrom.
    If they decide to do the surgery make sure that is the problem. Good Luck

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    it is a fun thing.lol...

    belly breath to get more oxygen up to the thoracic area ..it can help not from the chest but deep belly...