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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clueless, Mar 24, 2003.

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    I always wake up in a great deal of pain in the morning and have to get to my feet before I am really all the way awake. This morning I started massaging my body from the top of my hips down my legs , it hurt but finally started to feel more comfortable I continued until I felt more pliable. I could not touch my legs from the knee down but was pleasantly surprised at how I felt. I have tried the stretching but instantly go into cramping. I hope this will be something that will continue to help.My legs from the knee down are so terribly painful and cramp when I try to massage them. Just wanted to share this little bit of good news. Every little bit is encouraging. Clueless
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    i have a massage full body flat cushion i use. it works great!if i'm having a really bad day ,sometimes i'll stay on it for an hour. it really gets the blood circulating.it helps a lot with the muscle pain.

    good luck
    kath c
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    I always said if I could have a massage therapist 1st thing in a.m. and 1 at night I would be sooo much better, I do it myself just can not relax the same. It doe`s help. Wish I had all that money I spent getting nothing done on having a messsage therapist come in on a regular basis........
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    Glad you found some relief in the mornings, it is the worst time for me too.

    I use the mattress heating pad, and I just stretch before I put my 'feet on the ground' the heat helps a great deal.

    For whoever asked, I have one of those full body massage/heating pads too. The only problem that I have with it is that I can't sleep on it(its bumpy) and its too heavy to tote around. I keep it on another bed in case I get really bad.

    They are sold just about everywhere now, I also have one that fits on the back of my computer chair, that one I use a lot!. You can also try a web search for them.

    Shalom, Shirl