I want to learn more about detoxing, especially the liver

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    I've read lots of references to it and how beneficial it is, but I've had trouble finding specifics of what some of you do. Could you please share your specific methods of detoxing or site sources where I could find them? Thank you. I was once put on a prescription called Ursodiol (Urso Forte, some kind of bear bile??) that did just that, but I'm not sure how overly potent or truly natural it is. I also took a homeopathic supplement once called Liv52 for 30 days and it lowered my liver enzymes to normal levels.

    I've been told that the reason so many people have their gallbladders removed is due to toxic overload from lyme/cfs/fm, etc. When we take antivirals or ABX the resulting "die off" literally causes an explosion of toxins to be released into our bloodstream. After reading the specifics of what happens to us systemically, it made me realize how important it is to detox!

    I also wondered if anyone knew if going in a spa was okay if it was for short time periods? I read on another post about hydrotherapy and I wasn't sure if a spa/hot tub was included in that category. I know it is helpful to relax the muscles and to sweat as long as you are rehydrating properly. I use minimal chlorine and chemicals too and change the water more frequently.

    I think I will post this on the other board as well. This is a common issue for many.

    Thank you!
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    Hi, I just had my phone consult with my Lyme doctor yesterday and he's changing some things, sending me some new stuff and more prescriptions for Babesia.....and he did say that he wants to put me on a "drainage and detox program for my kidneys, liver, and lymph channels" and is sending 3 bottles of that to me as well. The problem??? I wrote down how to take/start it and how to work up to the right dosage but did not write down the name so I do not have that to give you.
    As soon as I get it, I'll come back to this thread and put it in.
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    I couldn't write back yet because my kids had a "minimum day" for school and then had friends over. It's been a full day. I'm amazed at what I was able to do today! It's so beautiful out, but I really hate having to avoid the sun..... ( :

    -Hello! Thank you! I'm glad to hear you like Liv52. Do you take it all the time? And how much do you take? I think I will order some. I will look up "liver flush" as well. I've heard detox baths mentioned and wondered what they are. Our bath tub is great for kids but not for me. Our last house had an amazing bathtub and this one doesn't. This house has so much more, but I miss it! We have a wonderful spa outside, but I'm not sure if that's good or not?? Is lymph node drainage uncomfortable? It sounds like it would be. I've heard of lymphatic massages and how important they are, long before I was looking into lyme or cfs or anything else. Thanks for all of your tips! Take care!

    Hi Blinkie!
    I will ask my LLMD if I can remember, but my guess would be that it wouldn't affect the ABX that is in our bloodstream. Liver detoxing would only be cleansing what is already done in the body and has made it to the liver. I'm not sure though. It's a very good question. Did you have your follow up? I need to write you back and will. I was exhausted yesterday and today my day was filled with kids and activities. It makes me feel alive to be out doing things, even if I pay for it later. ( : I hope you're doing well. It sure sounds like it. I'll write soon! Take care!

    Hi! I'd love to hear what your doctor is sending you and having you take to do all of that! That sounds so beneficial! I really do believe detoxing of the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system is so important, even for generally healthy people. But when we are experiencing any kind of "die off" (viral or bacterial), then the need for detox is hugely exponential. To put our bodies through intense "die off" and not help these organs with the detoxing is to make us feel so much sicker than before we killed the viruses or bacteria. While these lousy bugs are alive they release toxins, but when they die it's like an explosion of toxins into our systems. That's what brings on the "herxing". I am posting to learn more so that I when I experience that I will be ready to help my body handle the process. Please share what you learn when you get them! Thanks for writing! I hope it helps you in your healing. Take care!

    Hi! Thanks for writing too. I've read a lot of your posts. I agree with all that you wrote. It's so so so important!! Take care and thanks for your thoughts!

    Here's to detoxing! I also looked up Colonix from someone recommending off the other board. Has anyone tried it?

    All the best to everyone,
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