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    but have a question.......ever hear about The Healing Room?

    I'm a Christian, don't want to use Born-Again because I think it's become overused. Yesterday a repair man came to check my phone and we got to talking, He's Christian, I said I haven't been in several years because of FM, fatigue, etc. He asked if I've ever heard of the Healing Room. Nope but looked it up and apparently there are "rooms" all over the country. People volunteer to pray over someone who needs physical healing, and many people do receive healing. This young man got healing after l3 times of going to various healing rooms. He had broken both feet while he was a marine and he lived with excruciating pain. Oh yes.....he was finally healed and said he has no more pain, although I did notice first off he walked slow and heavy footed.

    I'm a firm believer in God healing when he wants to. This is actually the 4th time I've heard of someone I know or met who has received a miraculous healing. I pray all the time for healing, but so far I guess God is working on me to change much in my life. He asked if he could pray for me.....yes.....so he took my hand and prayed. I have to admit this was a very strange happening in my back yard! I guess all I could think of was my husband coming home at that time and wondering what was going on!!!!!!
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    I believe in divine healing. No Im not a Christian in the sense it usually is
    understood but i believe in Christ and His healing powers.

    I have a book about miracles and love reading all the wonderful things
    that have happened to people.

    And its a collection of stories and doesnt pertain only to Christianity,
    but other faiths as well. Or lets say its more to do with Spirituality.

    I also believe very much in the mind body connect and that to truly
    heal ourselves we hv to heal our emotions.

    Im reading a book by Louise Hays and its got a chapter on her own
    life story which reads like a miracle in itself. From being abused, having
    drunk step dad, terrible self esteem, broke, a runaway, she turned her
    life around and is now the propreitor of a publishing house which publishes
    books on healing.!! she also got cancer and beat it.

    Good luck to you.

    With all that has gone on in my life, and still does, i believe if i didnt
    get succour from my prayers and a divine source, i would hv lain down
    and given up long time back.

    God Bless
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    I don't want to come across as a "nut case" ......I'm happy you shared your thoughts.

    First off Jesus came to bring forgiveness and healing not to start a religion.

    The young man with the healing told me that previous to the time he received healing, he had actually done serious, inner reflective thinking on all the hurts in his life. He came to a point where he forgave his father for the way he had been raised. He also said that he had a spiritual awakening from Jesus......that he felt such incredible unconditional love from God. I'm thinking he had to go thru that before he was healed.

    I get "vibes" from people and actually got a strange, strong one from this young man right from me answering the door. I was busy watering plants outside while he was working on the lines, talking with him about this and that. Then the subject came to healing, and he really began to open up and share his experiences.

    I have a lot of "heart" healing to do but I'm working on it. I feel God will heal me from FM and other things when the time is right. My faith is very strong and I believe God puts people into my life at the right times, so I can learn from them.

    I also have read one of Louise Hays' books, You can heal your life. I found it most inspiring.
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    I believe in miracles. Don't think there's a nurse anywhere who doesn't. We've seen them happen......we've also seen many NOT happen.

    Some question the bad things that happen in this world, and I have too at times when my faith is weak. But God is a loving father, and does not want anyone to suffer. He loves us so much He has given us free will to choose right or wrong. Many of the tragedies on earth are man-made, from people making the wrong choices.

    Illnesses/disabilities, etc. are not caused by us, but are given to us to make us stronger, more compassionate human beings, and test our faith. Many people find that tragedies and struggles enhance their faith because they can feel the love of a Father who gives us solitude and strength.

    I also believe in strength in numbers when it comes to prayer, and know we are always heard. The answer could be 'yes', 'no', or 'not now'. It does not mean He hasn't heard, or we're rejected. He has a plan.

    Freedom for me comes in that knowledge...that no matter how bad things get, I do not have to face it alone. I can let the Father carry my burdens and set me free......not that I always do that, being human...lol. I for one can't wait to see what my life 'tapestry' will look like from the beautiful top side one day.
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    A-men to all you've said.
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    Well today I went! I had such severe pain early morning for hours and was brought very low, and the thought popped into my head that I should go.

    It was a very special experience for me. Lots and lots of tears on my part. I think I was going thru a purging of emotions that I had stored up and stuffed down. Probably did me a world of good.....like seeing a psychotherapist only it was free.

    What was interesting is the woman who was the leader of the two, brought up the fact that many women who had FM also had a father who was "lacking" in the parental role. This was definitely true for me. So many emotions came rushing out! I also have a bad marriage and that was brought to the surface too.

    If any of you are believers in healing, and want to give this a try, I suggest you look up Healing Room. They are nationwide.
  7. sunflowergirl

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    I was quite leary about this but I felt yesterday was the time for me to go. I'm a Christian and I believe in divine healing.......wherever two or more are gathered in my name there will I be also.