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    I didn't mean to offend anyone. I have and still do have extremely painful days. I have days that my muscles are screaming in pain and my joints are just as bad.I have had my days of crying to. I was by no means making light of anyone elses pain. I have just tried to be up beat as I can be while suffering with this DD.
    Maybe I try to look at this like I did when my MOM passed away. I am a recovering alocholic. When I lost my Mom I was devistated. I watched my husband drink and you can believe I wanted one but I said no. I had to be strong and beat the desire to drink. I guess I do the same with this. I have to be positive because it is what keeps me going. I have many moments of just wanting to crawl in a corner, I feel too. Maybe this will put some light on the way I look at it, and you all will understand.
    If I offened anyone I am truly sorry. May God keep and bless you. cyea Joy
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    congratulations on your recovery!
    i did read the post you are referring to, although i didn't reply to it. i have a fibro friend who is still able to work full time, sitting at a computer all day. then she goes home to a husband who is never, ever helpful. i know she must feel pretty bad. but we are all in different stages of this DD, and some of us will have it worse than others, no matter what stage we are in.
    ~~~mama c
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    Try not to let it get you down. I don't know what post you are referring to, but I agree that if anyone was offended, they were probably having an off day too, and will eventually forgive and forget. We all have our days, and it is more difficult to interpret written intonation from verbal. Hang in there. I come from a family of alcoholics, but I was fortunate enough not to become one. I do know the havoc it reeks on a family. Good for you for getting control over it. I know it's probably a daily struggle, but persevere, please. God Bless
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    I did read your post, and I am glad you have put this apology up, it shows you are a strong person, with a good heart.

    As some had stated, there are many degrees of pain with FM, plus some of us handle pain better than others, then there is lifestyle to add into this too. I would venture to say that it has a lot to do with personality or something.

    My Mom could not have lived with the pain I have been in off and on for over 20 years. If she got the least painful headache, tooth ache, she would all but faint. She is gone now, and she did not last very long when she died of cancer. She was young, and she went fast, I thanked God for His mercy.

    Please put this behind you, and just move on. No one here is perfect, we all sometimes say things that come out wrong or we are just having a bad day. No problem.

    YOu have a good day.

