I Took A Big Claw Hammer To My Husband's Supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JLH, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. JLH

    JLH New Member


    Did that title get your attention??!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    But it's true! I made my husband's supper tonight using one of his hammers -- well, I guess it wasn't a "big" one, but it was a hammer!! (You know that those magazines on the checkout lane at the grocery store DO exaggerate a little on the titles, just to get you to read their articles!!!!)

    Here's what I did:

    On Sunday afternoon, my daughter came over and cooked out on the grill for us -- just hot dogs and hamburgers. Well, we had a lot left over and nobody wanted to take any home.

    So tonight, I decided I was going to think up a way to use those 4 or 5 leftover hamburgers since they are never any good heated up.

    I decided to make a pot of chili out of them!! And, I made the fastest pot of chili that I have ever made!!

    I put the hamburgers in a zip-lock baggie. Then I got the hammer and pounded each patty until all were little bitty pieces that looked the size of the fresh hamburger that you would brown!! (Good to get out your frustrations, but it did kind of bother my already tender arm/shoulder. Oh well, I had to make a sacrifice for my husband to eat!! LOL)

    Put the pieces of hamburger in the soup pot and added my "quickie" onions.

    This is what I do with my good onions. Every time that use an onion but don't quite need it all, I chop up the rest and put it in a quart-size zip-lock freezer baggie. When we have hot dogs, etc. and I dice up a bunch of onion and we don't use it all, I add it to the freezer baggie. Eventually, the baggie of frozen diced onion adds up! Then, whenever I make something that I need some diced onion and I'm in a hurry, or not feeling well, I just pop that bag out of the freezer and pour in a little.

    So today, I had enough diced onions in the freezer to add to the chili--just the right amount!! (I could have used those dried instant onions that I keep on hand--but I only use them if I dont't have any fresh onions or frozen onions!

    So, I had my ground beef, onions, then I added two cans of tomato soup along with two cans of water, added a generous amount of chili powder, some salt and pepper, and a couple tablespoons of sugar -- and ta-da, I have a pot of chili!!!

    Only took a few minutes to toss it together, used my left over BBQ'd hamburgers and my frozen onions and we had supper. The little bit of BBQ sauce that was on the hamburgers just added a little extra zip to the chili!!!

    Even though the grilling out season is drawing near to an end for those of us whose fall and winter climates are cold, I thought I would pass along an easy, quick way to make chili with your leftover BBQ's hamburgers!!

    So, I REALLY did take a claw hammer to my husband's supper--it was just done BEFORE he ate it!!!

    Does anyone else have a recipe to use leftover grilled-out hamburgers or hot dogs?

    Happy cooking!
  2. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    Haven't got a recipe.Hope you get lots!Linda
  3. Kat_in_Texas

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    This sounds so easy, even I could do it! Ha!

    I haven't really "cooked" in so long that my hubby would pass out if I did. Most of our cooking consists of HIM grilling, tonight was chicken breasts. I am just so dead tired when I come home from work, and fortunately he doesn't mind putting something on the table for us. (And he's a much better cook anyway!) We'll definitely have to try this one ... it's no problem to throw a few extra patties on the grill in order to have an easy meal later.

    We're in Dallas, so we grill year-round! Thank goodness, because otherwise we might starve!! (Or have to live on Cheerios, lol!!)

    Happy eating!
  4. JLH

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    Oh, how nice it would to be able to grill year round!! Especially if your husband is the one doing the grilling!! I just love the taste of food on the grill.

    I remember how hard it was to fix supper after work. Ugh. We had a babysitter who came to our house when I went back to work with our third (and last) child. She was a widow and we told her she could fix herself anything that she wanted to eat at the house while she was here. She started fixing us supper so she could eat before she left for home and get the kids (the other 2 where home from school way before I ever got home) fed before we got home.

    This was such a delight! We were in heaven!!! I started asking her what she wanted to eat in the next couple weeks ahead so I could get it on my grocery list and get it when I did my mass grocery shopping (2 x month). I figured it she was going to cook for my kids--breakfast, lunch, & supper--that she may as well eat what she liked, too--because we will eat anything if we don't have to fix it!

    So, it worked out well for her and us. We were blessed with her, as a babysitter and dear friend, for 3 years before she had to quit due to her having major heart problems and the need for heart surgery. I really missed her so much and what she did for us when she left. She was almost like my mother! No amount of money could possibly compensate her for the help she gave us by having the kids fed before we came home, our dinner ready and waiting on the stove, and the rest of the kitchen cleaned up. We gave her bonuses often, and my husband would also give her extra money "for gas money" often. Our "baby" that she watched is now 25 years old!

    She has sinced passed away, but for some odd reason, I just thought about her when I started replying to you about how nice it was to have supper cooked by someone else other than yourself when you come home from work! Boy, what a sudden jolt of reminising that I just did!!! LOL

    Your husband is certainly a keeper and solid gold, just like she was to us!!
  5. JLH

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    Thanks for those recipes!

    I'll have to try the Cabbage Soup, it really sounds good.

    And .... the beans and franks! How simple can a dish be! You know, I never thought of cutting up the hot dogs and adding them to a can of Bush's Baked Beans!! I buy all the varieties of Bush's brand baked beans--I like them all!

    When we cook out, we always end up with so many leftover hamburgers and hotdogs and I usually end up throwing them out. This week, I just decided that was such a waste of money and I was going to figure out a way to use them!

    You're right about the ham salad. I bet nobody could tell the difference between ground up hot dogs or bologna!! My family loves ham salad on toast with a little extra mayo on the bread when it comes out of the toaster!!

    Thanks for the ideas!!

    You just might be the next Martha Stewart!!


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