I want to gain weight

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by acuario, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. acuario

    acuario New Member

    Hi, does enybody knows how to gain weight? what kinds of foods to eat?
    I also have bad appetite.
    is there any thing you can take to increase your appetite?
    thank you all.
  2. kathy6189

    kathy6189 New Member

    I took Remeron after a hospitalization last year whereI lost a lot of weight. It is an antidepressant with no side effects except weight gain. I took it for about 6 months after gaining a much needed 20 lbs. It worked right away.
  3. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    In my area of the country, we call them Frappes - milk shakes made with very little milk and loads of ice cream.

    There is also an oral suspension called Megace - Megestrol Acetate. This drug is used to treat "wasting syndromes" in both people and animals. It increases the appetite and helps patients gain back lost weight.

    Madame Curie

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  4. ellikers

    ellikers New Member

    I am currently taking a class on nutrition, and already know a fair amount of information through my own experience and research ....

    I would suggest NOT eating horrible for you foods (like super refined and processed and sugary foods). That won't make you gain weight. Gaining weight depends a lot on your own metabolism, family history, current health problems and your own specific "set point" which is the ideal weight for your body to be it's healthiest.

    I recently gained about 10 pounds (mostly by eating healthier and exercising according to what my body could do) and I'm quite happy with it! In addition, I think this is my body's "set point" because I feel much healthier and my digestion and ability to exercise and function has improved.

    Here are some general ideas to increasing weight gain:

    - You mentioned you don't have much of an appetite- I've struggled with that as well during my illness, and what I tried to do was make sure that I ate as much as I could- make sure you are eating snacks and some healthy meals throughout the day and drinking enough water so you don't get dehydrated. WHen I did not want to eat at all, I would pay attention to the foods I ate and made SURE that the foods I did manage to eat had lots of nutrients in them (apples with some peanut butter, oranges, carrots) or at least gave me some extra calories (cookies, cereal with milk).

    - Muscle weighs more than fat cells, so if you can, do as much exercise that increases your flexibility, strength etc. I do yoga and pilates from a DVD, and I swim and tread water when I am feeling up to it. If you are not feeling physically able to do very much, start out as slow and as gentle as you can, and gently try to GRADUALLY increase your activity. When I started, I couldn't just move around in the pool for more than a couple of minutes! But i just made sure I showed up at the pool and at least got in and tried, even if all I ended up doing was soaking in the hot tub for a little while. :)

    - Eat healthy! You are probably going to get more sick and feel worse by not getting adequate nutrients. Eating junk food will NOT help you feel better. I would suggest eating as many whole foods as possible (veggies, fruits, lean meats, nuts, whole grains and legumes- beans etc) and increase the calories you eat everyday which will help you gain weight. Indulge in fattier foods, but ones that have GOOD fats (no trans and low on saturated fat), you could eat chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter, natural oils (canola, olive oil etc), avocados, fish.

    Eating healthy can be overwhelming, but I started simply by just trying to add healthy foods into my diet, and then slowly it became a habit and now I eat pretty darn healthy (and yummy foods! it's not about never eating rich foods, it's about making sure you are getting enough good for you ones! )

    ** You can do an internet search for "USDA food pyramid" or "MyPyramid.gov" and use that as a guideline for healthy eating. **

    - Make sure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals- they will help you move, exercise, hurt less, sleep better, etc. You can do some research on your own, or talk to a licensed dietician or nutritionist to make sure you are getting enough of what your body needs (everyone varies on requirements based on weight, height, gender, age, activity level etc).

    - Talk this over with a doctor or whoever you trust as your medical advisor. Ask what ideas they have and what they think would be a healthy goal for you.
  5. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Hey there. Im a 27y/o male with CFS/FM. I also have stomach probs, and a low appetite, irritable bowel etc etc. Ive gotten through some of it, but i still cant gain weight much at all.

    A good way to gain weight is to constantly snack all day. If u can't eat big meals, eat lots of snacks all day, making sure they arent too big so u get full 2 quick. Things like potato, sweet potato, rice, some fish & chicken. If u can eat cheese have rice crackers and cheese lots - like camembert or cream cheese etc. (not that loads of cheese is healthy, but it will gain u weight)

    I need to try to stick to this more myself as im quite underweight! but my stomach has some bad probs too so its harder for me than many to gain.

    Hope that helps. ~Chris.
  6. LittleBluestem

    LittleBluestem New Member

    You're not the only one wanting to gain weight recently. Look for a thread titled " Stormyskye Just two more simple questions" by futurehope and scroll past the first few posts.

    I think B vitamins will increase appetite and they are a good thing for anyone to take.
  7. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Acuario, how are you doing? How much weight do you want to gain? What have you tried so far? I hope some of our responses will be helpful to you. Look forward to seeing what you have success with. :)

    Cooking everything with several extra glugs of olive oil seems to help me. Then when you get to the desired weight, you can cut back on the oil and you won't miss it because it was just for cooking with. Snacking on nuts is good too; they're fatty and healthy. Have whipped cream with honey for breakfast; it's very fast. Whole grains are good for carbs, like toast with extra butter. And snack, snack, snack. Eat whenever you feel like eating, even if you're not that hungry or when you're just bored.

    Try to keep it nutritious. Basically, good to stay away from anything that's been processed to death. That's a good idea if you've got FM, whether you have a weight issue or not. Some of us ache more when we eat a lot of simple carbs. Also, nutritious food will help your body to fight disease better than junk food will. Gives you better tools to work with.

    Ellikers, I enjoyed reading your advice, and I think it is very sound for us.
    (( )) Shannon
    P.S. 145 and holding! lol
  8. acuario

    acuario New Member

    Hi, thank you so much to all. am going to try all your advices. am male 29 years my waight is 118 pounds and I would like to gain at least 150 lbs. before I had gained 135 lbs, drinking shakes and working out, but I always lose my appetite and go back to 118 lbs. I have a lot of anxiety and a feeling of being afraid all the time. and when I feel this way I lost my appetite.
    thank you all of you for your advices.
  9. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    If you have anxiety and want to gain weight just start smoking pot- it will take care of both of those problems!!! Just Kidding!

    Sorry- I had the same problem, honestly, and I know how bad it can be. If you don't have much appetite then use the weight gainer suppliments that you can add to smoothies for breakfast, stuff like that. Peanut butter helps, too. You may have food allergies that are undiagnosed, that was my problem.

    And, honestly, cheer up. God made each of us just the way he wanted, all of us individual. That's why even twins have different fingerprints. So, you may not be the world's ideal, but you are to God. :)
  10. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    I have the opposite problem. I have lost 20lbs since last year but the last 5 or ten pounds just won't leave. I would gladley give it to you if you need it.

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