i want to come off methadone for fibromyalgia but not sure if can

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    i wouyld like to kniw the perceent of people who are on methadone for fibromyalgia. I have been taking it for 15 years but always wondered if I have been on too high of a dose & get negative comments from some doctors who never prescribed it. I have a svere case of fobromyalgia, take 80 mg methadoe/day 20 mg 4 times/day. effexor xr 150mg at bedtime restroil 30mg at bedtime. bacolfen 5mg 3 times/day.

    I was on Klonopin 1mg 3 times/day for 15 years almost. I have been off it for 2 months presently. I always wondered iff i was over medicated but not sure. I got down to 50mg /day of methadone instead of 80mg/day. I did it on my own but not sure if it risky. I feel overmedicated since I've ben off klonopin put on bacolfen & my dosage of effexor xr increased from 75mg at bedtime to 150mg at bedtime.
    I would like to come off of methadone completely but no sure of the prtocol of doing it. .ALSO VERY SCARED IF IT'S VERY RISKY!!!!???? I HAVE LUMBAR DISCOGENIC SYDROME. FIBROMYALGIA, TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT SYDROME, & LUMBAR FACET SYDROME. nyone share there information please desperate for an answer!!
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    Find a doctor to prescribe Subutex. You will have no withdrawals at all, plus you can stay on a maintenance of Subutex for pain.

    You might want to contact a doctor who is addiction specialist as doctors have to be specially licensed to prescribe Subutex. It is a very easy drug on your system. I have taken it over a year for fibro and doing very well.

    You actually dissolve it under your tongue. I take 16 mg day, 4 mg 4X day.

    My pain specialist is in California and is happy to consult with your doctor on Subutex. He lectures all over the world and people come from all over to see him.

    His name is Dr. Rick Chavez in Redondo Beach CA - He is medical director of pain treatment at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, CA.

    If you contact his office, they will mail you info on Subutex (also called Buprenorphrine).

    You do not have to suffer at all when stopping opiates etc. Dr. Chavez can give you info on the Subutex protocol.

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    I posted a topic here regarding from methadone (methadose) to oxycontin cr. I am presently on 60 mg of methadone and was given (3) 20 mg of oxycontin cr to replace. However, I have tried twice to change and I feel awful and just haven't been able to make the change. I also have some of the same problems as you which is lumbar spondylosis, facet syndrome, cervical spondylosis, now more problems.

    I wish I could help but having the same problem. I'm glad that you posted this and I'm going to look into the information you received on the post from pvlady. Thank you pvlady.

    Good luck and if I am successful, I'll post again and let you know.

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    Can a person who is not on opioids (anymore) take this? I spent 6 weeks in the hospital getting off narcotics and would love to have some pain relief! Please help!


    God Bless.
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    I don't have much time to reply but I went off Methadone last Spring THANKFULLY before I got pregnant. It was a nightmare but I did it the wrong way.

    I stopped taking it on my own which was a really bad idea. I had horrible withdrawal symptoms and thought I was dying. The closest I have ever felt to dying in my life and that is not being overly dramatic.

    So my advive to you is that if you are going to go off of it please do it with the help of a doctor!

    Good luck!

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    Thank everyone for your reply,
    i decided to talk to my doctors at the Hospital of the University of Pa. Pain Medicine Clinic before I make any other choices. I learned a lot from you people. I never knew about a medication subutex. Just so you know I have been taking methaodne for pain control for 15 years. But seem to come to get negative feedback when it comes to methadone evern though i take it for pain management!!! I get negative feedback from doctors who don't know much about it. I still want to discuss it with my doctors who prescribe it Thank You all & God Bless!!!!
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    Hi, below is information from Dr. Chavez's website. He is the most compassionate doctor I have ever seen and excellent in managing pain. His practice is truly a labor of love. If your doctor needs info on the Subutex protocol, you can give them his phone number - he does consult with doctors often.

    150 N. Prospect Avenue

    Suite 208

    Redondo Beach, Ca 90277

    Phone: 310-376-8816
    Fax: 310 376-2091


    Pain is universal and has plagued mankind since the beginning of time. Over eighty million Americans suffer from chronic pain. While most people recover from injury, surgery, or disease, chronic pain sufferers are caught in a vicious cycle of frustration, depression and physical dysfunction. The symbol of the conch represents our all inclusive organic philosophy which is the key to combating chronic pain. I believe that a interventional pain program, physical therapy, psychological counseling, complementary and alternative medicine, and spiritual healing, all contribute to the prescription. I invite you to join me in exploring all possible avenues as we continue to investigate the nature of pain and how it manifests itself in our bodies and minds. Please feel free to submit your questions to “Ask The Doctor” . We also invite you to share your personal stories of discovery, triumph and relief.

    In Good Health!

    Rick Chavez, M.D.

    “We Are Here. For The Journey

    “We Are Here. For The Journey
    Welcome to Rick Chavez, M.D.

    Rick Chavez, M.D. is Founder and Medical Director of The Pain Institute at Little Company of Mary in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Dr. Chavez has created a unique paradigm of caretaking patients who suffer from chronic pain. As the patient’s advocate, he guides them as they explore all the potential medical therapies available for their particular problem. Dr. Chavez strongly believes that developing a personal, compassionate rapport with is patients and their loved ones, is of utmost importance in his holistic approach to pain management. Additionally, his Native-American, Mexican and Japanese ancestry provide him with an enlightened perspective of the diverse, multi-cultural Angelino population.

    Dr. Chavez is Board Certified by the American Board of Family Practice and the American Academy of Pain Management. He received his BA in Psychology from Standford University and his Medical Degree from the UCLA School of Medicine. Dr. Chavez is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Family Medicine at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. He is a member of the American Academy of Pain Management, The Society forPain Management, The American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, The American Pain Society and American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry.



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