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    May I still come in? I know that I have been gone so long that you have probably forgotten this ancient gal. I am so sorry. I don't know where the time has gone other than a hundred and one things that have come up.

    I don't have many snacks left----4 kinds of Girl Scout cookies, black jelly beans, colored jelly beans and truffles! The easter Bunny was good to me------lots of sweet stuff.

    yesterday I vowed to come and see you. And guess what I did? I completely lost my server-----no icons on the bottom task bar, etc. This a.m. I called the internet server and she talked me through this. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I ACTUALLY GOT IT DONE!

    i am the same as ever----back ache, neck hurts, knee gives out, tired, hands tingle----you know all this stuff!

    But---oh if it would only get warm :=( I know I shouldn't grumble about the weather as we realkly have been blessed with the weather with all the problems other places in this world have been having. I just can not imagine a town wiped off the map! Such devastation.

    Whoops. I forgot how to keep rest of you where I can read you. I read Vol. 28 and 29 but I am so sorry that I can't remember what is going on with all of you. I know that Granni keeps busy all of the time. I couildn't begin to keep u pi with that lovely lady.

    And BC: thank you for prayers. We all need them, no matter what religion we follow. Thank you!

    i had a great Easter weekend. My son and DIL, their 2 sons and wives came on Sat. ande did soooo many chores for me-power washed the house, cleaned gutters, power washed the deck, mulched and planted some pansies. Then D and hubby and GS and lady friend joined us all at our special place in gtown for supper (or dinner as some call it).
    The one group all went home and D and SIL and GS and girl friend joined me for church. And Rock: we sang "Christ the Lord is Risen today" Love the song!! Makes you alli feel so good! then we joined #1 son and wife and their son for dinner (at noon) We all came back tyo the house and had such a good visit before they all went home.

    And don't forget folks-------I'm the one with all the typos!

    D ffrom up north called to say she was coming Sat., would go to church with me (Methodist, Rock) go out to dinner, and then Mon. she would take me 50 mi. to shop for Mother's day gift! It may be everyday shoes as mine seem to be too big. I am soooo hard to fit---catalogue shoes aren't narrow or long enough.

    Am I the only one who is getting shorter???? i got weioghed in the Dr's office and by8 that, I have gone from 5'8 1/2 to to 5'4". I can't believe that but I know that slacks are getting too bit and too long!~:>(

    I read on FB that Carla has more problems. That poor gal never seems to run out of things bad! She is too sweet for all those things. Seems that she needs to MOVE HER HOUSE!!!!!!!

    My tulips have about had it. They and the daffodils were so pretty this spring. They lasted longer because it was so cold.

    SW: I really didn't read your lovely letter4s too closely but you seem to have lots of things going on. Never ends, does it?

    And Geogia: I hope that the trip is absolutely wonderful----take pictures of all you see and remember it all tyo tell us.

    And Granni's and everyone's holiday food sounded so good! i ju st can't do much cooking as I get dizzy when turning from one appliance to another. Oh yes, my dishwasher died so I do them by hand but only once a day. i don'gt have that many so that's OK. Things are getting like me--OLD! My FR ceiling fan quit, the dishwasher died and several yrs. ago my ice maker died! Butr I love the ice I buy!

    Want to go to my grocery store which has been taken over by a new source and remodeled. It is gorgeous!!! Both son and daughter, who both live in big cities, say it is nicer than anmything they8 have. But since nothing is where it used tio be--takes my a while to find things. Luckily I use an electric cart that they have. I go to WallyWorld while in town. Everytime UI have gone over there, it has rained when I left town and was still raining and cold, when I came home. Fun unloading!!

    I am so sorry that I never met Mr. Dad. From what I read about him, he must have been a very wonderful man. My sympathies to all of you who knew him.

    Good to see you back in action, Elaine! Keep feelking good and so good to read about you.

    I have just wandered on and on and no one knows for certain what all i have said. so good to be back. I really will trhy to keep up with you better.

    Gentle Hugs,

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    Yes, you are allowed in :)!! We have missed you and are so glad you came back to visit. Glad you are doing pretty well. It sounds like your son and daughter in law and all have been helping you when they came to your house. That is wonderful they are all being so helpful to you !!!

