I want to thank everyone who prayed for Mom to eat..

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  1. May God truly bless everyone who answered my post re: my Mom who has dementia and is in a nursing home. She is 78 years old, diabetic, and has diabetic neuropathy. Mom has started to eat again and is even allowing the aides at the nursing home to change her clothes daily. Thanks be to God and to you all who kept Mom in your prayers. God truly does exists and hears our prayers when they are said with faith and conviction. Thank you as I am new on this website. You cannot imagine how relieved I felt going today to visit Mom and seeing her wearing something other than the clothes I left her wearing on my last visit. I have been praying nightly for her for the last 4 months when we had to make the worst decision of our lives and place her in the nursing home. I didn't ever want Mom going into a nursing home, but because my brother and I work and the City of NY wouldn't give us a home attendant for 24/7 we place Mom for her own protection. Mom was a wanderer and she could not be left alone when my brother worked at night. It is the worst feeling in the world,but at least I know she is in a safe environment and her medical needs are being taken care of. I only pray that she is still around in six years from now when I retire because I will bring her home to live with me. Again Thank you all for your prayers for Mom. God Bless. Helena
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    Continued prayers Helena for you and your mom. You are in a most difficult situation. Please do not feel guilt, by having your mom in a protected situation you are doing what is best for her. However, nobody said it would be easy. Please give us updates and bless you for being such a loving person.
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    It did my heart good to read your latest post here! I am so very happy that our God is so big that He has time for all of us.

    I will pray for continued improvement for your dear Mom. You are a good daughter.

    God's blessings for all of you.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Such good news that your mother is eating and allowing herself to be cared for. I also believe that God can work in people's spirits when they are in such illnesses, bringing his grace to them.

    I have heard so many stories of people who were in comas even, and they came to know God in that extreme state, so I don't believe that we are ever closed off from God's love and care.

    We will keep praying for your mother!

    Love, Judy

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    that is such good news to hear that your mom is eating again. I know that that relieves your mind so very much.

    God Bless you.....Mari