I thought that having out patient surgery was the "EASY"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. rosemarie

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    WAy out of it. But it is just as hard on my body as having a regular surgery that I had longer insisions. I have more pain and had more fatique. And I was told that I would be ready to go back to work within 5 days after surgery { I don't have a job}

    I just want to feel normal again and not so tired and sleepy. I have not done much yet I feel like i have ran the 4 minute mile and I am now exhusted and weak.

    It is my family that thinks MOm should be up and around and should be out walking around the block to bulid up my energy. I don't ahve that energy to walk to the front walk way let alone around the block. I have days where pain is so bad that I do want to cry and I admit that I am a baby when it comes to pain.

    I thought that if I would clean a bit that I would feel better emotionally but it only made me ache and hurt worse.
    I want to go baack to being normal but haveing other problems makes it mauch harder. I have degenerative disc diease, spial stenosis,2 bulging dics, bad knees, and I shattered my left wirst last year. This gallbladder came on suddenly a few days before my oldest daugter wedding and I could not do anything but sit there and not feel good. I felt like i was ruining her wedding and makeing people ask what is wrong with your mom?

    I hvae statred to do normal things to make me feel better like get dressed , puton some makeup and bursh my teeth. But even those small things leaves me so tired and i need to rest.

    HOw do youtell peo;e that will yes I did have a laperocopy and I didn't have to have big insisions but it still was surgery and major at that. IT will take me a long time to get feeling better. I am working to do the things I need to do in oreder to keep up with my life. I am so tired and weak and i want to be normal again and able to do the mom things again. but I know that it will take much longer that I really thought it would. I know I should reat but I feel guilty because I have a house to clean and vaccum and fix meals. I want to be happy and feel good.

    I wsa told that I would be better in 5 daays and it has been it is 2 weeks tomorrow and I still don't feel so great. I get told that i need to get out of my house and go for a walk and do things, and i have lost my appitie and am NOT hungery so it is really hard to eat and want to eat. I am doingwell with eating yorgart and crackers, soup. chicken slices and tuna sandwhiches and jello but It is hard to eat a full meal, I hae the muchhies so I eat kkracklin bran and it helps too but do you know how hard it is to easy what your not hungery? But I ma drinking alot of water and that helps to keep me hyderatered.
    I try to do what I can and still rest. butit get really borring with nothing to do. so I have a tendancey to over do it with the cleaning. I msut want to be ha pyy and feel like I am working at something and ablle to do things agaain. I feel so lost and alone my husband works 12 hours a daaay adn i amso along moooost of the day adn I dont' feel liek walking to see my mom who lives 2 blocks away. i don't have the energy to do this. I want to be normal agaain and i am not. I did not understand tht it would really take so long to feel better with an our patient surgery and then to have to stay an extra day because I could not keep my blood ooxygen up where it should be it was in the low 70's becasue I didn't want to deep breathe as it hurt my diphram as i took each breathe but i am doing it and working on the exerciser at makeing my lungs expand more andmore. When i left the hosp ital the pulose 0x was at 93 for over 20 minutes the only thing that was low was the bloood pressure but that could have been from the chronic gall bladder infection I had and didn't know. thta I had a chronc gall bladder problem. so it could be the reason I was feeling so tired and in so much pain. I don't know I just want to feel better and soon and not hurt when I am tping in the ccumputer. I am such a boob aboat anthing to do with Pain, I have not handled it well. I am sore and I wanted it to be true. I really thought that my doctor toldme tat I would be feeling better in 5 daaays and be albe to work again adn I don't and it is almost 2 weeks so someone lied to me.

    I want to be able to play with my grandson who is 5 month old but i can't lift him for a long time not lifting but I will be able to plaay wiht him too.

    I read the pamphelt I was given that told me I woudl have some " DSICOMFORT" there was no mention of " PAIN" there is a big difference in discomfor and pain
    in the phamblet it said that i would feel tired and I shoudl rest but with in 5 days sI would be able to work agaaain adn the iss no way that now I could work again. so some one lied to me. I am trying ot take it easy and to rest when I need to. I want to keep losing wieght adn to feeel better but I cna't esercise rightnow even on my eserice ball it would really HURT.

