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    Last evening transpired as most Monday nights for my family and me; a late dinner for my husband, myself and our youngest daughter. Just the three of us and, once again, the absence of the twins was paplable. After a few evening chores we settled down to a little television and by 10 both my husband and daughter had retired for the evening as the cat slept soundly in his basket.

    I sat alone in my den, thinking how quiet this all too big house sounds sometimes, and how much I missed my twins;gone for several days at a time for their respective internships. I felt slightly comforted by silently reititerating to myself that they were out in the world, doing great things, but sometimes I allude myself because in the quiet of the night, their absence screams oh so loudly. Before long, I decided to retire for the night as well, no use sitting alone with my thoughts. As I went about the weary task of drawing all the drapes, shutting all the lights, the silence was broken by the shrill ring of the phone. Late night phone calls always make me nervous, so I anxiously grabbed the phone.

    I could her the faint whisper of one of my twin daughters, saying "Mom, mom listen." I could at once tell she was in some crowded place, perhaps a venue, listening to music. In the next instant, it was Rilo Kiley singing 'I Never', one of my all time favorite songs. She excitedly held up her phone through the whole performance so I could hear and listen to it with her. Later on, she told me she had gotten the tickets that day for her and her twin sister, but didn't tell me when we spoke earlier in the day, wanted to totally suprise me!!

    As I went to bed last night, I was filled with an overwhelming feeling of joy, knowing that even though my daughter is not here with me all the time any more, I am with her. In a small dose, I realized that after a lifetime of love, we are all with each other even if we don't always sit in the same room together. Love transcends time and distance and always find it's way back to you--even in the form of a phone call from a concert.

    Anyway , I wanted to share my happy moment with all of you--my friends.


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  2. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    You must have done a very good job with your girls if they want mom to enjoy the concert with them during their first taste of freedom. You are loved!

    Peace out,
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Awww that is so sweet! What a lucky mom you are. You did your job well- Thanks for sharing-Carla
  4. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    What a wonderful story and I am so glad you shared it with us. It goes to show you that even though your kids aren't around as much, at least you know you are in their thoughts daily.

    Thanks again for sharing your treasured story with us.

  5. kjade

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    That was a beautiful story.....you have me in tears. Thank you for sharing this. I know how much you miss having your twins there - I can only imagine how hard that must be.

    How special for you that your daughter did this....something simple, yet just look at the joy it gave to you, and look at what it made you realize....that was a true gift. And I know you are a wonderful mother, Laura. I'm happy for you!
  6. 1sweetie

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    You are blessed. It sounds like you did a great job raising them.
  7. doloresf1

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    A beautiful story of mother-daughter love and connectedness. May it always be so! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Granniluvsu

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    How sweet and thoughtful that was. Yes, I agree with the others, you have done a great job MOM !! That was lovely and just so thoughtful ( Ican't think of another word to say in its place. So, I will say it again my dear.

    It is also VERY touching !

    Yes, you are loved very much ! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Blessings and hugs,

  9. sisland

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    I'm Tearing up! It's like you said LOve does transend everything!,,,,Your Girls love you very much i can tell!,,,,,Believe me when i say that you will have many more moments just like that one as time goes by!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    you will be thinking of one of the Girls alot and the phone will ring,,,or when you least exspect it they will send you a gift in the mail,,,or the best one so far i,,,They will show up at the door for a surprise visit,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,,,,,and here's to More Moments like that!,,,,,,,,Sis
  10. kellyann

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    That was very sweet of your girls. When my older kids moved out and I only had my youngest daughter at home, I decided it was too quiet at my house. So I decided we needed to adopt another baby, so we did. We adopted a baby with special needs.She was born with a small brain and head and will always need care and is developmentally delayed. Then we ended up taking custody of a grand-daughter when she was 2 months old. So, we ended up filling the house back up with noise!

  11. springwater

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    My own two kids too will be gone one day, out to do their own thing, follow their own dreams..make their own lives...the thought is comforting and really disquieting at the same time.

    Your story comforted me a great deal...of course not all kids can be as loving and sweet or they have differing ways of showing caring...but its uplifting and heartwarming to hear what your two girls did...

    God Bless
  12. sisland

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    I love your Writing Ability! It's almost like Reading a really good Book!,,,Have you Given any thought to Writing a Book or some Short Stories?,,,,,I know that this was a real life event for you... and a Grand one!,,,,,,Thanks!,,,Sis
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  13. lgp

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    I am actually in the process of writing my first novel. It's fully outlined and half way done, and has gotten some positive buzz. However, I hit a slight writer's block about a month or so ago and I'm trying to get back into the swing of it. When I flare I can't write, and I only write best when it's pouring rain out. Go figure. I am also working on a series of short stories for women, which I hope to pull together by the end of the year. I did some ghost-writing (corporate) years ago (huge mistake) but I would not do that again nor would I recommend it.

    Nobody knows about the novel except my husband and my daughters, not even my parents, but now you guys do!!! I know my secret is safe here--LOL!!!

    Thanks so much for the compliments about my writing ability--it's the shot in the arm that I need to get back on track. If it's ever published, I'll be very happy--and my friends here will be among the first to know!!


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  14. sisland

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    Laura! this is so exciteting!,,,,,You are truley writing a Novel!,,,,,,Wow!!,,,now that is a major undertaking!,,,,As i was reading the post above about your Daughters calling you,,,I thought wow,,,now this gal can write!

    It was almost like we were all in the room with you!,,,,,,,,I'm very interested in reading whatever you write so please keep us posted on this!,,,,,,,,

    I'm not familiar with (ghost writing) I'm guessing it's like editing or rewriting something ,,,,,maybe putting contracts togeather?,,,,,,,Hope your writers block passes soon!,,,,,,Sis

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