I was at the ER today. (kinda gross)

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    This is sort of a gross story so bear with me. I went to the bathroom to do #2, and out came about a cup of red blood. No indication, no irritation, nothing been in there (I am heterosexual). I was a little concerned, so I called the doc I work under and he said it didn't sound promising, and if it didnt get better go to the ER. An Hour later, I started getting cramps. from a 1 out of 10 to a 5. (not to bad, but still a worry) Mind you I am male, so this can't be related to any female problems.

    Well, to make a long story short. An inclonclusive CAT scan with possible enlargement/irritation to the Sigmoid Colon and Blood Labs that came back wacky, to say the least. My PTT has always been elevated...it still was. I dont take NSAIDS or Coumadin, just an occasional Vioxx. High Hemoglobin and Co2, low chlorides, which would be normal from a high Co2 and I am here stuck in some mystery. It is believed by the ER doc to be a lower inflamation of the rectal tract. I am feling it isn't. He came to the conclusion of possible Crohn's disease. I am at a loss and intend on making a GI appt. The cramps are going away. He gave me a low dose of I.V. Morphine (4mgs). I feel better but am still concerned. I hope this corrects itself!

    I feel like I went through all this testing for nothing. I swear internists just don't know enough sometimes--at least some of them. I guess you can't know all aspects of medicine in detail. I think it is very scary to see blood in general for most people but the more educated you are about it, it can do one of 2 things. 1) alleviate your fear or 2) make you realize how serious it is and fear more! I was just really shocked by the volume of blood and was afraid to try and use the lav again. Obviously my occult blood/stool test came back positive. I was relly thinking serious internal bleeding--but from what? I hope The GI will know his stuff. I don't want a barium enema, the thought makes me cringe. I know it's going to be the next step in my evaluation. Sometimes I can be a wimp with this stuff. Just anus/blood. The 2 are subjects I don't like to place together. I am feeling very anxious in general lately and this little scenario has not helped; think I am going to raise my clonazepam dose for a few days until it is all over and my tests from the GI get a clean bill... I have faith it is nothing serious. Just venting....thanks all for listening

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    So sorry this is happening to you. Please keep us updated on your progress.
    My youngest Brother has HepititisC, FMS, plus other Ortho problems. He has that type of bleeding from time to time.
    The Dr.'s never did find out what was causing it, or he can't rmemeber, he's a person who is in a Fog all the time, due to his med's and his drinking. I have little contact with him now, or I would ask himif he can remember what they told him.

    My whole family has DDD, FMS, then some have AS, CMP, IBS, OA,and COPD,SS, and of course the complations that these other conditions can cause.

    Growing up most of us had some of the Early Symptoms, but Mom didn't know what to do, with 6 kids, you never know for sure if they are just wanting to stay home, or are rally sick.

    So I would really like to know what your Dr's find, I'm putting a book of sorts togeather, probably just for the family, and I'm trying to track down all the different dd's we have, and maybe a clue as to why we all have FMS.

    I would see another Dr., as one yourself, I think you know the Importance of seeking at least one more Opinion.
    Did they do a test for an Infection, like to test the white cell's, (?). The reason I ask, is that back in July my Mom had this, and she went to the ER, they sent her home, that night she had bad rectal bleeding, and we took her back to the Hospital the next day. We lost her 12 days later, they did every test they could think of to find out what was the cause of the Infection. We still don't have any answer's, except that she was sick to her stomach, had bad cramping, she thought she just had Heartburn from eating a TV dinner.
    She was in bad Pain, I think she passed a blood clot and that started the whole thing. SHe wouldn't see Dr.s, she ate terribly, she gain a lot of weight, she was depressed, and she had untreated FMS. I'm just sharing this with you because you are a Doctor, and I know it won't make you think, this is your problem.

    You may have even had, an Internal Hemorriod, I had a couple back in my early 20's, and I thought that I was dying. I now drink a lot of water, well as much as my body will allow me, so that I don't get all Dehyrated, found out that was causing the Hemmoriod's, I some removed that were, shall we saw on the outside, and man did That Hurt.
    The Internal ones went away, which I was glad for, because they would have had to do Surgery

    I went through a round of Upper and Lower GI's, Ultrasound, CT, the works, and all they came up with was, IBS and GERD, which I already knew I had. I was sent to 3 GI DR.'s trying to find out why I lost over 70lbs in a few months.
    Still don't have that answer.

    Good Lyck
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    The same thing happened to me back in Nov. 2001. The difference is that I went to bed feeling fine, woke up during the night with abdominable cramping, not the same as from the IBS, and after several trips to the bathroom started seeing the blood/mucous. Well, by the next morning, after getting up at least once every half hour for this problem, I was really feeling sick. Too sick to drive myself to the doctors. He did a Flex a something in the office, sent in a specimen to the lab looking for e-coli, which came back negative. He put me on an antibiotic just to be safe. Within 24 hours after it started it stopped. I was supposed to go in for a colonoscopy, well I didn't go. I thought I'd wait and see if it happened again. It hasn't ever happened again so I have convinced myself it was nothing serious and nothing to be alarmed about. You see, I am too chicken to have a colonoscopy. By the way, I just saw an ad in todays newspaper regarding a ultra sound colonoscopy - if this problem ever comes back I'll have that done, but not the other.

    I hope you will find a good gastro doctor and find out it was an isolated situation and never have it again.

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    I've never had this happen to me but I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you & wishing you well. Go get another opinion. I NEVER go with just one opinion with something that sounds that serious.

