I want klonopin. .. side effects???

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    i sure would like to get off pain meds. read in one of mikki's post that klonopin could be helping her with pain. my qestion is...what symptoms does this drug help alieve? what are side effects? weight gain? thanks for any info.
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    There is presently no proof that Klonopin disrupts the pain signals in the brain, but researchers are currently running a study to determine if this is true. What it does do is allow one's brain to go from a slight state of seizure into the normal state. At night, it allows the brain to go into the slight state of coma which is necessary for quality sleep. During deep sleep, our bodies release growth hormone which helps heal our bodies. That, in itself, may help with pain.

    Keep in mind that I have been on the Guai treatment for more than 1 1/2 years and the effects on pain started before I started the Klonopin. I have always though it was the Guai and my physical therapy which was responsible for all my reduction in pain. Now, I suspect the Klonopin is helping with that.

    Klonopin also helps with tinnitus, anxiety/panic attacks, restless leg syndrome, and sensory overload. Go to the library here and type in "Dr. Paul Cheney" in the search box. A list of his articles will appear. His article on Klonopin is the 7th from the top. It does an excellent job of explaining our constant slight state of seizure and how Klonopin helps. You can print it out for your doc.

    Side effects are that it can make you drowsy, so you keep the largest dose for nighttime. Conversely, in a very few people, it has a paradoxical effect of making them nervous. It is not phychologically addictive, but if you every want to quit taking it, you must slowly wean off of it because the body becomes dependent on it. Finally, keep in mind that what works for one may not work for all. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie