I was a bit Cranky with my husband this morning

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    I posted this morning and I was irratated with my husband for waking me up and getting all wond up about some sour smell he coould smell.

    I really could not find any thing that smelled that way but I did clean up the house and just vaccummed the living room floor . It was not that big of a mess as I have been wroking hard to keep up on it so that when I need to clean up , it is not so hard on me.

    I feel bad that I was irratated with him this monrning. He called during the day to aploigize for being cranky and irratated . He said that his sugar was too low this morning and that is what made him so cranky. I am finding out that when his sugura's are HIGH < OR LOW he is the crankiest person I know.

    He as been doing better with keeping his blood sugar undercontrol by eating better and It is working but to day he had some deadlines and the assistant he has was not on the ball. So I was the one that he sspoke to first.

    He said that he was sorry for being so mean and it was really sweet of him to do that. HE has not done things like that most of our marriage. So it is nice to know that I am not always wrong .

    I loaded the dishwasher and did a load of laundry and vaccummed the living room and now I am pooped. And I have over done it. So I am not going to my class tonight but will go tomorrow for sure. I really like the class but as

    I have been reading about having fibro you are to take your exercising slowly and not push your self hard . I have been going to this class at leat 2 nights a week and I will goo for 3 times this week.
    but if I went to night It would be a struggle for me and not as much fun as I am aching all over.

    But at leaset the house is cleaner and smells fresher and my husband is happier .

    I have been reading the answers to my posts adn I thank you for all your thoughts. I know that I have been sounding cranky and like I am a boob about this DD and I have done my fair share of whinning to you and I will try to lesson the complaing aobut my life.

    I wrote about why do we have this thing called fibro. It was a long post and I am sorry if it was to long for people to read. I will try to keep them shorter so they are easier to read.

    I am learning that it is better for me to just accept the fact that I have it and move on with my life. I know that i will have good days as well as bad days. And some days will seem bad alot of them time. But I need to find some thing to do that will keep my mind off it and make me feel better about me.

    So if my posts have been to long I am sorry . I just start to write and words pop in my haed adn I write till they are gone. And I get carried away sometimes as I have posted some of my life before in another post. And I don't want to be someone that is allways whining about them selves and I have been doing that alot lately.

    I do have some good things in my life and I do enjoy them. I won a prize last night at the swinmming class for some thing called Foot Zonology. it says that it reparis, rejuivanites, balances & removes disturbances via the signal system of the feet. This gift was the big gift last night valued at $35.00 so I called the lady today and made an appointment for next week . So I will let you know what it is and how I feel after wards and what she says is worng with me.

    Thanks for being here to listen to my when I rant and rave and comlain and tell you over and over about my life.

  2. rockgor

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    Feel free to express yourself. That's what the board is for.

    You know the old joke.

    Psychiatrist: I get so tired of listening to my patients whine and complain all the time.

    2nd Psychiatrist: You listen?
  3. onedaymagpie

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    I think that most of use of feel that limitation - there is only so much we can do or you pay the price. Whenever I go on vacation, I always plan a day or two afterward to relax and recover,

  4. cczub

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    I just took one and needed a day of rest in the middle of it!! This DD takes no time off for vacation.. Rosemarie... I'm the same way with my posts. I don't mean for them to be long but this is the only place I can really let it all out and not be judged or looked at funny.
  5. janieb

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    So glad to hear that today is better. It was sweet of your husband to call you and apologize. Most men won't do that; or at least, the ones I know.

    We all get tired of this disease, so don't worry about complaining. As much as we try to not complain to the people around us, we need this board to vent, as I did yesterday in my response to you.

    But, today looks better. Our guests are gone; the house is still shining and it's just a bit of laundry to do. Didn't sleep well, so might nap today.

    My kids all take good care of me and would help anytime I called. I try not to take advantage of them, since I know how lucky I am to have them. We babysit their children when possible and try to do special little things for them. They're great and they're neices and foster daughters and all their children. We're very lucky, since we had no children of our own.

    Have a good day, Rosemarie.


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