I was approved for SSI!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JamieBeth, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. JamieBeth

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    Whoo-hoo! Didn't even have to appeal!

    My best advice for anyone who is thinking about applying is to keep excellent records of your illness in a diary and to have friends and family write affidavits attesting to the fact that you are too sick to work. These must be signed by a Notary Public. Also, get a disability attorney like Scott Davis. Finally, see a psychiatrist or psychologist who specializes in
    helping people cope with chronic illness/pain issues. He/she may diagnose you with secondary depression due to dealing with a chronic illness, but that's ok--you'll have even more documentation of your struggle. What's better than weekly documentation from a medical professional of your struggle with CFIDS/FM?

    Good luck, and it is possible to win.
  2. Carlacat

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    Congrats to you..how long did you have to wait for your decision on SSI??
  3. JamieBeth

    JamieBeth Member

    It took me about six months. I was initially rejected, but my attorney filed a motion to reconsider which is when I was approved. Thus, no need to appeal.

  4. Mikie

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    Good for you! Congratulations!

    Love, Mikie
  5. DavidTeer

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    congrats on winning.
    My wife was just approved so I would like to ask a few questions if you don't mind.
    I will explain why I ask these questions later .
    Are you married?
    does your spouse work?
    Does your spuose have insurance for you?
    If you answer no to these questions thenyou will receive benefits If your spouse works and makes over 1740.00 gross pay then you will not get the benefits.
    It is based on how much income you and your spuse make.
    Base benefit for you as a single person is 552.00 per month and should start with in 6 weeks Please let me know because we had our minds set on getting a big retro check and getting caught up on some bills and getting Gee to the right doctors but now that is up in smoke. Thanks Dave
  6. mamafurr

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    i just typed a big post to you and the dang thing erased! i hate when that happens...so to try again.

    i live in CA. i was self employed until last nov. and had to quit due to the fm. i didn't pay into disability as my income was small enough as it was. state said i don't have enought credits to apply for social security disability and that my hubby made 4000/g/yr too much to qualify.

    now he got layed off last thursday. he may be working there until dec..maybe.

    i thought i should apply again. if for some reason he doesn't get a job right away, and is on unemployment our income qualifies. even if he took a cut in pay with a new job.

    i understand you are in FLA but wondering if the general rules are the same.

    i heard they usually deny you the first time.
    my doc supports me 100% as i have been seeing him/treated for this for 5 yrs.
    if denied, does one need to get a disability atty?
    as a rule how do you pay your atty? do they get a cut of the disability? i don't have 2000.00 to plop down at the moment. unless we cash in his 401k....
    i appreciate your input.

    and say hello to your wife. you seem like a very compassionate hubby (like mine) and your wife is a very lucky woman. hope she is doing well

    thanking you in advance
  7. zggygirl

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    Well congratulations!!!! And thank you for the tips. Could I borrow your attorney ;-)
    That's great. Thank goodness you won.
    what more can I say?
    Take a nice long rest now.
  8. Achy-shaky

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    Jamie Congratulations! This truly gives me hope as I'm doing those things and I just sent in my reconsideration after my first denial. Scott E. Davis is my attorney too...he is the best. If anyone is looking for a SSI/SSDI attorney who specializes in FM/CFS do a search for his name. Many have used him on this board.

    Could you let us know if you claimed you couldn't work due to just FM/CFIDS or did you have co-existing conditions?

  9. JamieBeth

    JamieBeth Member

    I claimed I couldn't work strictly because of CFIDS/FM.

    Good luck!