I want to get out but it hurts to walk, help!!!

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    I have osteoarthritis in knees, hips and 1 ankle and foot from old injuries.Also have fibro(severe IBS, Gerd, asthma restless leg syndrome, OCD and anxiety diorder) and can't take antiflammatories because of hx. of ulcers. Very sensitive to all narcotics(Resp. arrested on 50 of Demerol pill).So not on any pain meds.I have two very active teenagers so to go to the mall and shop with them I use a wheelchair.Do any of you use a w/c or motorized scooter??? I refuse to just stop going out with my kids.
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    When I started water aerobics, I could only last half an hour. Now I'm in for an hour, and some days even play another hour of water ball. Since I have myofascial pain, I read that exercise is really great, don't stop moving. Yes, scooters are fun. Sometimes too tired after exercising, and use them. Many grocery stores have them, but my children were embarrassed by the scooter scene. I made it fun though, I threatened to put a sign on my back saying "My daughter is embarrassed that I'm in this cart, just ask her, she's on the next isle over."
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    Hi Cam57,

    I've had fibro for 25 years. I also have plantar fascitis in both feet. I understand the mall scene.

    I stretch everyday using exercises from my physical therapist and great ebooks. I also use orthodics.

    My primary care physician prescibes a low dose muscle relaxer/seizure cocktail.

    I visit a chiropractor weekly.

    I work hard to improve my diet. No soda pop. No caffeine.

    This combination has helped me walk the malls, treadmill etc. I once was beridden. But through positive action I walk. Not without pain. But with drastically reduced pain.

    Hope this helps,

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    It sounds like you truly have alot of pain and health issues. Ask your doctor about Limbrel. It is a new drug for OA that does not upset your stomach.

    Before my husband started Limbrel, he had such excrutiating pain in his knees and one thumb joint he was going to have surgery. I saw a ad in my doctor's ofice for Limbrel and the doctor gave me a prescription which I gave to my husband.

    About three days into taking it, the pain stopped in his thumb and by the end of week the knees were so much better.

    You can read about Limbrel on the internet -it is pretty new. Oh, the reason it does not upset your stomach is because it ia actually classed as a medical food supplement. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and helps stop the inflammation in your system.
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    I just wanted to say I understand. I'm still working full time and getting up and down, but my FM pain and OA pain is getting worse and weekend activities are extremely frustrating and difficult.

    My hubby does most of the grocery shopping and WalMart runs. Occasionally he wants to walk Home Depot or shop and begs me to go...I just can't walk anymore. It's all I can do to make it thru the work week.

    The water aerobics sound great to me, would love to start that.