    I hopeit warms uo for you quicklynow too. It is warming up here pretty faswt and it will be to hot before we know it but I will gladly take the heat instead of the cold.

    It is late and almost time to go to beddy bye but wanted to answer you and see if anyone had popped in in to see you and us all !!!

    Hope you pop in again tomorrow or soon again. Thinking of you, Julie, Rock, Jole, Elaine, Georgia ( who is on her trip), Teacher, Gail, Spring and Julie . Sorry if I missed anyone !

    Love to everydobby,

    BILLCAMO New Member

    dropping off 2 dozen store bought cookies to the porch.....take 6 for yourself ...& space out your enjoyment of them....the rest of the porchies can enjoy the 1 1/2 dozen left....

    Wish I could do more.......been "suckin' wind"......

    (Lilacs are bloomin' here right now !). /\ \/ Smell good !

    Blessings ,

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Great to see you and catch up. It was good of your kids to come and help out
    like that. takes a lot out of oneself, all those heavy jobs. i hope your body soon
    starts to recover from the aches and stuff. Thanks for starting us up.

    Granni - like you i too am dreading the hot weather. last night was hot. i slept
    in the corridor on a mattress because it was so hot in our room.

    im still a bit exhausted. but was able to go for my grocery shopping in evening
    becuase it rained and got cool. didnt achieve a lot in terms of housework except
    for a few sundry things like washing some small items; this body is still sluggish.

    God Bless
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    to hear about your mom as well as your dad having Alzheimers. Yes you should be in shock. Try and take it easy some for yourself before you fall apart completely.

    Everyone - not sure if you all read Joans. e-mail about probably having to move her home due to mud slides I think. Why was she even allowed to put her new home on that land anayway. If you want to find out more go to FB and you will find Carla's video about her situation.

    Lots of prayers go out to Julie and Carla! Now I need to go out and do some chores- yuck and work in the yard - BOOOO ! The weather is nice though right now.

    SW - still would rather take the heat than the COLD.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I got a shock too just reading about your mums situation on top of your fathers. I stopped reading for a bit just digesting the news. I dont know why all this happens to us, but you
    will get through it all. One step at a time. Youve always come through. Meanwhile i keep
    up my prayers for yourself and family.

    Granni - i havent been to Facebook much but i will look at Carlas page. I dont seem to
    get updates these days when someone has posted a new message like i used to before
    so i get so behind everyone since sometimes i just dont open FB not seeing any intimation
    in my email site. Dear me, she was just getting settled down, what, now she has to move?
    whats going on?

    right now its almost 10 pm and theres a sweet cool wet breeze blowing in from the west
    through the window. it feels heavenly! it was so hot during the day and then it rained
    in the evening and my son got stuck somewhere on his bike since he wasnt carrying
    his rain gear. got worried when he didnt come home in time but later got an sms so

    our bedroom is right under the terrace whch gets baked in the sun during day and then it
    starts giving out heat from the ceiling during night and ups the temperature by couple of
    degrees. its infuriating! its still not cool enough although it has been raining for couple of
    hours now.

    i went out and got lots of errands done. i had some trinkets whose chains were broken
    or little pieces needed to be reattached and they were lying there for more than a year
    and today finally took them to get repaired. i had gone before but the smiths dont work
    without electricity and its always power cut time. today i finally got someone who can
    do the work soon.

    i had given a party blouse to be stitched and realised today that the square collar i
    had asked for wouldnt look good with the kind of embroidery i wanted on it so i took
    a chance and visited the tailor downtown to ask if he could change it if he hadnt started.
    the muslim boutique owner was luckily in otherwise they normally close on fridays so they
    can attend friday prayers, i had got a lift from dh on his way to work so i caught the man
    early. and he said he would keep the embroidery already started and work on a new one
    for me. i was so happy.

    i did some grocery shopping and other household shopping
    then i took my pant that i had burnt with iron to the drycleaners who will try and repair it by
    doing some invisible stitching. it was so hot and i felt faint. i had a sandwich in a restaurant
    and still felt exhausted. so exhausted i couldnt bear to walk any more in the heat. i had to
    visit the pranic healing center also and did so.

