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  1. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    I put in a new picture and updated my profile. It isn't showing my updated profile. Does it take awhile for it to show up. If anyone knows could you tell me please?
  2. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I changed my profile recently and several times I have tried to change the picture and it would never "take".......

    So changing my profile went fine......but my picture did not. I think I will try again!
  3. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I can see it :) You look great!!
    Thanks for sharing & ~*Congrats*~ on the weight loss :D

  4. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Thank you guys! I appreciate your nice comments. It has my updated profile now. I could see the pic changed last night, but not my new profile info. I kept going back and trying to get it to show up and it never would. I finally gave up and went to bed.

    Doxy, I am so glad you got your loan! Hurray! I am so happy for you. Things are looking up!

    Sues I hope you can get your pic to work soon. I looked and it still isn't there.

    Oh yes Doxy, about the tea, I started out doing nothing but the tea. I was eating like normal and still lost weight. Now that I have lost more weight I have tried to be more health conscious and eat less sugar, but I never was a big sugar eater any way. I also am only drinking water and the green tea. Occasionally I will drink a glass of regular iced tea or diet soda. The first 25 pounds i lost was back in 2004 and I did that from walking. No diet. Then I quit walking and stayed at 200 pounds until Sept 2005. I started the green tea and now am 172.
  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    You really have done well and I am trying to do the same, but finding it so very hard. I am on insulin and trying to keep that good and lose weight is so hard to do.

    I'm not giving up, though. I have lost 13 pounds but it has taken me almost a year. If I could only exercise again, but I just can't due to flares.

    You home is lovely too.

  6. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Thank you so much Faye. Congratulations on losing 13 pounds. I have always read that the slower you take it off the less likely it will come back. Just keep on doing what you are doing. I know what you mean about exercising. I wish I could too. I was doing yoga, but just don't have the energy. I was walking in 2004 and lost weight, but I just can't do that anymore either. My feet and calves swell if I stand more than a few minutes.

    Thanks again and I hope you get to the weight you want.
  7. MamaR

    MamaR New Member

    Wow....you look great!!

    And I just love your house too! I had same colors in my last home.


  8. pamsue

    pamsue New Member

    Hi petsrme that is a beautiful picture , I wish I had one that nice.

    I love the colors in your house too, very nice

  9. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    You look fantastic! You're a beautiful woman and you look great in this picture.

    Please please please share the specifics about the tea. I am not an iced tea drinker but I like hot tea. And I will drink anything if it aid the weight loss effort!!! Are you talking about tea made with a tea bag? Loose tea? Iced tea??? What is the brand? Please share! :)

    (By the way, I'm an idiot and have to be told very specifically what to get ... can you tell?!? LOL!)

    I am really struggling with my weight right now. Eighteen months ago I weighed 154. I'm now at 186. The weight itself is bad enough, but I'm so horribly bloated all the time. If I could get that under control I think I'd feel better. I am so bloated feeling that I can't get a deep breath into my lungs, I just feel too "full." I've tried fasting, diuretics, laxatives etc. but nothing has relieved the awful bloated feeling.

    I'm thinking that the tea might help that. Any comments or advice? THANKS!!!!!



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  10. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    Hoping you'll see this question about the tea ....

  11. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Thank you all for your nice compliments. My house is decorated on a cheap budget and it used to be my passion to decorate for as low as I could. I painted and did all kinds of projects, but then I got to the point I couldn't do it anymore. I would love to redecorate my bedroom and used to would have decided to paint it and do it in one day, but now it just seems to hard to even start it.


    I buy any kind of green tea I kind find. I started out buying the Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Green Tea. You can buy it at grocery stores or Walmart. I would fill a glass of water with about 16 oz of cold water and put in two tea bags and let it sit until the water turned red. I didn't brew it. Of course you could brew it and add ice and sugar or sweetnlow or drink it hot. I didn't. The weight began to come off at about one pound a day for about two weeks. It then settled down to about one a week. I had several setbacks when we went on vacation and gained weight, but it came off eventually. I have found that if I eat much more than I used to I will gain weight, but if I eat what I always ate then I don't.

    I started buying the Lipton green tea bags and putting them in cold water. I also have tried the bottled lipton green tea. It will make you hyper though and sick sometimes. It made my heart race. I also go to Big Lots and buy their green tea. I never brew it. I think if you brewed it, it would be stronger, but I have never. I have worked my way up to six bags a day now. I have read that eight servings a day are what you need for health benefits. Green tea is great for your health and body. Read up on it and you will see how good it is. Do a search here for Green Tea in the title and you will see there are posts about it.

    I promise you when i first started drinking it I did not change one thing about my diet or exercise. I have now started trying to be more conscious, but that is months later and I am not losing any more weight than I was. Good luck toyou and I hope you find something to help you with the bloating. Please let me know if it works for you.
  12. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I'm definitely going to give the tea a try!!! Thanks!!

  13. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I got the Celestial Seasonings raspberry kind as you suggested, and just had my first cup. I made a regular 8 oz. cup, used one tea bag, and drank it hot. And I added a tad of sugar to it to satisfy my sweet tooth. :) I really like it!

    I believe you said you started out drinking 16 oz. a day at first? That won't be a problem for me. Especially here at work I enjoy sipping on something warm and this will help me stay away from coffee!

    Thanks again for your help. I'm seriously wanting to change my poor eating habits and get some weight off. I need to lose at least 40 pounds which is so overwhelming. And if drinking the tea helps even a tiny bit, I'm all for it!


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  14. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Kat, I hope you like the tea and that it works wonderfully for you. I did start out with 16 0z a day. I now drink about five bags a day. Please let me know how it goes. Good luck!
  15. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    Well okay so I only did two days of tea so far. DH and I were out of town this weekend and I didn't take tea bags with me. But I'm getting ready to prepare my first cup for today in a few minutes! Like I said before, I have enjoyed it, it's really good.

    I did have a question for you ... and please forgive me if I've already asked you this but my mind is mush today (and I'm too lazy to go back through the posts, lol!) ... did the tea cause you to have stomach cramping/diarrhea? I had one cup of hot tea on Thursday morning and about 2:00 I had an episode of horrible cramping and diarrhea. Didn't think much about it (I have IBS so I never know when that's going to hit me anyway), and on Friday I also had my cup of hot tea in the morning and the same thing happened. As I said, we were out of town this weekend so no tea, also no cramping/diarrhea. I'm assuming it's the tea?

    Years ago I used to drink "Dieter's Tea" which was essentially just a laxative tea, and it would cause the same reaction in me. Back then I kept drinking it because I was trying to lose weight of course. (Can't remember if I ever actually lost anything though, ha!)

    I'm just wondering if you had this same reaction to green tea when you started drinking it? Actually, my IBS tends to be more problems with constipation than diarrhea so I don't mind that reaction. And it did help with the bloating that I complained about a few days ago.

    I'm going to keep drinking it and if the symptoms get bothersome I'll stop, but I was just wondering if you had the same reaction.

  16. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    your soo pretty!! just wondering how much green tea a day thanx!!
  17. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Thank you mylil. You are so sweet for saying that. I sure don't feel pretty sometimes. I guess we see ourselves differently than others do.

    I drink about six bags of tea day. I read somewhere that to get the health benefits of green tea you should drink about 8 servings a day. That is a lot!! I am so full right now from drinking it I feel like I am going to burst. LOL!

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