I was Diagnosed 19 Years ago by Dr. Susan Levine, NY

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by wheezie3, Nov 29, 2009.

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    We never really knew what what wrong with me since I was born. My mother heard about Dr. Levine, after a friend of hers heard some of my symptoms. That was so long ago and nothing has changed since then.............EXCEPT......Hyperthyroid, Hypothyroid, which it is now and debilitating attacks that even Xanax won't help. I was diagnosed at 20 and I'm 39 now. I am tired and sick of all the crap of people not believing. I was sick since I was a baby and Dr. Levine, at the time told me I was her youngest patient. So I sat there with all these (at the time, old people) with no make-up on, curlers in their hair...and all they did was cry (bitch) to each other. I hated going there. From Day one. Dr. Levine had me injecting myself with what she told me was a monthy vitamin. She said it would give me practice for what I would have to inject, which wound up to be 26 shots a week, from B-13. B-6... to Gamaglobulin. I did that for over a year. It didn't help and I hurt doing it. The Gama was the hardest. I dont know anyone else that is sick so I really don't know what to say, except it has gotten extremely worse over the years. I have attacks now that almost look like seizures. If anyone knows of any Dr.'s in Florida, Central Florida, near lakeland.....it would really help, since I'm not up North Thanks, Kat
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    It sounds like Dr. Levine did absolutely nothing to help you and it is time to get away completely from this doctor.

    Lately, have you gone into a regular doctor for full blood work on thyroid, hormones (including your female hormones or male hormones if you are a male), anemia, etc. If you do show positive for thyroid (either hypo or hyper), the doctor may want you to see an endocrinologist.

    Also, for attacks that look like seizure, you may end up seeing a neurologist.

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