I thought I was feeling better,the calm before the storm..

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by buttercakes, May 7, 2008.

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    HELP..... I feel like im having a total relapes. Last summer I was bitten by a nasty tick that left me with a large RED,VERY ITCHY RASH. After going through hell I was Diagnosed with Lyme. Doxy cleared up the rash in About 5 days. The rash is back!!! along with chills, fatigue, and I cant think straight. Has anyone else had the rash return?
    (if you had one)also, my skin burns, itches and hurts. I feel awful all over!!! Im sooooo upset. Sandie

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    Thanks for reading my post, I called my llmd and he called me in a script for doxy. The weird thing about this is im still treating my lyme with bicillan injections. How the heck can I have a relapes while treating? Ive had herxing before, but never with the rash returning and burning skin.
    Im sooo scared, this is such a strange disease. thanks for responding. I would love to know if anyone else has had this experience. Sandie
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    I have been on antibiotics since 1/08, My llmd wanted me to do iv therapy, but my insurance wont approve it. Ive been on Biccillan injections for about three weeks now.
    thats whats so weird about this, how do you relapes while on antibiotics? I just dont get it. My llmd says he will retest me after im symptom free for two months. this is like a nightmare!!! I thought I was doing better. Thanks for responding. My Igenex test results are IGM positive/CDCpositive and IGG Igenex positive/CDC negitive.

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    Thanks for the support, I really do eat pretty well, about 80% of the time. I did get into some cheese cake 2xs in about a 2 week time span and I must confess 1 glass of white wine. (bad, I know) Other than That I cant figure this out. I see my llmd on wednesday hopefully he can help me with the rash (its on and off)It is very depressing.
    Thanks again for hearing me, it helps. Sandie

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