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    THERE ISnt MUCH FUN INMY LIFE and i see the glass half full but s

    o much stress from my grown kids. theyve drained us and my dh is fed up. dogs pony2goats

    we moved out of our house and into guest house we live on 6 acres but theyve made it hell. people constantly up down driveway.over weekend a bunch rented bus to go see their brother box. bus drives in ourb yard getsb stuck dh has to pull him out then they all come back here to party.

    we dont like our space invaded these are 20 30 yr olds.needless to say dh is mad. we have a pool he says hes not opening it. if our kids just put forth effort to make place look good but they dont see it. im so depressed all i want is responsible kids. we love each other but they take advantage but i love my little 500 sq ft plce if theyd just take care of the main house thx for listening love gail
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    I guess we have to laugh or go nuts one of the 2!,,sorry to hear about the kids taking over!,,,imho,,tell them to move out and rent the place to someone who will take care of it!,,,,stick up for yourself!!,,,pretend like you and Hubby are the New Sherriff's in Town!,,,,,,,lol,,,sis
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    Lord Byron said, "And if I laugh at any mortal thing, tis that I may not weep."

    I think a family conference sounds like a good idea. But first you and hubby need to decide what
    you want to announce.

    And it needs to be a firm announcement, not a timid request. Right?!

    Good luck.

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    We can all do it.

    Cate that video was too funny. Born to be wild to bored, tubby, mild. My how far we have come.

    Once we know we can never forget the truth.

    peace to you sister

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    cate video was funny thx

    sis im a wimp if something happened to dh id be run over

    rock dh had meeting with boys or men lol told them out may 1st but we never stick to guns

    only all here know my pain im in a weakened position

    my kids are my life but theyre killing me

    my grandkids are great maybe theyll get even for me lol

    you all are the best love gail
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    are not my strong point. Nor avoiding being taken advantage of. As a couple, each protecting the other spouse, maybe you can get some firmness.

    Technically, though, this is a great fantasy problem!:

    Get some of Monica's bird mites? Except maybe couldn't get rid of them. Bird mites could be actually be worse than irresponsible kids!

    Is the main house made of wood? Insured? No,no .....I guess you do like the main house.

    Shut off electricity and water? Get a personal generator for yourselves. It's not like you are a landlord, and legally constrained. It's Your house!

    And old standby is to get some of that g-d awful smelling fly bait. Perhaps put a little under the front porch, in place where you can clean it up eventually. Hmm, I think someone mentioned putting shrimp into the curtain rods:)

    I think one of my grandparent's used to carry a shotgun everytime they opened the door to a stranger.....but those were different times and place.

    Perhaps make sure that every visitors vehicle, not just buses, gets stuck in mud? Unfortunately, perhaps, scattered one inch screws in driveway a bit too actually destructive for me.

    Anyhow, kind of late for me,......but maybe you can get some laughs thinking about some fantasy solutions. Best of luck, your mr bill.

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    you are so funny we did make them sign lease my son said dh had to put eviction in writing lol hes realtor he was kidding i think

    hes hauling in dirt this week to fix yard our yard isnt a showplace but we dont want to look like the dump either.theyre being all nice thx for fantasy smell wouldnt drive them out.

    love gail
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    ...this curious & pathetic fact of life: that when parents are old & their children grown up, the grown-up children are not the persons they formerly were; that their former selves have wandered away, never to return again, save in dream-glimpses of their young forms that tarry a moment & gladden the eye, then vanish & break the heart.
    - "Memorial to Olivia Susan Clemens"

    This is a quote from Mark Twain. So true.

    Good luck and keep on laughing!!


    ETA Here is a lighter quote from Mark Twain/Samuel Clemens:

    Familiarity breeds contempt--and children.
    - Notebook, 1894[This Message was Edited on 04/01/2009]