    So I will stop crying aobut me adn whinning and not being the normal mom who has 3 daughters 2 married and 2 grandsons and a daughter who is a nanny. the girls think that this surgery was a brezze and was easy and did not do anything and it was a eaaaaassy thing. and guess what it was not I hurt and hjurt alot. I have muscles that hurt worse than befor ,. IN fact I didn't know that I had themn I came out of surgey with my armms hurting ins such pain and it was horrid pain too. I haev to learn how to start over and doing htings thta my body will like me and that I will ppppush a bit but not strain myself.

    Thanks for listneing to me and sorry if I am whinng and being asbaby about this. I want to be happy and to gfeel good and to be albe to lose weight and streghten my musclesss to that I don't have this fat that hangs from me. but it will be a few weeks before i faan do it. So sorry if I swouldnd like a babbbby and that i am crying about how i feel I want to be the mom who does all the things I should in cleaning and keepingmy house claeaan and be happyto. I want to be me again and not thigs person who is whinign and bawling about htis horrid pain. Sorry for the moaing about this pain, I have learned that it is going to take olonger to get to be the mom wthat can do the exercising and keeping the hosue fkeen and go for walks tha you for all you thought and paryer. I am sorry for the complaing i do about me.

    sorry for being the pain in the but take care. love ya Rosemarie
  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but when my gall bladder and spleen came at the same time. i had a difficult time eating anything then all of a sudden i would eat maybe a sandwich and then 5-10 minutes i had to run for dear life to the potty. i did that for at least a month. they said my body would adjust to g.b. being gone. i think it was now i just deal with ibs constipation/and dihreah. i lost 10lbs the first week after surgery. but they had me on predinose for about a6 months or longer befor i got tappered of. the doctor that i changed to said you don't have cancer it's your blood and it caused gall stones.

    i was feeling so glad to have that problem taken care.

    you too will fell better too.

    hugs to you

  3. orachel

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    Your family will have to understand that with your multiple sites of injury, plus FM, a 5 day time to heal from any sort of major medical procedure is just ludicrous. All of the pain you talk about that seems so unreasonable to you is a fact of life with FM, and we don't usually need a surgery to set it off. Many of us just hurt to the point of being unable to do much (and missing out on many of the things we love) almost all the time. I have a few suggestions for you...

    First of all, I'm new the FM thing myself, so sounds like we're both in the stage of trying to explain our LIMITATIONS to our family and friends. You need to explain to them that while you might be able to push yourself so far beyond the point of pain and exhaustion to drag yourself around the block (in theory), it would completely flare you up with pain and extreme fatigue and set you back much further in recovery. Someone here suggested I have my husband read "THE SPOON THEORY" which you can find here (just type title in search box). I suggest you have your husband and kids do the same. Secondly, someone here suggested that I get a copy of "FIBROMYALGIA FOR DUMMIES", yes, those "for dummies" folks make one for just about anything, it seems! But really, it is a great book, and a very simple way to explain to those who love you why you're in pain, surgery or not.

    And finally, I had an exploratory laproscopic procedure in 2000....neither of my incisions were longer than an inch. Doc told me 5 day recovery too! This was 5 years before I got FM, hon, and I'd never ever had any sort of injuries like you've had, plus I was only 25 years old at the time.
    I WAS FLAT ON MY BACK, MOANING IN AGONY, FOR AT LEAST 2 WEEKS! lol...seriously...my "dissolvable" stitches that doc said would dissapear within a few weeks had to be removed months later. Bottom line is that everyone's body is different, period, and when you have FM plus all those other back probs, you're going to take longer to heal. Period. And if you try to drag your bum around the block in excruciating pain and total exhaustion, all its going to do is aggravate every single area where you hurt, and flare up your pain like crazy, then you'll be totally laid up.

    First of all, if your Husband and Family expect all these things from you, and up till now you've managed to meet their expectations, you're doing terrific with your FM.

    I'm 30, recently diagnosed with FM, and there are days when loading the dishwasher hurts me so badly and makes me so tired that I'm completely laid out for rest of the day.
    I recently started Aquatic therapy (if you're determined to "recondition" yourself, start with aquatic (non weight bearing) therapy. Up till 4 mos ago, I was a healthy, happy, active 30 year old woman. Since I got FM the most I can do in a session is walk the length of the pool one time, and that's in a 0 gravity situation, and often I'm totally laid out for days after.

