I thought I was the only one who disliked Dr. Knapp

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    I was diagnosed with FM in 1999. I had a terrific rheumetologist in Evansville IN, Dr. Bell. My husband's job transferred us to Nashville in 2001. Dr. Knapp came highly recommended. I went to see him several times by myself. I thought that perhaps I just wasn't retaining all of the information or that I was reading his bedside manner wrong. He always seemed to act as though I were stupid, I'm not stupid...just can't focus or remember for long! He kept pushing the Easter Seals program, he use to sit on the board, and at my last appointment with him he actually said (in front of my husband, I started taking him with me) that if I didn't do the program at Easter Seals, there wasn't anything else he could do for me. I would just have to live with it. For a supposed FM specialist, he really stunk.

    I started getting my scripts from my PC, the DR's at Summit Primary Care are wonderful, especially Dr. Vasquez. We've recently moved to Pulaski so I have all new DR's. My current Rheumetologist doesn't believe in pain medication for FM (he told me I had to pace myself and live with the pain), so I am going to see a pain management specialist. I've been on nearly every pain med there is and they just stop working after a while or to get relief the dosage has to be upped. I couldn't function very well and take care of my family so I cut back on the pain meds. Having FM is a delicate balancing act. Do too much at one time and you'll be sleeping for 2/3 days to recover.

    I also have severe sleep apnea, joint hypermobility, carpal tunnel, plantar faciitis, acid reflux, migraine headaches, major depression & PTSD, uncontrolled high blood pressure, was treated for lyme disease back in 1993 and just recently they found a nodule on my lung. I was having chest pain and they did a nuclear stress test that indicated an ischemia. So I had to have a CT Angiogram, that came back normal but they did notice the nodule. I've never been a smoker but I do have a family history of cancer. So they are taking x-rays every 6 months to compare. Funny, I still have the chest pains. mmmm, that must be in my head?

    I've worked full time since I was 17 years old. I finally went PT 4 years ago and last year I stopped working altogether. I've worked retail, been a nursery school teacher, an inventory specialist, a medical transcriptionist, and a secretary. I've had physically active jobs and sedentary jobs. I applied for SSD last year and was denied in Dec. On my denial letter, they stated that since I could look after my own interests, I wasn't disabled. My mind works okay most of the time and when it doesn't I can refer to my million POST-IT notes, it's my body that won't do what I need it to do. I've since hired a lawyer, one who used to work for SS, and am in the process of appealing.

    My husband is very supportive and my kids are really helpful most of the time. But when the depression kicks in or the pain takes over, I just don't want to go on. I'm only 39 and I dread getting any older. What am I going to be "living with" when I'm 60?

    Well, that's my story. I've been on here looking many times but never responded to any thread. I only talk to my family and 1 close friend about my pain. Thanks for listening.

    My faith is weak but I know He's there. God Bless, Greta

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