I think we need a New Board

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kredca4, Apr 19, 2003.

  1. kredca4

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    I think that the Younger Crowd should have a board of their own, they do face different set's of Problems these day's, than the more Mature Crowd did at their age.
    These Syndromes are tough to fight, but with numbers comes Power and Knowledge. The Symptoms may be the same as ours, but I do think that in todays world, it's even more Frustrating to Cope with, and who better to talk to about these dd's, than your own Peer's.

    It's so hard to tell what age someone is, unless it's in the Bio or they mention it in the Post.
    I think that the age difference does make it hard for us to understand each other at times.

    Where a 20 year old can talk to another 20 year old, and they will be able to relate better on a Social, and Mental Level that can help.

    Sometimes I don't answer a Post because I have no experience in that subject, or I just plain old don't know what to say.

    Experience is the Best Teacher, and with age come's Wisdom, because Life is a Great Teacher.

    But I think the Younger People respond better to others in their own age group that are going though pretty much the same thing.

    I myself Love working with the Youth, but thoes days are gone, but my Love for them and the Problems they go through still want to Bring out the Teacher in me.
    Sometimes folks just want someone to Understand, without a lot of "well when I was your age, or Back in my day's", ya know?

    We have a Board for everyone else's Special Need's, and they seem to be working Great for folks, so maybe one more for the Younger Crowd?

    I think it would be so good for them, and they wouldn't be feeling so left out at times.

    I would hope tho, that they wouldn't desert us, and still Post to the More Mature Crowd, that Helps to keep me Young and up todate on what Youngn's think.

    Of course it's just an idea, but then again so were the Other boards. ;o}

  2. sofy

    sofy New Member

    You have a valid point but their would be a loss too. No one can answer all the posts. I am not 20 but know a 20 year old can be capable of giving me information that could be a clue to having a better life and thats what I come here for. I'm looking for the key to open all the doors to let myself out of the box. If you want feedback from a particular age group then state it in the heading like: Dating (20-30)
  3. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    and the same.

    like some others i have been ill since i was in my 20's and now i am middle-aged.
    i think we all have lots to give to each other and i wouldn't want the an age separation board.

    i don't believe age differences affect some of the info we share at all.


  4. srollins

    srollins New Member

    that is all well and good,but I know there are young people here that really relie on us older folks for the mothering ansd nuturering they lack other places.How often have we read" I can't talk to my Mother or sister because*************************************.
    I respect what you are saying but I truly believe they need US and we need THEM.We are all a wealth of information
    as well as a SOFT place to fall when the going gets too tough.


  5. pam_d

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    I love it that we have people of all ages here! I think this DD gives all of us a perspective & maturity beyond our years. I'm 47, and often feel I can relate very well to a younger person who is experiencing the same specific symptom I am. And that someone who's in their twenties who had had this DD since early childhood may have a lot to teach me-----I've only been suffering since 1999. I also don't feel obligated to answer a post that clearly doesn't apply to me-----recently there was a post of twenty-somethings calling out to others that age. I don't need to feel slighted by that; I realize there are going to be posts targeted to the middle-age crowd, targeted to single folks, or just men.......all different groups. That's what makes this board so great! We've had teens here trying to reach out to other teens-----the only thing that I feel reading a post like that is terribly sad anyone so young has to struggle with FM or CFS!! But I don't feel they need to have their own board; I feel we are all enriched by the broad spectrum of people we have here! I'd feel like we were missing something if it were any other way.....just one middle-aged opinion.....

  6. Sissy123

    Sissy123 New Member

    I was 20 once also and I grew up with fibro. I was athletic, had a job doing hair, partied in the 70's, wore bell bottoms, was a cheerleader, went to college, sang in a band, played the drums, worked in a bar, had boyfriends, so we probably are really not that different. I think, just maybe, that you can learn from us, and that is really where we are different, because those of us that are older did not have anyone to talk to. We suffered all alone with something that didn't even have a name yet. Do you see my point? Some of us may even have some funny stories you could enjoy.
  7. lucky

    lucky New Member

    I do agree that young people with CFS/FMS face different challenges every day in their lives than an older person, but one thing they do not have - that is life experience - and this is what makes this board so valuable - you have all the choices you like and can find people in your age group with whom you can share and be in touch with.
    Kind regards, Lucky
  8. kredca4

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    Nope I just thought that They Might want a Board of their own, sure they can learn a lot from the Folks who have battled these Syndromes for year's.

    But you Missed my Point, so not to worry, like I said it was just a Suggestion, just as the chit Chat bd, the Worshipbd and the Care Giver's Board were at one Point.

    Folks still here use them, well some do and some don't, , at first I thought it would bring Division among the board;s, but it hasn't.

    I thought we could go the extra mile and help them feel more at home here.
    I read a lot more than I answer, and I see a lot of Younger folks not stick around as long as some of us Older Folks have. Some seem to think they are in the Minority by the Post's I have read, but then maybe I'm reading them wrong too.

    But if they are learning here, great, that's what we are here for.
    I Never suggested that they Not post here, sometimes tho, Teens don't want to talk to Mother or an Aunt or even a sister, but a Friend on the same age level.

    Hope you all have a Sunny Day,

  9. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I'm so glad that you understood what I meant. I like for the younger folks to Post, I'm just so sorry that there seems to be more and more Young people getting this, or it's a casse of the Syndromes being dx'd sooner because of the knowledge we now have, thin as it maybe, we do know more now than we did when I was growing up.

    I think my main idea was to have a board, sort of like our Chit Chat board, but geared to the younger set.
    There are things that Older folks will just not understand.
    Where someone on the same age level can.

    I would Hate to think that People would think that, I wouldn't want anyone to Post here, because of any reason, quite the opposite, I'm so Happy to see the board grow.

    I have been here for 3 years and have seen the Growth of this board and back then, there was only one board.

    The reason we have other boards to begin with, was so folks could get right to whatever subject they wanted to talk about.
    We goof around on the Chit Chat bd, for fun and relief from these dd's.
    the FSM/CFS bd is where we are encouraged to do our Main talk about our experiences and treatments and for Support.

    I just saw so many post's lately by Young People that I thought by having their own board would Encourage them to stay around.

    I'm hoping noone will take offense to the fact that I just thought a board for young people would benifit them, as the other boards have benifited thoes who use them.

    Now if someone will just put up a board for Bad Speller's, I'll be the first one there. No wonder folks think I'm Younger than I am. ;o}

  10. pinkquartz

    pinkquartz New Member

    i like it here with all our differences and it seems everyone who has replied feels the same way.

    i really hate any kind of segregation, life is best with diversity, and i still don't think the age diferences are importent in this issue of illness.

    at the same time its great that you post up your idea sharon/kredca4, after all whats wrong with a bit of debate, nothing.

    as my midwife once said to me that childbirth is a great leveller then i feel so is this DD !!!


  11. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member


    I am the one that wrote the post, "Equality For Us Younger People" (or something like that). I do not feel that I would go to a board that is just for the 20 something group. I feel that it is very important to come to this board because of all of the resources that are here. Many of us newly diagnosed people are lost, scared, and are in need of guidance. That is where age and experience comes in handy. All I was saying in my post is that I want us teens and 20 somethings to not be discriminated. We are all going through the same thing but to different degrees. I appreciate your idea. Some people may want that new board, but I personally am staying right here.

    Love and Hugs,