I too have wondered how did all this start

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    I remember as a child that my legs ached really bad so mom took me into see Dr.Bob and I was told to take asprin and vitiman c and it should help but it really didn't.Then I started with this mystery cough I have had it for so long that one doctor told me that " You should change brands maybe try menthol. he was kidding around and I don't smoke and never have but he could not find a reason for this cough that caused my chest to hurt" So making fun of it was his way of easing the tension. All my life there has always been something that caused pain wheather it was from bad menstrual pain and ovarian cysts, to screwed up knees that are disengrating. I do know that I got a quite worse when I had my oldest daughter I hemmoraged after giving birth to her and she broke my tail bone a. finally my hemocrit got back close to normal after being around 18. I had two more daughters and never had that happen again. Now my biggest problem is my kids , as I sit here tonight and type this telling you my thought she comes out and asks what am I typing andI tell her and she gets mad , tells me that writing to you on these forums just makes me focus on this and does not help all am doing is dwelling on it. I am making my self worse . She thinks that this writing to others who have fibro is a obession and I think and spend far to much time obessisiong over something that she does not think is real. And in he r mind I am only hurting my self more by always thinking and talking about what I have.It is so hard to know when this started but it is even harder to have understanding from family when they think that this is all in my head and no one can tell them that I really am sick.Sorry to end this whinning but this is why I started looking for anyone who would believe that I was not going nuts and that the fibro is a real illness. Thanks so much . Rosemarie
    I love my girls but I know that this dos help me and not make me dwell in it and I am not obessed over it. I have like I said always had pain and now I have a dx and my daughters think that the day I got that dx I gave up and quit trying and I am not the same person anymore because now all I do is think about it and the pain. THey all three of them believe that I gave up and why now ? You have always been in some kind of pain so what makes you thinkthat all those years ago it was fibro? How do you know that it is? Why do you tell these people that you have this ? and my personal fave is that I spend tomuch time writing about my painand not being in the "real" world. and if I stopped doing this posting I would go back and become who I uesed to be the happy mom who was not always in pain and was not obsessed over some thing that may or may not be real and they want the OLD me back.[This Message was Edited on 09/15/2003]