I want to take an antibiotic

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    LEFTYGG Member

    ive been sick for 6yrs my body has felt full of infection.

    ive tried many drs ffc homopathic biofeed back chiro but
    in the end nothing helped.

    my body pain is better but my feet are so bad i can bearly walk.they feel on fire with no bones to support my body.

    my gut feeling is that i need an antibiotic do you think my dr will give me a script with no known infection.

    i have not taken an antibiotic in probably 10 yrs which should i ask for.

    i trust you all more than drs. thx for any help love gail
  2. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Why do you want to go on an antibiotic?

    None of us are doctor's on the board, however I think we would need a bit more information to even speculate.

    Taking an antibiotic if you do not need it can cause problems down the road.

    If you need one then your doctor would be the person to talk to.

    Keep us posted.

    LEFTYGG Member

    I want to take an antibiotic because i hear others on here say they felt better when they were onan antibiotic,

    if even for a week i felt better it would be worth it . i cant remember what it feels like to feel good.

    thank you GA for response would one series hurt me ihavent taken it in years. love gail
  4. dragon06

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    If your feet are that bad you should see a foot doctor. You may have Plantar Faciitis. There are things the doctors can do for PF, like stretches, orthotics, special boots, and cortisone shots. I had PF and the stuff worked for me.

    Just blindly taking an antibiotic is not good for you and I would think any good doctor would not prescribe one without a known infection.

    You need to get to the bottom of your problem not just start taking random drugs.
  5. glenpr

    glenpr New Member

    have you gotten the blood work for micoplasma?????
  6. clerty

    clerty New Member

    has turned my life around and parasite cleanses I was so ill 3 months ago now I am planning a few trips away don't get me wrong I am still ill but I have more hope I am herxing like mad but I do see a difference I cant take antibiotics so I am experimenting with other things
    I am thinking of trying samento or Iodein !

    you can get better without the help of antibiotics I can honestly say the silver is helping !!

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    LEFTYGG Member

    my pain dr said foot pain comes from calf muscles and gave me exercises

    ive had shoen inserts no help

    ive had tons of blood work nothing

    i did 2wk liver detox

    im just grasping for something actually i dont like meds

    i take ultram amdien and bp meds

    i may try collidal silver and olive leaf extract

    thx so much love gail
  8. Turnert

    Turnert New Member

    As this site mentions some sufferers have ongoing infections that can be the cause of CFS/ME. It mentions ongoing trials.

    Some infections/bacteria that can cause CFS symptoms are Chlamydia Pnemoniae and Mycoplasm which can hide in cells and require quite a long treatment by more than 1 drug.

    My Daughter was tested for both and she has some issues re the latter. The test was shown as equivicol meaning something there ie not negative. The doctor was going to trial 1 of the protocols they use but we talked him into a series of Ibilex (keflex)treatments because she felt better for the 2 weeks she was on it for a tongue infection 18mths ago.

    When we asked the Doc back then if she could have had an infection from the infected tonsils she had removed, he said if you had an infection for 5 years as she had you would be dead. So we passed off the improvemment as a fluke.

    Now 2 weeks into the ibilex treatment she is great at least 70% normal from formly 20%. She can shop day after day, paint window sills for 4 hrs two days in a row and mow the lawn. She has no issues now with her brain fog or reading. Very strange but as this is a second improvement on the same drug we feel we maybe are onto an answer for her case here.

    I am not saying antibotics are a solution in everyone's case as this drug is more for throat and such type bacterias and her issues could have stemmed from her 4 -5 years of infected non treated tonsils and that the bacteria has spread and so a long treatment is necessary. At least she is great now and laughing here as I type. I havent heard that much this past 6 years.

    Talk to your Doctor he might test you for some bacterias but as far as I see it is a hit and a miss which drug to use and will do no good if the CFS is not caused by the bacteria that the drug targets.

    Best of luck with your Doc.
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  9. mjwarchol

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    Your doctor should not prescribe an antibiotic for you if you do not have an infection. They cause your body to build a resistance to them and when it comes time that you really need them, they won't work.

    Many people ask their docs for antibiotics for colds etc. These are viruses and will not respond to an antibiotic. Also, antibiotics kill a lot of good bacteria, which you do not want to do.

    I have worked in healthcare for almost 20 years. I don't know of any of the doctors I worked for that would give an antibiotic without an infection. Drug resistant strains of bacteria is what is causing a lot of problems in our society today.

    These were brought on by doctors gving Rx's when they did not need to, people taking them when they did not need to, and not taking them correctly (not finishing the entire Rx).

    I know sometimes we are trying to grasp anything to find relief, but please for your own health, look for other answers. Best of luck.

    M J

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