    Shalom, Shirl


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    Hi ,
    I Did Read you'r Post , I didn't reply,
    I Can't say ,I was affended , But I thougt, As Many have said , wear all at differnt stage's, But that I beleave you'v only been diognoised a yr /or so , And havent got the full effect,,,Yet,,But I Did also think, Well thank God You have not been in hell yet,,I'm going to call you joy, cause I'm not sure if its joy or sarah, Well joy when you talked abougt being a Recovering alcoholic , My Eye's opened , I to am A buitifull recovering Alcoholic Women, And I know how hard that is !!!!!!!,
    I'll be back , Got a Emergency
    I'm Back sorry ,The Kids wear fighting , I Have 2 grown kids & 2 That -r- still at hoe 9yrs & 10 ,,,Anyway, As i was saying , When I stoped drinking, W/ I Drank Or Partyed sense I was 15 yr's old Now I stopped Drugs 22 yrs ago, The Alcohol, 3 yr's ago , I only drank At night & on the weekends , Not around the kids But they New it, Well, To Make a long storey short , I had never been without somthing in my body, even thow i didnt drink every day, So when I stoped , I {didnt have a clue,Living live on lives terms was Hell for me,,,I'v had fibro 10 -11 yrs , Didnt know it thought it was from drinking,But once that was over ,It kicked in with a venges{spelling}, Iv Was so bad for 4 yr's litterly couldn't get out of bed , When in a flare up , it was so bad, Finally Got back to family Dr. w/ put me on oxxicoton, Hadn't had a flare up in 10 mths!!!!
    Entill 2 weeks ago, Then, Relaped,Becuse I of corse over did it once I thought I was better, I know Im rambling, But When I seen you u wear in the fellow ship , I Had to write,, You do what ever helps you, And I also have had to deal w/ death, And not drink,,Oh boy did i try!!!lol
    But only for my AA friends ,I didnt, You'r A stong Lady , I prayed for you last night, And Keep that positive addatude , I Know I try,, And God has blessed me for 10 mths , Not that i was cured , Still, pain, But nothing like it was entill 2 weeks ago, But I still thanked God , Becuse thears So many of us out thear that are bed ridden, Becuse of this DD, that's way people Got upset w/ you,
    God bless
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    Joy, I felt sorry for one who cried after reading your response. She deleated it as soon as I read it I noticed and did'nt catch her name. And so, I replied in a way I thought would be calmly point taken. I hope.
    I had reflected to A.A. meeting (ironically in my head) when composing my response. I see a lot people in those meetings and in N.A. with my partner(Jan) a recovering addict. And how they support one anothers feelings towards different attitudes. I noticed that people tend to get through the day when they can connect to another in many different ways. Jan is the most upbeat person I know, except maybe you, and she makes remarks to me with despair when someone isn't positive, but has a way to bring those people around. At least for the moment. It's her sense of humor mainly I beleive. A lighthearted approach, when times are the hardest for them. At first the first 6 months of her sobriety I went as her sober support to every single meeting! A lot of folks probably got mixed up that I was Alanon and probably think I fell off the wagon since I don't attend much with her anymore. She's stronger now and realizes I use that 2 hours for cfs support instead. My disease has gotten worst unfortunatly and I'm here mainly to get the scoop on what meds are helping others since this is never a cut and dry what works for one doesn't for another and I've tried so many in the past 10 years. So many here have had it that long too. I do applaud you for your attitude of positivity for yourself your doing something right to be so upbeat. Some of us have that as a survival mechanism. Janice does and when she's in a sour mood about my pain meds and make some comment(since I'm closest to her)like what another pain pill? I set her straight and remind her there is a fine line when it comes to addiction. And show her I am responsible with my TREATMENT. And it does'nt take long for her to realize she stepped out of line and she'd better show me some understanding!! It's important to all of us with this DD to be recognized as individuals in different stages of this. As like recovering addiction. In a way.
    Didn't mean for this to be so long
    You've got a friend
    Karen (kjan9)
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    Karen, I want to thank you so much for your post. I am deeply touched. I really hope things go well for you and I am glad you have got a good realtionship going. I ahve been with my husband for 33 yrs,we have 5 kids and 11 grandkids. I have 6 kids 1 that is not his, anyway I count my blessing everyday. I take nothing for granted up to and including every breath I take. Life is precious. Mine is good inspite of this DD. My husband still drinks but he is good to me and I love him. I have to take the bad with the good. anyway I don't mean to bore you I just want to thank you again. god bless you cyea Joy.
    ps you have a friend too
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    I was a little concerned after posting. Such sensitive subjects and all. Then when I came back after a couple days I noticed some one got banned from the site! I was hoping you and me were still here! Are you still attending meetings? How many AA birthdays do you have? I drink occasionally and Jan is ok with that. It's a part of the growth, but I guess I know her and when her times of vulnerable ect. and would never jeopardize our relationship over a drink.
    keep in touch
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    Ya know, I quickly fell upon your post without knowing the previous posts, nor viewing them~ and simply with the words I read that you posted here...I simply took upon myself to respond...I hope no one minds...because I do not post here a whole lot...BUT I know it is a wonderful place filled with wonderful people from all over...and many of which share such similar unfortunate things...I say 'things' right now, because each & everyone has a different perspective & respectively different variations of 'pain' & search for some type of common ground here! This is an awesome thing...the wonderful world of the internet ironically has supplied a "LIFELINE" for God knows...so very many people! We all...must simply keep in mind the variations we are apt to find in such a vast arena!! I believe that each & everyone of us will at some time or another find 'common_ground' to share with another!! Each of us being from such different variations is what makes each & everyone of us totally unique....even in sharing our illness ...etc... So hopefully, we ALL shall ALWAYS keep this 'thought of uniqueness' continually in the back of our minds....therefore recognizing that others 'pain or dilemmas' may not exactly replicate our own...however, realizing our 'uniqueness' we can ALL respect a certain lax & acceptance in ones expressiveness or simple comments without harboring ANY offense ...etc... I hope I shed some 'light' upon situations for many of us out here, by simply expressing my 'simple smurfy~way'!! Plz try to smile@@smurfy~style...once in awhile!! *wink!!
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    I'm glad you posted this, I too was upset but didn't respond because I didn't want to say the wrong thing. I have found so much comfort and many positive reactions on this board, I wasn't sure what you were referring to.

    Anyway, welcome aboard and please tell me what "cyea" stands for!