I want to thank all of you.

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    I want to thank all of you who post here. I have learned so much by coming here. Yesterday I had a sensory overload. I never know what that ment until I read it here. I didn't panick like I usually did. I realized what was happening to me and I took a step back and realized I was in a sensory overload. It is such a scary thing to go through. I knew what to do about it. I went to my bedroom and layed down for about two hours and then rejoined the family. I felt so good that I handled it that way. There are so many things that this DD creates in ones life. There are times when it is so over wellming ( sp) that one doesn't know what is happening to them so they panick. I come to this board almost every day and learn so much. Someone posted, I think yesterday, about weired mental things that happen in the head. That is me. It helps me to hear that others have experience the same things. When some thing new happens I would tell myself that I am crazy or that I am dieing. Now when something new happens I come here to check it out. So far I have found it here. I am very thankful that I have found this board. Thank-you. all of you. Gail
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    I agree with you~~it helps SO much to know we aren't alone and to meet others who truly understand everything we're enduring daily! I feel we are all sisters and brothers here and I am so thankful to have such a loving family!!!!
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    I'm glad you are enjoying this board, too. Much of what I've learned about FM is from reading & posting on this board. It is a tremendously helpful resource---glad you found it!!!