    i have to come tomorrow for a practise session and more stress management techniques.
    when i reached home at last i found why i was so exhausted. my body cant seem to
    decide if i want to go through menopause or delay it a bit. my eves problem had come back
    after a months break. ive also got these batch of freckles on my cheeks and can imagine
    all the hormones inside me acting up.

    you all take care

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sounds like you have been pretty busy Spring Water. Glad that you were able to do so much and also get the blouse fixed to your liking that the tailor was fixing for you. Sorry you got all pooped out after everything. Hope your sessions will help you.

    Thinking also about Julie and Carla with their problems. Lots of hugs and prayers going their way. Have to go do some more cleaning out of my junk drawer in the desk, and figure out what to keep and where to put it.

    Love to everydobby else too,
  8. jole

    jole Member

    Joan, good to hear what you've been up to lately. Your family is wonderful to do all the spring things for you! Glad you had a nice Easter. I miss going to church, especially at Easter! But did manage the week after attending my GDs First Communion. Sat on the inside by the aisle to the back, and left before the rest of the crowd. May figure out how to manage the panic attacks that way.

    Yes, I did see Carla's video. She sounds so down in the dumps...I would be too, watching my yard disappear, and know my shed and home are soon going to slide away. Seems like just yesterday she was telling us all how proud she was of her home, and had just put up her yard fence. What a travisty! Wish i knew an answer for her.

    Julie, I honestly wondered about your mother, but it's rare to have both parents with the same disorder. Bless their hearts....and yours! When it gets to the point that they start to get resentful and beligerent, please consider a home.....you don't want your memories of them to be that way, and you don't have the health to deal with both. It's not fair to any of you.

    Spring, I love hearing about your little shops! We have none like that here anymore. Everything is either department stores or chain stores....no individual shops like in the past. It's even rare in the small towns because they can't make a living anymore.

    Granni, sorry you don't do well with the heat. I love it. Can't believe it has to be in the mid 80s before I warm up! Although over 95 is a bit much......lol.

    Bill, thanks for the cookies...I took a couple. Bought some of the frozen kind from my GS and I forget to throw them in the oven. How sad is that??

    Still trying to recouperate from the doc appt. with hubby. Did a couple loads of laundry and dishes today. Yea me!! Did a little scrapbooking yesterday. Doubt that I'll ever get caught up. It seems so confusing some days just to find the right picture to go with the right paper and cut the right size......... Jole
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Jole - I don't think I said I didn't like the heat. I do not particularly love the extreme heat but it is a lot better than the COLD any day!!! I hate and cannot stand the cold or even direct a/c or fans blowing on me. DH thinks he needs to have something blowing on him at all times :)!! Glad you popped in for a quick visit. Hope you are feeling OK right now and that the weather isn't still to cold for you.

    I hope to check in tomorrow some time. Hope everydobby will have a great weekend and that Georgia is having a good time on her trip.

    Missing so many of you MIA's.

    Bye for now. Thinking of all needing some perking up at this time !!

    Love you all,

    LEFTYGG Member

    moms home and its my week to care for her. wasnt that thoughtful of my siblings. oh well im doing the 4 days because i dont want my kids to do it yet till i see howshe does with everything.

    shes very confused and im thinking its the vicodin for her knee pain. i just feel like taking her off all meds but i know the others wont go for that. shes really saying off the wall stuff. we have all kinds of people coming here now nurse pt ot and speech therapists and social workers. i had to help evaluate her and i realized she does nothing for herself. she basically eats sleeps sits in chair and goes to bathroom.

    i know others dont have the help i do such as julie. im exhausted after 2 nights here 2 more to go.my dh sat here while i exercised with my ds i told him thx i needed that took a bath then came back to sleep here. i dont sleep good here. i sleep with her cause im afraid i wont hear her. we are getting a hospital bed that will fit at end of king size bed so that will be better.

    shes such a loving person all my life so giving to everyone.she has so many people who love her. shes so blessed but doesnt get it. her caregivers at the rehab even loved her. they would kiss her which i found odd. but shes very cooperative and smiles so sweet.shes always appreciative but doesnt get how hard it is staying here all the time. i told my dh im taking it a day at a time.