    Take it easy on yourself. Explain all this to family and tell them you need them to take it easy on you, too...your body isn't like theirs, period. If all else fails, you mention a pain mgmt specialist in your bio. Take you husband with you to see him. Should be very eye opening experience for him.

    And for crying out loud, stop beating yourself up!!!This is the right place to come for support, and where noone will think you're a crybaby. If you have FM, your body chemicals are telling you that EVERYTHING hurts, you're not making it up! Hang in there, and always post if you need hugs.

    Hope you feel better!!!
  4. Leenerbups

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    I just had laproscopic surgery too! Two weeks ago. I had my gallbladder out. Everyone said I'd sail through it.

    I was in a lot of pain and my throat, chest and lungs were so inflammed I started to develop phnumonia (sp?)

    I did not have an easy recovery at all, and did not do well withthe anestesia. Heck, I'm still recovering. I feel very sick too, along with the pain.

  5. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad, and that your family doesn't understand

    I had laparoscopy in 2000 for endometriosis and that is when my CHronic Fatigue started
  6. gumama

    gumama New Member

    Hi Rosemary...

    I'm so so sorry your going through all of this.. I had my Gall bladder out in 98... these Drs ALL tell you " oh this is a breeze and you will be fine in 5 or 6 days. NOT...!!!!!

    Just once I would like to put these Dr's in our shoes.. while the fact is true, most "normal" patients ( especially those who do elective surgery) do get better and go about their daily lives in 5 days.. but for your Dr and family to think someone with Fibro can just snap their fingers and feel better is just WRONG..

    I will tell you that the more your rest, and eat little meals,this will help you the most, I know its hard to ignore a family who thinks you should be jumping rope about now, but you have to do whats best for you..

    The things you could eat before surgery will be different now. your Liver and Pancreas has to take over the job of your Gall Bladder.. keep a list of things you can and can't eat for the next month.. avoid those you can't and let your body re adjust itself.. after a few months you can go back to eating the things you could before at least to some degree..

    I'll be praying for you..... hang in there " this too shall pass"

  7. Bailey-smom

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    Don't you feel bad!! When I had my 2nd baby I was back to my office before I went home from the hospital. When I had my gall bladder out I slept for 2 weeks!!!!

    It takes time to heal & don't let anyone tell you different!

  8. rosemarie

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    Tow weeks ago I had my gallbladder out. And I had to spend an extra noght in the hospital as I had a hard time breathing and keeping up my 02 levels. So my lungs feels sore from doing all this deep breathing 10 times a day. I feel sore like I have really stiff muscles and some feel like I have pulled them by doing the "Normal" things like washeing the sotve off. I scrubbed the stove and I am still paying for it badly. I feel like I am so round and puffy that I dopn't fit in my own skin. Where I had the steri strips on I now have big red sores from the adhesive of the steristrips. And it hurts . MY bldy feels like someone has filled me up with air and looked adn picked up everything that I have inside my body,liver, stomach intestines, lungs you name it. I feel like some one has played with it andnow it is really tender and sore.

    I really didn't tihnk that scrubbing the stove would hurt me but I was worng I hurt badly but I dont' have a fever,no infections, everything else iiis nromal. I am just sowllen up like a balloon or I feel like it, I don't look that way but I feel that way.

    I just want to be better and not take so long to heal. My doctor tells me that if the pain is worse to go to the ER but the pain is not worse and I dont' want to go to the ER I want to see the doctor So If I am not feeling better by friday I am going to go in to the doctor and have him check me out and make sure that everything is ok so that I will feel better knowing that I am healing but htaking longer to heal.

    I am so tired now and achey so I am going to go to bed as it is past time for the pain meds.
    HUGs and love you all,
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so sorry you have been through so much.

    Out-Patient surgery wasn't developed because it's easier on the patient. It was developed because it is more profitable for insurance companies and health care providers.

    Take good care of yourself. You've been through a lot.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Leenerbups

    Leenerbups New Member

    If it helps any, I had the same exact problems, including the breathing. That was Aug 31. It's finally getting better, but I did go to the doc, was put on an inhaler and antibiotics.

    I also could not wear a bra because of the swelling there.

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