I was exposed to toxic mold...now I suffer the pains of fibromyal

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by myalgiamania, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    Our family was living in a rented condo for 15 months and we all got very sick from toxic mold. That is when my pain started, (among all the other symptoms of mold exposure). Four years later the pain has worsened, and I have been diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia. All 18 points are being affected and even some new ones. Has anyone else been exposed to toxic mold (Stachybotris, Aspergillius, Penecillius)don't mind the spelling.
  2. romanshopper

    romanshopper New Member

    I know I have - didn't live there but my MIL's house was full of it. They had to file an insurance claim and it took forever to get it out of there.

    She also now has fibro.
  3. myalgiamania

    myalgiamania New Member

    we didn't have insurance on our stuff and lost everthing we owned. My sons have sleep disorders and fatigue. my older son has had seizures relating to fatique. I am seeing a great pain managment specialist finally, after seeing to many bad doctors. I looked on the internet to find him and his patients raved about him. He knows how to treat fibromyalgia and is very kind.

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