I thought FM was not progressive...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hdparadis, May 9, 2009.

  1. hdparadis

    hdparadis New Member

    but if so why do I feel worse than I EVER have. Even when I was first diagnosed I felt better than I do now. Every part of my body hurts and I am so tired. I have to take a nap after going to the grocery store! Any ideas?
  2. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Has the increase in pain & fatigue been happening quickly or slowly?

    A rapid increase in symptoms/intensity could signify something else entirely. With a compromised immune system, we can develop multiple illnesses.
    Most docs don't think to check for uncommon diseases, either.
  3. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    yes in alot of people it is progressive.

    could you also have cfs?

    i started with fm and then cfs. mine has progressed severly.
  4. hdparadis

    hdparadis New Member

    been wondering that myself. How would I know? Is there some kind of test or do I just go to my doctor and tell him I think this might be whats wrong? I hate feeling like a hypocondriac but the fatigue is just insane! I shouldn't need a nap after going grocery shopping or attending a church meeting. On Sundays I get up, go to church, come home and have lunch, then take a 3-4 hour nap, get up and go to bed by 10pm. This cannpt be normal. Also my hands and feet feel like someone has put shards of glass in the joints of my fingers and toes. Dr took x-rays and ran bloodwork with no sign of athritis. I'm so confused.
  5. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    In most people FM IS progressive. All the cases I have ever seen, including myself and my mother, it has been progressive.
  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    a thread on this topic a couple months ago. Almost every body said it had been
    progressive in their case.

    My CFS has been progressive. Took about 30 years. Went from working full time
    to half time to 2 hours a day. At the end I sometimes didn't show up for work at
    all. Finally got old enough to retire on Soc Sec.

    I hope you can find something. I have been using the B12 behind-the-ear patch for
    the last couple months. It has improved my depresseion. Has not given more
    energy though.

  7. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    I agree that it can be progressive. I know what the "experts" say but I disagree entirely. I have had symptoms of it since age 6. I am now much much worse than ever before. It started out slowly progressive but in the past year or so it has ramped up to an unbelievable intensity. Perhaps it is something else entirely but who will ever know. Once you are dxed with FM everything and anything is attributed to it.
  8. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    What tests have you had done? vitd levels?

    I know with CFS brain lesions are common. Go to ahummingbirdsguide.com They have a list for CFS.

    Whittemore-Peterson thinks they will have a blood test by 2010.

    What other problems are you having? FM is usually the tender points,with fatigue(can get sevre)but CFS you get all kinds of issuses.Pain,gut,eyes ,joint pain the list is long.

    have you considered Lyme?
  9. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    That's quite exciting news about the blood test. That would be absolutely wonderful. Instead of going to dr.s for years and years, it would be resolved much much sooner. Vitd levels seem to be low among many people on here, myself included.
  10. hdparadis

    hdparadis New Member

    ran a bunch of tests (7 vials worth!) but all he found was a vit D deficency. So now I'm on supplements and go back after 10 weeks. Not real happy about the try this and we'll see what happens approach. Kind of hoping for a quick fix (even though I know it doesn't exist but a girl can dream).
    I have a diagnosis of FM (going on 12 yrs) but the symptoms are worse and I have new ones that have just come on in the past 6 months. I have thought about Lyme but was tested about 2 years ago when I was bit by something and developed a "bulls eye" rash. The test came back negative but it was at an Urgent Care instead of my Dr's because it happened over a holiday weekend. Can anything other than Lyme cause that type of rash? Also, whatever bit me wasn't a tick. It flew away when I swatted at it. Sorry this so long I just had some questions to get out there.
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