I too have had vocal problems

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    I can identify with you Angelclaire,although you must be a very experienced singer! My voice started cutting out a few years ago,after a bout with brochitis. I should say several bouts of chronic brochitis. Now I am having it and I don't know why. I wonder if it is allergy. A friend in our ensemble chorus, said my voice sounded very tired.. I love to sing!! Our choral ensemble sang "Silent Night" all in a hum for Christmas. It was gorgeous,but oh so difficult for me to sustain and come in after taking a breath. Perhaps we need some exercises in relaxing our cords or our breath. I also have a softer voice now than I used to. I have had CFS and fM for almost 30 years. FM was diagnosed in 1994, but I knew I had something more than depression after the flu. That was what Mayo's said at the time, but FM was not said to be here diagnosed yet. Keep singing-you were born to do that! God bless!! Mastersinger(name of our group)
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    I don't know if this could be your problem, but last year, when I was almost bedridden I became very short of breath. For a time even talking for a few minutes, without a rest, left me unable to go on. As I improved I could once again talk.

    I still notice the problem when I sing. I mostly sing at church and I have found if the hymn is a long one, or we sing more than one song in a row I must choose between standing and singing. I can't do both.

    I have a big problem with neurally mediated hypotension (NMH) which limits the amount of time I am able to stand. When I was almost bedridden by this I found myself becoming short of breath after the least amouont of exertion. At one point I even awakened in the morning gasping for air.

    My meds for NMH are now better regulated and I have improved significantly in the past year, but I still have to limit my singing and often have trouble singing a long phrase in one breath. I frequently have to cut myself off before the note ends due to this.