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    I recieved my letter today saying I was denied disability.I worked from when I was 16 up until I was 26 and had my first child.I worked in between and the last 2 yrs. worked continuesly.They also denied me ssi because they said my husband makes too much.But we were able to get low income housing!!I have 4 kids and it is a struggle just to make ends meet.I took the summer off because I really needed the break and did not think it was fair for my 15 and 13yr.olds to have to baby sit my 8 yr old twins every day.They said I have to work 2 1/2 more years to get my quarters in to be able to collect.And with the beginning of school also comes dance lessons ,soccer, karate etc.So in order to pay for those I go back to work.My mom has told me to tell the kids no but that is mean.My daughter has been dancing for 10 yrs. and does competition.Plus it keeps them busy and out of trouble.Oh Well I guess I just have to bite the bullet and pray 2 1/2 yrs. goes by fast.
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    If I may ask, what is the reason they gave for denying you?
    I just got my first denial also but I expected it. Over 50% of the people who apply are denied on the first level. When you appeal, it then goes to a higher level where they are sift through your records with a fine tooth come, then it goes to the hearing, and you can have friends, former employers (people who know you) to write letters in your behalf stating how the DD is disabling you.
    My paralegal tells me that the people on the first level don't look at the fine details, so unless it jumps up and grabs them they deny it.
    If you are filing yourself, I'd look for an advocacy or attorney. Most advocacy use paralegal, whereas an attorney would be qualified if you have to go to court. What ever you do don't give up! Most attorneys and paralegals don't need any money down, they usually take a 25% fee from the back pay you receive when you are approved, so that's not a concern.
    I hope this helps.
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    I was denied because they said I did not have enough quarters and that the ssi was not going to happen because my husband made too much money.That's ridiculous because we live in low income rental and were approved because for a family of 6 he did not make enough and that was when I was working.I am trying to go back to my job as a customer service rep.I left on very good terms and was told to come back if I could .I am going to try to do 4hrs. a day while the kids are at school.Thanks so much for your offers any info you could give me is a great help.Sandy I have put you on our prayer list at church.Have faith things will be o.k.