i want to apologize to anyone that i may not mention

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 69mach1, Feb 12, 2006.

  1. 69mach1

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    their names in my replies to my posts...i swear if i do not have a pen handy i will not remember the names by the time i go to reply to the replies on my post...it is nothing personal i try and do my best....

    i do want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time out to reply and give me support in anyway you can...it is always appreciated no matter how blunt it may be...i love forward and directness from people...no beating around the bush for me...i need that in my life...

    so anyays thank you again for understand i do not intentionally forget peoples names i am working on it...

  2. elsa

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    But goodness, you're only human .... who happens to have fibro,LOL! I too have to write everything down .... I'm not great with names in the first place.

    If you place a post right in front of and then have me remember the post, questions, comments and name that's tough ... add several posts and names to it and gets down right impossible.

    Very sweet of you to apologise but I bet everyone here undertands exactly how it is and doesn't give it another thought.

    Hope you are doing well ....

  3. 69mach1

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    bad, think god i have had my name for 41 yrs...i guess it is ingrained in me now...

    i have put the milk in a cabinet and accused my son not taking a care of it and it was me..i can't remeber the other fun stuff...i have been fired illegally even won my case becaue of the fibro and such...the dentist was not to bright and put a message on my machine...i was just going to the docotors for worker's comp..well it cost her some money...

  4. elsa

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    Something good came out of fibro fog!!! You won your case! Now that's my idea of positive thinking!

    I haven't done any "whoppers" in a while, but I know some type of fibro-moment is always one foggy minute away. I just try to laugh about it .... The alternative is too tough.

  5. doxygirl

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    Iam so happy that you brought this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I worry so much myself about this same thing!

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo many people here have been rocks for me and you and I both know that I have a lot of unfortunate events in my life so I post a lot LOL EVERYONE is always so quick to be right there for me and it makes me cry a lot because I feel so loved and cared about!

    That means so much to me because Iam one of the members that doesn't have a( biological ) family that is truly there for me so I am grateful that I have this family here .....................or I'd go crazy.............

    I often think and hope that no one is upset that I forget to especially mention their names because in my heart I feel so much gratitude to each and everyone who has supported and loved me.................

    It would hurt me so much to know that I have hurt anyone's feelings..........lately I have been trying to write down peoples names so they will know for sure I care and.............................. that I took the time for them like they did for me!

    "IF" I ever do fogout, and forget PLEASE forgive me I mean to NOT ever hurt anyone here EVER!
  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i know i shouldn't make a big deal about it, but i just wanted to let people know...sometime i think i remember the names then i click to reply and bammo i am stumped on the name...i was doing that last night....so that is what me think of it today...

  7. jaltair

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    Jodie, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think a simple thank you is fine. Like Doxy, I've worried about this same thing. I have fog really bad and have a hard time remembering a lot of things.

    I decided that I would copy the replies to my post in the notepad and then use the notepad in my replies so that I remember names and what was said. Yes, sometimes I will even forget replies. However, even doing that is difficult for me these days.

    These DD's just have no respect for our memories do they?

    Take care and, like I said, don't worry about it.

    Warm hugs, Jeannette