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    Hi everyone, I usually go to the fms board but I thought I would try here 1st.

    My neighbor, she is in her mid 50"s. She has Peripheral Neuropathy, and chronic yeast problems. Her Dr. wants to give her a treatment. She asked me to find out about it if I could.

    He wants to put her in the hospital for 3 days and give her,

    I.V. IMMUNO GLOBULIN. Would anyone here know where I could find out more about this?

    I did a Google and alot came up but its hard to understand. Its all pig-latin to me.
    I will continue checking those out just in case I missed something.

    Thanks, and hope to hear from someone here.

    take care, kim
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    Blossom here in NYC. I too have PN and was in terrible pain.. I took 4 days of IVIG and have not had any pain in 5 months..... Its great.. Yo do get tired after the first week of treatment. IT goes away.... LOOK UP IVIG on the Net.... Blossom in NYC