    Anyway, good luck, I wish you the best & keep us informed.

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    about 5 years ago. I woke up with awful stomach cramps and diahrrea after dinner one night. It got progressively worse through the night, including blood. By the next morning it was all blood and I was feeling really awful, running a fever, lots of pain, etc.

    I went to the ER, had Xrays and other tests and was admitted. I had some kind of bacterial food poisoning. My white count was really high and I had blood cultures done. I don't remember the bacteria, but I was in the hospital for 4 days. And once I was discharged, the gastro doc ordered me to have a colonoscopy *just to be sure*, which turned up nothing.

    It's something I certainly don't care to repeat.

    I hope you are feeling better today!

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    I knew a person (male) that had this once. He had it alot...but he had a anal fissure. He also did a bunch of cocaine all the time so I think it was from that because whenever he did his ritual of coke he would have this blood after a hard #2. Wierd little guy. They did a scope on him also and only found the fissure. Hope you get better...Lots of love...Pammy
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    Well fortunately this is one I haven't experienced, so I am offering no advice--only good thoughts.
    Take care of this--get all the opinions you want, and rely on your instincts, they are good.

    Best wishes,
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    and hope you find out what your problem is. I experienced a small amount of bleeding once, and the doctor told me not to worry as long as the blood was bright red. He said the time TO worry was if the blood were dark red. I saw the gastro guy and had a colonoscopy and everything was OK.

    Hope you're feeling better--I know you are too busy to get sick!

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    Are you going to have a colonoscopy? As a medical proffesional, you know it could be a myriad of things. Something as simple as internal hemmoroids could cause that type of bleeding. Ulcerative colitis? My ex used to have that type of bleeding and that was his diagnoisis.
    I hope you get an answer quickly so you can get some peace of mind.
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    Could your problems be caused by a bacterial infection, I know that for example you can lose quite a bit of blood with diverticulitis, but I have no idea if people in your age can suffer from it. However, with our dysfunct immune system - one never knows.
    A cat scan is probably what is needed to find out why you were bleeding.
    I wish you luck, Lucky
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    I did the same thing when I was in my mid to late twenties. Scared the heck outta me. Ended up it was hemrroids and internal lesions. I had over a hundred stitches in my rear..but a week later they a were 99% healed. I had a great surgeon. In my case, he blamed it on my diet (did not know what water was..LOL!) AND I was lifting waaaaay to much at my job.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Ace and please do not worry too much. Let us know how this come out. Sherry
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    I'm so sorry that you are having such problems.

    My husband has had rectal bleeding off and on now for a while. He has been to the doctor and they say that it is hemmoroids along with some scaring in the rectum. The scaring is from the pushing from constipation...it tears apart the scabs. At first we were quite concerned because there was A LOT of blood in the toilet. We also thought some sort of internal bleeding but all the test ruled that out.

    I hope that you have some answeres soon. I'll be praying for you.


  13. Solstice

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    I know how scary it is to see blood! Quite a shock for you I'm sure.

    I hope you can try to remain calm while you are pursuing the answer and have hope that it is most likely something that you will be able to take care of..........although I know it can be scary to be wondering and waiting..........but TRY to be calm and think positive. It will help you more than anything now.

    I will be thinking of you and sending healing energy, and hope to hear how things are going for you

  14. MemoryLane

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    There is one other thing to consider - Ischemic colitis, but this is an extreme case. As you know, it is a result of artery complications in the intestine and can take the course of the more familiar intestinal colitis. Blood supply to the colon is restricted and the colon perforates and/or becomes gangrenous. Do you have any vascular problems?

    Just a thought,

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    Never had that happen to me but be sure to get a second opinion with a GI specialist. Wishing you well and try not to worry and does no good.
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    as you and she was to have upper and lower GI testing. She is an RN and because she is afraid, didn't follow through. The Gastros office called and wants her to follow through but, since it hasn't happened again she says maybe next time. The PC gave her Nexium. Okay, I don't think Ulcer I think, you know what. But, I am more nervious then she and we have been friends for over 30 years. Our kids are friends to. I hope you let us know what they say it is. Good luck to you and will keep you in our prays.

    Take good care. Kim and Gary
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    I was wondering if you ever found out what was causing the bleeding problem yet. If so can you share the info with us here on the board.?

    Hope you have a great day.
  18. Mikie

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    I had a similar experience last year. I got a colonoscopy for which I was put completely out. I had 4 or 5 polyps, a couple of them starting to turn cancerous. The doc removed all of them and the problem stopped.

    I had been putting this test off for five years. I feel very lucky that the polyps were removed before they became cancerous. My biological father died of colon cancer, so I should have known better. Internal polyps can bleed quite a bit.

    The barium enema and flexible sigmoidoscopy don't cut it for diagnosing and removing polyps. The colonoscopy is the best tool for colon health. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
  19. AC77

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    THE CAT SCAN R/O A LOT OF THINGS BUT I STILL SHOULD GET A colonoscopy, I really don't look forward to it!

    I don't believe it's Chrones Disease or diverticulitis. Nor does the attending who ordered the tests. GI is not my "hot" area, or at least not yet. I prefer not to read up on it, becasue that will make me read into any and all symptoms. I will leave it up to the GI.

    I think it was a "fluke" incident. But better safe than sorry. Thank you all for your kind concern.
  20. KayL

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    While I hope I don't have to have another colonoscopy any time soon, I will say that the prep is the worst part, and you pretty much don't remember the actual procedure.