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    Today my Mom had her cateract removed, when I called my dauighter who took her to the surgen in SLC so ask how the surgery went she snapped at me and said " What are you so upset about it is not like it is major surgery she just had a careract romoved" Well that is not just minor surgery as my mom has had MAJOR blood cots in her lungs and any blood clots could cause many prolbems for her.\and since she didn't have to go off the blood thinner she could have had problmes too.

    And I was worried about her, The last time they gave her meds to make her doppy she was out of it for 2 days.mAnd that was 5 of versed and 25 of demoral. Andit knockked her socks off for that day and the next. And when they got home i called and my daughter informed me not to " Bother MY MOM' I told her that I was going to talk to her grandma and what I said to her was not any of her business.

    I wanted to know who it had gone had they got it all and had she had any bleeding and how she was feeling any pain or what . I wanted to know. And this surgery is a bigger dieal than my daughter thinks it is. With my mom's history it is a BIG deal, MOM has had heart probllems, and has a stink in her heart and then three years ago she had blood clots in her lungs and almost din't make it though this situatation, And spent 15 days in the hospital and almost died. So being put under any sedatation is risky for her as she has asthma and does not think that she needs her inhaler and she does..

    I was worried becusae they my daughter her husband and my middle daughter who they pi cked up at the air port, MOm wsa up and around more than she hsould have been, The surgery took palce at 9 am and she did not gethome till after 7 pm and it was a long and hard day on her and she is very tired and wants to sleep and when I asked my daughter if she was sleeping she thought i was stupid " MOm it is only 7 pm and That iis to early gor her to go to bed."

    But when I talked with my mom on the phone she was sllurring her voice and was sounding really out of it and really unstable.:" I wanted to have my daughter help her to get ready for bed and help her in to bed so that she did not fall but to the daughter she didn't feel that was nessary.

    I was the one who spent 15 days in the hospitals with my mom when she had the blood clots and I know how she reacts to meds like demoral and versed and my daughter does not.She does not understand that therer could be complacations for mom if she feel to ngith while going to the bathroom and she really needs to have someone stay up stairs withher to assist her even when she does not want it.Yes this surgery is not as biiiiiig as a appennndix removal but it has it;s own set of porlbems and with mOM being on clood thinners , lortabs 7.5,steriods, and many other meds. She could over does her seeeelf so eaily as she woule wake up in the night was her back was in pain and she could take too many pills. I really worry about her she forgets things so easily and often too. I want the best for my mom and I want my daughter to grow up and understand that any sufgery on someone who is 79 years old anyhting could happen to her and it could case her problmes too.
    I want this daughter to understand that this surgery is real surgery adn it can cause problems too and she shoudl be ready for some of them just incase they happen.I may be worring too much but I know far more than the daughters to about my mom.

    Not only does she have osstoarthritis but she has polymylicigarumehica and it could be flaring up as she is been having pain in her shoulder that hurts her alot and she has been taking a lortab 7.5 everymorning befor she was going ot work and that worries me alot. I don't want her to be in apain but i don't want my daughter giving her bs about atking her pain meds and she does not like to take pain pills as she thinks it make all of us who tke them drug addicts and that includes me too.

    I hope that she is recovering from this long day and gets some rest and that if she has problmes taht my daughter willl call me and i will find away to come and get my mom and take her to the doctor and find out what is going on with her.I want her to get some much needed rest and relaxing and oing nothing. I will fix dinner for saturday and fix furnel patatoes that have a minute amount of onionns in them. This daughter and her hubby who live with mom don't really help her out as they shoud for liveing freel So I thougt that i would fix the christmas eve dinner , maybe a ham and furneral patatoes.{ patatoes in cream of chicken soup and sour cream and a few onnnion flakes for flavor. My daughter tells me that she is allergic to the onions and it is funny that when she comnes to my house and I have rice and chicken broth and I always add a few onionn flakes not many just three to five flakes in them and my dauighter thinks that she is allergic to them but when she eats at my house and i have onin flakesss in the dish they dont' bother her at all and she does not haev her asthma attack like she claims that onionns give her.

    I have not seen that reaction before only when she has eaten at my siter in laws she has had popato salad but it has a larger peice of onionns in it and that makes her ill and she is wheezing her lungs out and when I make it I only use a small amount of dried onions and it and it does not bother her at all she i really don[t thing that my daugher has a real probmes form the small amount of onions that I usdc.She is fine with I fix the food and there are no reactions to anh of it. so i wonder if it is all in her mind.
    I pray that she will be just fine. I hope that she wil be relly better soon and a too. I want her to be feeling better soon.

    Hugs to all Rosemarie,

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