I too, have all of these!!

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    Geez, I know what you are going through. You are right-stay away from antidep.-I got on prozac once-through me into a spin. I do take lithium ,tegrotol,xanax(generic brand)-that helps with the anxiety.etc. I have to get blood tests every 4-6- mo. I do not take neurotin-have magnesium in my water at home-perhaps I need more. My depression hangs around more than the manic ususally. Are you seeing a psychiatrist?? Some psychologists deal with both. Please write me anytime. Been there-guess I will always be.-Did wolf mean antibiotics help? Seems like they do. get your rest if you can-you must. Get some help-I would choose psychiatric drugs over the other-I can always take tylenol-not that that hits the spot always-but heating pads,etc. You can't treat your head a lot of different ways. God Bless You. I have been diagnose with bi-polar since 1989 and have had FM,CFS since 1974.My e-mail is rb02052@alltel.net Hang in there!! Becky