I "was" doing pretty good for 4 months or so

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    I was doing pretty good after a series of acupuncture and mesotherapy injections last year, the latest in the last quarter....then a cortisone injection in shoulder in Jan and then the Anatabloc, which I continue with...

    In the last couple months, the "work" is wearing off some, so back to my rheumy for meso injections to start with....I believe with any work like these maintenance has to be renewed...glad I have this "integrative" rheumy to go to....I was WISHING I could go for a year without going back for more treatments, but I feel I need to go back for more. Some days I hurt more than others and I believe the Anatabloc is working as best it can be....

    Still no tylenol and 4 advil per day, Pain RX and 1/2 vicodin during the day as needed....
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    Getting old and having the body break down is NOT for sissies, that's for sure. It stinks getting old, but there isn't much we can do about it.. Hang in there Jam, and keep swinging.

    PS... I don't see the glass being half full or half empty. I see it as a half a glass of whatever it is......
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    Stick, It's not for sissies for sure and I sometimes go to where will I be at 80 etc, how much worse will be body be broken down...it ain't going to reverse, that's for sure. When I first came here I was SO MUCH better and I think that was 7 yrs ago or so. So a lot has changed....the hip replacement really messed me up, an old record I know.

    Sometimes I go to a hip replacement board and read some of the stories and I can only HOPE I can get thru my life with no revisions, etc....so many are in such agony with these replacements, revisions, and so much other stuff that goes wrong.

    The half full glass thing, what it means to me, is that many look at a half glass of whatever and say it's half empty, I like to say, it's half full....like my life, I've had a full life and try not to dwell on this pain too much and where I am today and what I don't do anymore....jam