I was fired because of my health problems

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  1. I've had FMS pretty much for the whole time I've worked in the very high stressed mortgage industry. The main topic was my health durring this "termination discussion". The reason the company gave was "insubordination", I supposedly yelled at my manager. I've been very depressed, knowing that I won't have insurance even though I have FMS, PTSD, panic/anxiety disorder, depression, sleep apnea, colon polyps, colitis, and the list goes on forever. I cried for 2 days straight, I've spoken to my Psych., and of course we all know that when we are in mental pain, we are in physical pain as well.
    Guess my ? is this, should I file for unemployment and receive NO insurance benefits I can afford, being the mother of three, or do I just have my Psych. say I'm disabled due to my mental illnesses, as he's been wanting to for sometime now. Then I could receive medical aid from the state. I need advise from people who have tried either, and which route should I go first? Any suggestions welcomed!

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    from what i hear disability is hard to get, since you were fired you would qualify for unemployment.
    i wonder if firing you was even legal.uhmmmm
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    Shortened your name (hope thats ok!) anyway i'm not a doc or an attorney ! but if i was in your shoes with all the illnesses and 3 kids i would opt for the 2nd one!

    You need help! Medically, financially, plus the insurance!! If you apply for unemployment that will only help you temporarialy! ..........................................You can go to your local Human Resorce Department and they will give you a food card if needed and medical for you and the kids!!........................................................I was actually in your shoes and it wasn't fun after working many years and trying to raise the kids on little or nothing after the bills were paid !..............................When i got ill with this dd it became all the more difficult!!.Please Take care of you and the kids and God bless!...................................Sydney
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    your income...also there is cobra insurance as well if you already have insurance....

    my state picked up my insurance...i filed for unemployment as well i qualified also i wasn't gettign child support at the time..

    but even if i were i would've qualified...in my county..

    there you need to do what you need to do...if you don't have state disability or insurance through your company then go into survivor mode...

    also file for unemployment when the disability runs out...

    you don't tell them you are not able to go back to work then they will deni you...can't say you were sick this and that day...

    plus file for ssdi now today!

    you don't need to tell your doctor...alot of them do not understand how ssa approves anyways...


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    I had a simlar thing happen to me. I filed for unemployment and I got the ok and then I got this nasty responce for the dentist I had worked for. AS I read it I was so mad at him as he lied so much about things that did not happen.

    I did learn this.

    1- file for unempolyment even if your fired, state in your filing why you were fired , the reason, and everything that was said.

    2- Were you ever written up for the "INSUBORDINATION"?
    if you were was there witness's to this? WAS it written or oral IF written you did you sigh a paper that stated that you understood why you were being wrtten up for this problem?

    3- Get the people you worked with to write up a short note stating how you worked, try to get at least 3 people who you worked with. Did you tell your boss that you had a doctor's appointment?

    Did you give them notice so that someone could cover for you? Did you follow all the compaany policies? Like did you clock in and out to that they have proof of how many hows you worked in a week?

    4-After you filed you go home and write down exctaly what was said when you were let go.Did they tell you why you were insubordante? Write down all that was said, did you have to sign a paper saying that you had been fired and for what reason? Were there wittness's to this and did they sign as a witness to this?

    WRite down every thing you remeber about your work relationship with your company, make sure that you write down every thing that happend to you , did you get in troble for doctor;s visits, were you following the companies policy on attendance? ON abcences[sp], did you follow every instruction that you were given?

    In fact I would write down all the you can remember from that day you were fired, who was there, was there other poeple in the room . everything including signing your company file that would have everything about you.

    INcluding your attendace, abcene;s, miss use of company things, yelling at your boss. all this should have been writtten down in your file and for each time you had a problem and were repramend you should have had to sign a paper that said what the problem was and why you were being written up for it. Then you should have signed it as well as your superbvisor and boss..

    EAch time you were repromanded this should have been done, you shoul have been called in to a private office with your supurvisor, you should have been told the peoblem and how you were going to work on it so that it would not happen again.

    EAch time you spoke to your supervisor for any p roblem that was work related it should have been put in oyour company file and noted and you should have signed it as should have your supervisor and boss.

    Last when you write your letter to the employment office make sure that you have written down every that was said the day you were fired, who was there, did you sign your file,who did the fireding, was your supervisor there, did you have any warnings, were you ever written up for the reason oyou were fired for? WAS this done in a private office with a witness who should have signed her name to a paper stateing what the offecne was? Did you ask for more days off than are in your office policies? did you follow all office policies?

    Make sure that you have some of your formerworkers write you a letter stating how well you did your job that you followed all instructions to the letter. Have tehm tell in their own words just how well you did your job and if you had a problem with a suspervisor and yelled at them were oyou provked in to a confromtataion?

    Have them be honest and tell how you were with other empolyee's , just haev them tell aobut how well you worked with the other staff and clients,how you got along with the boss;s , how well you did your job that you did everything above and beyond your duties.

    WRite about how you felt when fired and get your doctor to write you a notes saying that what conditions you have and what kind of work you could do? How many hours you should work in a week? Have him tell about the meds you take adn the restrictions taht you may have.

    I know that I have repeated my self so many times and I have mispelled things but do go ahead and file and expect that your old boess are going to write the snottiest letter telling them every thing you did wrong. if you missed work and didn't tell any one before hand things like that. IF oyou were not following the compainy policies.

    They are going to make you look so bad.
    YOU need to write just what happened , did you get verbal warning's or written ones were they both signed by you and your supervisor and a wittness taht is un biaised about the situation.

    Did you follow all company rules is there a copy of them ? Prove that you were doing your job to the best of your aboilities and then say what happend .

    Write down everything about your job, all your duties. everything you can think of ,.

    The reason I am telling you to do this is because I was fired by a dentist who told me that he let me go because he had prayed about it and felt that I hsluld be at home with my kids. When I filed , he wrote the nastiest letter saying that I was a detriment to the business, that I was rude to the patients, that I missed work and didn't tell any one. That I was rude to him.

    When I wrote my letter back I put in it that if I was so bbad for his company then why did his buisnessincrese while I was there , why did his collections increase while I was there.

    HE had started abonus program for collections and we had to get at least $10,000 a month for every $1.000 we got a $20.00 bonus and for every thing over 25,000 we got a$25.00 bonus, if I was so bad then why did I make a bonus every month.

    I wrote that he had personlaly given me a chirstmas bonus of $50.00 and a cany orange and something that was personal perfume that was inapproate for a boss to give a female employee. And I had the card he had written to me that stated how much I had hlepd his buisness to grow and emprove.

    I had 3 patients write letters about me adn stating how well I did my job, was I ever rude to them , and how did I treat them in every way.

    NEedless to say He had NO documantion for the claim of my being rude to the patients nor did he have any documtnaion of my being late or not showing up for work and he did not have any policies for employees about attendacne ect, or time cards and we were paid by personl cheaks.

    I won and he had to pay a higher rate and he whinned about it.But he also black balled me so that I could not get a job as a dental assistant. But with in less than 5 months when i went looking for work as a Dental Assistant I was hired as I had wwhat they were looking for .

    So all you can do is go for it, what do you have to lose Your JOB? DO you need to work? Make sure that you get your doctor telling you what you can and can't do. And what conditions you have. IF you don't win this it will also help you to get some aid and maybe some new training with pay. Don't let them take away your livelyhood and make you out to be the bad guy.

    YOU sound so nice please at least think about it.


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