    enough of that!
    granni i hear youre having a drought.we have had so much rain here it feels like seattle.today was first sunshine in a week.

    lilaclover your weather is closer to mine. your tulips and flowers sound beautiful. glad your family worked around the house for you. thats what i want for mothers day my yard fixed up and pool area and deck cleaned. siding power washed and such.

    georgia hope youre having tons of fun in arizona.

    springwateralways love your descriptions of your world.i dont think i could survive without airconditioning. id probably just lie around till it cooled off,

    i feel so bad for carla she has worked so hard on her place its just not fair!!!!

    my sons home from college he passed all courses yayyyy!!! the lowest a C in math.

    well going to bed love gail

    LEFTYGG Member

    Ijust popped in and had to express how I know the sadness you feel. I have help I only am responsible for every other week. I dont know how one person can do it. I stayed 4 days last week and im exhausted. life is on hold here i feel sad and guilty.

    you hang in there girl. love gail
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Been bit hectic as i had to go to funeral of one uncle from maternal side; got the phone call suddenly so it threw me a bit. was suffering from eves prob too but i took a healing and managed
    to go both days, once with hubby and once early morning on creamation day. normally i give early morn visits a miss.

    i managed to get quite a few errands done too and quite pleased. our tv screen gave out
    and dh has fixed his offices tiny ancient tv set while our one gets repaired. i am addicted to
    watching the news now esp bbcand cnn and indian ones. reading the newspaper is not the same thing for me like i am addictd to reading and re reading my old books, one can read online too but somehow it isnt the same thing.

    julie and gail - good to get updates from you both. Hang in there.

    well got get some ironing done while lights on.

    you all take care

    god bless
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I really haven't forgotten you all. I wrote a fairly long post yesterday and pushed something and alot of it diesappear. So, I quit in disgust ! These computers cand drive one batty at times.

    DH is out to church to say goodbye to another much older Knight if Columbus who died. He was there last night for the Rosary and viewing and today for the Mass in all his regalia. He wasn't going to go to the cemetery due to the heat and all the regalia is so HOT !! I didn't go either day due to partial conflicts and having to get ready to sing at our old pianist/directors new home with her husband today. It will be good to see her again and her DH and hope she feels well enough to play with us (the piano). She is now using a walker I think due to neuropathy. Hope all goes well today.

    Julie - Hope things are going OK with you and your parents. Yes, just take one day at a time. Thinking about you sweetie. I know how difficult it must be for you, especially now with two parents to worry about.

    Georgia - Hope she is aving a wonderful trip. I forget when she will be back. She is lucky to get away for awhile.

    SW - Glad you felt well enough or had enough NRG to go to the funerals, etc. Yes, you must hurry up and get your work done before the electricity foes off again. I don;t know how you deal with that but I guess you just deal with it like everyone else does in your situation.

    Rock - saw you on another thread. Hope get some more NRG to come join us again on the Porch. How nice to see old faces again from the boards.

    Gotta run for now. DH should be home soon and we will have to eat lunch and I will get picked up to go sing with our group.

    Love you awl,
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - glad to hear that you are back and had a wonderful trip. I hear AZ is great too. My cousin lives there in Tuscon and really enjoys it. He came from NY to like me and then he worked in Ohio as a pathologist. He is now retired but is plenty busy let me tell you.

    Guess now you have to start saving your money again so you can go on another trip - back to AZ or someplace else :)! ??

    Hope all is well with everydobby. Have to go start fixing dinner as I have choir practice tonight. Have to go put some chicken drumsticks in the oven to bake.

    Thinking of everydobby especially Julie, Gail and Rock. Teacher, where are you too sweetie? Hope you are OK !!

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just woke up from a nap and took Zippy for a walk. I
    felt invigorated. Isn't that a surprise? Was to me anyway.

    Warm temp, sunny day, light breeze and all kinds of trees
    and flowers in bloom. Geraniums, roses, ice plant, hibiscus,
    iris, amaryllis, and lots of stuff the name of which I know not what.

