i want to come off methadone for fibromyalgia but not sure if can

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    i wouyld like to kniw the perceent of people who are on methadone for fibromyalgia. I have been taking it for 15 years but always wondered if I have been on too high of a dose & get negative comments from some doctors who never prescribed it. I have a svere case of fobromyalgia, take 80 mg methadoe/day 20 mg 4 times/day. effexor xr 150mg at bedtime restroil 30mg at bedtime. bacolfen 5mg 3 times/day.

    I was on Klonopin 1mg 3 times/day for 15 years almost. I have been off it for 2 months presently. I always wondered iff i was over medicated but not sure. I got down to 50mg /day of methadone instead of 80mg/day. I did it on my own but not sure if it risky. I feel overmedicated since I've ben off klonopin put on bacolfen & my dosage of effexor xr increased from 75mg at bedtime to 150mg at bedtime.
    I would like to come off of methadone completely but no sure of the prtocol of doing it. .ALSO VERY SCARED IF IT'S VERY RISKY!!!!???? I HAVE LUMBAR DISCOGENIC SYDROME. FIBROMYALGIA, TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT SYDROME, & LUMBAR FACET SYDROME. nyone share there information please desperate for an answer!!