i threw my back out

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  1. charlenef

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    just one more thing i cant even get up without help i feel like screaming im in bed 90% of the time to begin with now i cant even stretch im going to have a great week sorry just needed to vent charlene
  2. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    there is no way i normal cant have anyone touch me but thanks for the suggestion charlene
  3. petesdragon

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    In my experience heat and muscle relaxers help the most. Also pain meds if you have some that don't knock you out.They are expensive but if you want to get away from the heat pad buy those thermal belts you wear around your waist. The best brand uses two round discs that insert into the belt. Then you can move around. The two best positions for people having pain in their back is walking and lying flat. The two worst positions are sitting or standing still. If you must sit, use a hard-back rocker like JFK had, maybe with a throw to soften the wood a little. If you stay in bed you will lose strength. My back goes out so often I wear the belt without the pads the rest of the time to remind my body not to bend in the wrong direction.

    Sorry, but I must add this:"My back goes out more often than I do."
  4. charlenef

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    i cant sit for more than 10min normally so there is no chance of that the biggest problem is no stretching im already starting to burn all over from my muscles contracting thanks for the suggestions charlene
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    We have got to find a way to get you out of that bed.... I am going to pray for your strength and endurance. I am also going to look up some scriptures on healing as well. It breaks my heart to know that you are in this much pain...

    I will be in touch soon! God Bless you my friend.

    BTW - If you could say a little prayer for me and my family too.... we lost my Granny yesterday to lung cancer. Ashley and I spent 3 hours with her on Tuesday night..and she passed away yesterday at 8:02 am.. I was on the phone with my Aunt (who was with Granny) when she took her last breath.. We are heartbroken yet thankful that she no longer has to suffer.
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    thank you for your prayers and yes i will say a prayer for you and your family in this difficult time im sorry to her about you granny my step dad died last year from colon cancer so i know how bad they suffer my poor mom still cant even think strait they were together 28 yrs i made it to end of his funeral (about 15 min) then i had to go that made me feel really bad he was like my dad we were really close god bless you and your family huggs and prayers to you charlene