    There was a family from France walking on Carroll Ave,
    street of Victorian homes. I wished them Bon Jour and pointed
    out the "Michael Jackson" house. "Thriller. Video. Adieu."
    Probably will be the highlight of their trip.

    Did you see that Ken dropped in after an absence of a
    couple years? He used to be a regular. Ran the book club
    thread. A fellow Gopher (Minnesotan), doncha know.

    Had an interesting encounter last week. I commented on an
    opera singer on Youtube. A fellow commented back, and we
    exchanged a few messages. All of this on the Youtube site.

    Anyhoo, he said he would send me a free CD. Just wanted my
    e mail address. I wrote back and said I couldn't do that. No
    more messages from the friendly Pole.

    And I'm sure this teaches us all a valuable lesson. So don't
    touch that dial, stick around and smile. We'll be right back
    after this commercial message. This is the NBC Red Network.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Did you know NBC used to be two networks? One red and one blue. The
    FCC made NBC split them up about the time I was born. Guess what
    happened to the red network. It became ABC.

    This teaches us all a valuable lesson. (You get to decide what the lesson is.)

    Gail, glad to hear your son is passing his courses. Does he have a major?
    Where I went to school one had a major, but no minor. You had a "secondary
    field of study" instead. You had to take four courses in that subject.

    So many of us had multiple minors. I have five: history, English, art, music
    and I can't remember the last one.

    Yes, you're right. One day at a time. Used to have a bumper sticker that said

    Jole, always good to hear from you. Do you get many days where the temp
    gets up to 85? Can't remember where you live. We would ordinarily have lots
    of such days here in LA, but we are having the coolest summer I can remember.
    Very pleasant, though.

    Which reminds me. I read the sex of crocodile babies is determined by the
    temp. while the eggs are incubating.

    Springwater, glad to see you went from sluggish to energetic. You got a lot
    done despite the power outages and heat. What the heck is a square collar?
    Sounds like the kind the Pilgrims wear in grade school pageants.

    If you go here:


    you can see a statue of a Pilgrim or a Puritan (essentially the same thing). The
    statue is in Springfield, MA. The 4 Merrick brothers came to the New World from
    Wales in 1636 and were founders of Springfield. The statue is located in Merrick
    Park. My younger brother's first name is Merrick because we are descendants
    of the Merrick family. My granddaughter is a 12th generation American.

    Granni and Georgia and et. al., hafta talk at ya later. My N-R-G is flagging.


  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - nice to hear you had a wonderful trip and glad to have you back! The place sounds so beautiful.

    Granni - you seem busy as usual. I had so much wanted to go to this chorale performance
    the ex pat society were giving at The British School but no one to go with. My friends all work
    and are not that much into music. But go i wil one day (they giv it every year) even if i hav
    to go alone.

    Rock- you seem to live in such an interesting place where you can take walks in those locations.
    I guess the city has its benefits. I remember how crazy we all were when the MJ video first came out. Everyone crammed into little cubby holes where they showd the thriller album mvie
    for a fee. those days no one could afford a video recorder except the very well to do.:)
    I saw Holmes post. Its good to see old faces come back.

    Yesterday i went and attended a healing given by a japanese man Herokazu Kobayashi
    who comes every year and gives eight nine healing sessions. I had to stand in line for
    two hours but i didnt mind. The man was so bright and happy and fresh even till the last
    700 th person or so touching everyones head and sweeping 'bad energy' away. just lasted
    a few seconds but i was very satisfied. The volunteers didnt turn anyone away even tho
    the numbers kept swelling. and i found that so sweet. i took my son and nieces photo too
    to be blessed. The man is not a guru or anything but a channel to a higher power which
    dispenses healing. People of all religions were there and i was surprised to see he looked so
    ordinary like a 25 year old man in a tee shirt and jeans with short cropped hair like a random
    japanese tourist we get so often. he is actually 43 and has been a healer for more than a decade.

    Call it psychological or whatever, but since i started receiving the healings from the other place also and practised healing techniques on myself, i have been getting up at 6am and doing stuff where as before that i used to find it difficult to get up and face the world even
    at 9am!!! And ive done lots of things i kept putting off before.

    God Bless

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - I am glad you have gotten so much out of your healing sessionsl. I wish there were some around here that probably didnpt cost a fortune. Did you have to pay for yours, and was it expensive?

    Any tips you can pass sson to our CFS and FM Porchies? I need go go curl my hair as we are going out tonight to a special wine dinner (my Mother's Day present) at our club. My hair has gotten so straight lately and I washed it last night since I got home late and didn't have time to do the curling project.

    More later everydobby !

    Love you awl,'
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thats a lovely Mothers Day present, being wined and dined. I hope you had a
    great time. About pranic healing tips, well, I think one has to take the course in order
    to practise it better. Yes, i paid equiv of approx $700.00 for a two day course. It
    included lunch, tea and cookies twice a day, a course book by Master Choa, two CDs
    And before that another two day intro course which also cost the same amt and included
    similar things. That one explained about the whole healing principle and taught us meditation
    and how to feel peoples aura (energy fields). It is rather expensive for our country but
    i found it worthwhile since the healing techniques and meditation techniques wil be with
    us for life and for free.

    Also i like that every week they try to get people to come and do a group meditation
    where one meditates and prays for every sentient being in the universe. On the principle
    that the more people praying, the more powerful the effect. And one can offer up ones
    own personal prayers too.

    If i find a utube which demonstrates pranic healing i will giv you the link. They did say
    that one should learn it from a practitioner rather than randomly. meanwhile i did find
    the web page of the institution which founded the healing and from whose principles
    we were taught.G

    Rock - a square collar merely means the shape of the collar i wanted my dress to have
    a square neckline, i would say as opposed to a boat shaped one or v neck etc. :)
    that statue was very imposing i must say, with the cape all flared out.

    i had been called to the one week prayer ceremony of last times relatives passing away
    but there was a strike today no vehicles plying and i didnt go. besides not wanting to walk
    all that way and back i also dont agree with the premise of feeding people all the time, in
    the name of the deceased one. i guess its all right if they want to do it, and can afford it
    but i would rather give the money to a cause or something. but tradition is tradition.

    tomorrow is a big wedding in eve. and due to strike i couldnt go get my dress which was given
    to be stitched. i shall have to touch up my grey roots so tomorrow is going to be a bit hectic.
    since i wil have to go into town to get the dress too. Its a pant and top suit kind of thing with
    embroidery on neck and sleeves. i am a bit scared as to how it is going to look. i just blindly
    trusted the boutique owner.

    Im a bit tense since i cant find my sons trousers from the suit we had made him. and another new pair of pants. sometimes i think theres a black hole in my house which gobbles up sundry
    things. we shall see.

    everybody take care, i hope you all doing as good as possible

    God Bless

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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Got my new teeth today. No workee. You might say
    I'm feeling down in the mouth. Looks like I'll have to suck
    it up w/ more of the blender cuisine.

    Granni, how did those chicken legs turn out? Remember
    that terrible Shake N Bake commercial. Little girl w/ a
    hillbilly accent says, "Ahn I-ah helpt!" Wonder if they still
    make that stuff.

    Sorry you lost another post. I lost an e mail yesterday.
    I looked in the trash folder to see if it had somehow migrated
    there. Didn't find it, but I did find an e mail from one of
    our former posters. I guess Gordon tossed it in there because
    he didn't recognize the name. Anyhoo she wrote to say
    her daughter graduated from nursing school. Nice pix.

    Glad you had a fun trip, Georgia. I loved Tombstone and
    the surrounding desert. If I were only a bit healthier, I would
    move there. I could breathe better; even felt younger.

    Springwater, nice to hear your new regimen is helping.
    Have you tried aromatherapy? There's lot of lavender growing
    in gardens around here. It's in bloom now.

    So is the jacaranda tree. The leaves fall off and the trees become clouds of lavender flowers. My mother thought they were as wonderful as the fall colors back in Minnesota.

    Julie, I hope Keira has given up on waiting for the elephant
    ear to show up. That would take longer than watching paint
    dry. That melatonin helping any? I hope you're getting
    as much rest as possible.

    Hugs and whatnot